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The Company Statistics Division prepared this report. Charles A. Funk, Assistant Division Chief for Surveys and Programs, was responsible for the overall planning, management, and coordination. Primary assistance for planning and implementation were under the direction of Valerie C. Mastalski, Chief, Business Investment Branch, assisted by Venita Holland, Demetrius Lambeth, and Sara Prebble, Section Chiefs, Business Investment Branch. Primary staff assistance was provided by Ayub Abdallah, Brian Bonner, Marcie Wells Brimer, Laura Dekovich, Linda Gaich, William Gainor, Andrew Goad, Josefina Hicho, JungJin Kang, Dimitrios Leondaridis, Jonathan Miller, Conrad Munger, Madelyn Nieves, Omar Nix, Mabel Ocasio, Sherrita Powell, Renaldo Simpson, Patrick Staley, and Alan Tominack.

General direction for statistical methodology was provided by Carol Caldwell, Assistant Division Chief for Research and Methodology, and Mark S. Sands, Chief, Statistical Research and Methods Branch. Jeffrey L. Dalzell, Jared Martin, and Will Chappelle developed and implemented the sample design, estimation and adjustment methodologies. Additional assistance was provided by Sarah Will.

The Economic Planning and Coordination Division, Stephanie Studds, Chief, Mailout and Data Capture Branch, coordinated survey mailout and data collection with Christopher Berbert and Christine Moseley, Section Chiefs. Primary assistance was provided by Loretta Brawner, Michael Zabelsky, and Jennifer Klinger.

The staff of the National Processing Center, Angela Feldman-Harkins, Assistant Division Chief for Processing, performed mailout preparation and receipt operations, clerical and analytical review activities, and data entry.

The Economic Statistical Methods and Programming Division, Kenneth Keer, Chief, Current Manufacturing and Company Statistics Annuals Branch, developed and implemented computer processing systems. Nestor Baez Jr., Supervisory Computer Specialist Systems Analyst, supervised the preparation of computer programs. Stephen Potemkin was responsible for frame creation and sample selection. Cestine Gill and Diane Musachio were assigned primary programming responsibilities.

Finally, a special acknowledgment is due to the many businesses whose cooperation was essential to the success of this report.

If you have any questions concerning the statistics in this report, call 301-763-3324.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Information and Communication Technology | (301) 763-3324 |  Last Revised: March 28, 2012