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Overview of Economic Statistical Programs

This Overview describes Census Bureau programs that provide statistics about U.S. businesses and governments. Each description includes links to data products, related programs and additional information. "Programs" are major data collection, business list and research data operations, including some funded by other agencies or sponsors. All active programs are included along with discontinued programs of continuing interest. Links are provided to electronic data elsewhere at this site.

Sectors covered by programs in Census Bureau Economy Overview.

Multi-Sector (Programs covering several sectors)

Construction (Buildings, alterations and public works)

Governments (Local, state and Federal agencies)

Foreign Trade (Exports, imports and participants)

Manufacturing (Companies, operations and shipments, products)

Mining (Minerals, gases and initial processing)

Retail (Merchandise for personal or home use)

Services (Personal, business and transport services)

Wholesale (Merchandise for business use)

Multi-Sector Programs

Census Bureau data, list and research programs covering businesses in several industries


Economic Census

Economic Census (Classification)

Economic Census of Island Areas: American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands

Survey of Business Owners (including minority- and women-owned businesses)

Survey of Businesses (1994 only)

Characteristics of Business Owners Survey (discontinued after 1992)

Statistics of U.S. Businesses

Enterprise Statistics

County Business Patterns

Medical Expenditure Panel Survey

Nonemployer Statistics

Annual Capital Expenditures Survey

Investment Plans Survey (discontinued 1996; formerly the Plant and Equipment Survey)

National Employer Survey

Information and Communication Technology Survey

Business Register

Report of Organization Survey (also known as Company Organization Survey)

Business R&D and Innovation Survey

Selected Sectors

Survey of Pollution Abatement Costs and Expenditures

Survey of Industrial Research and Development

Quarterly Financial Report

Business Expenditures Supplement (formerly the Business Expenses Survey)

Plant and Equipment Survey (discontinued 1994, replaced by the Investment Plans Survey)

Business and Professional Classification Survey

Retail and Services Area Survey (discontinued in 1993)

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Construction Programs

Census Bureau programs covering residential, commercial and public building, alterations, and repairs

Census of Construction Industries, see Economic Census

Building Permits Survey

Value of Construction Put in Place

Survey of Construction

Survey of New Manufactured (Mobile) Homes

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Governments Programs

Census Bureau programs covering local, state and Federal agencies and activities.

State & Local Government Organization, Finance and Employment

Census of Governments

Directory Survey of Local Governments

Annual Survey of State and Local Government Finances

State Government Tax Collections Survey

Quarterly Tax Survey

State and Local Government Public-Employee Retirement System Survey

Quarterly Public Employee-Retirement Systems Survey

Local Government School System Finance Survey (formerly Education Finance Survey)

Annual Public Employment Survey

Annual Survey of Government Finances

Federal Government Financial Systems

Federal Assistance Awards Data System

Consolidated Federal Funds Report

Federal Audit Clearinghouse

State & Local Government Activities

   Criminal Justice (U.S. Department of Justice Programs)

Annual Survey of Jails

Criminal Justice Expenditure and Employment Survey

Jail Census

State and Federal Adult Correctional Facilities Census

   State & Local Government Activites

National Public Education Finanacial Survey

Academic Libraries Survey

Public Libraries Survey

Nonfiscal Surveys of the Common Core of Data

State Library Agencies Survey

National Judicial Reporting Program

Survey on Sexual Violence

Annual Parole Survey & Annual Probation Survey

Deaths in Custody in State Prisons and Local Jail

National Prisoner Statistics

Census of Juveniles in Resident Placement

Juvenile Residential Facility Census

Teacher Compensation Survey

Survey of State Research and Development Expenditures

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Foreign Trade Programs

Census Bureau programs covering U.S. imports, exports, traders, brokers, and trade flows.

Import Statistics

Export Statistics

Exporter Database

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Manufacturing Programs

Census Bureau data and research programs covering manufacturers, production processes, shipments, and industrial products

Census of Manufactures, see Economic Census

Manufacturers' Shipments to Federal Agencies (discontinued after 1992)

Annual Survey of Manufactures

Manufacturing Energy Consumption Survey

Annual Survey of Plant Capacity Utilization (discontinued after 2006)

Quarterly Survey of Plant Capacity Utilization

Manufacturers' Shipments, Inventories, and Orders (M3) Survey

Current Industrial Reports (Industrial products)

Manufacturing Technology Surveys (discontinued after 1993)

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Mining Overview

Census Bureau program covering mineral and gas extraction and processing

Census of Mineral Industries, see Economic Census

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Retail Overview

Census Bureau programs covering businesses selling and products sold for individual use

Census of Retail Trade, see Economic Census

Annual Retail Trade Survey

Advance Monthly Retail Sales Survey

Monthly Retail Trade Survey

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Services Overview

Census Bureau programs covering businesses that provide personal, business and other services

Census of Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate, see Economic Census

Census of Service Industries, see Economic Census

Census of Transportation, Communications, and Utilities, see Economic Census

Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey (discontinued after 2002)

Commodity Flow Survey

Service Annual Survey

Quarterly Service Survey

Service Annual Survey: Selected Transportation and Warehousing, See Service Annual Survey

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Wholesale Overview

Census Bureau programs covering businesses selling and products sold for use by other businesses

Census of Wholesale Trade, see Economic Census

Annual Wholesale Trade Survey

Monthly Wholesale Trade Survey

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