Statistics of U.S. Businesses

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Historical Data Available for Downloading - 1997

  1997 SUSB Annual Data  

Data include number of firms, number of establishments, employment, annual payroll, and estimated receipts by enterprise employment size. The industry classification is based on Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes. An establishment with 0 employment is an establishment with no paid employees in the mid-March pay period but with paid employees at some time during the year.

Files are in comma-delimited format. Due to size, some of the data are broken down into parts for use in a spreadsheet application.
             U.S., 4-digit SIC  [txt, 1.3 MB]
             States, 4-digit SIC  [txt, 43.6 MB]

             States across multiple files. Data are in alphabetical order by state name:
             1.   Alabama-California  [txt 4.2 MB]
             2.   Colorado-Florida  [txt 3.9 MB]
             3.   Georgia-Indiana  [txt 4.1 MB]
             4.   Iowa-Maine  [txt 3.9 MB]
             5.   Maryland-Mississippi  [txt 4.5 MB]
             6.   Missouri-New Hampshire  [txt 3.7 MB]
             7.   New Jersey-North Dakota  [txt 4.4 MB]
             8.   Ohio-Rhode Island  [txt 4.4 MB]
             9.   South Carolina-Utah  [txt 4.2 MB]
            10.  Vermont-Wyoming  [txt 4.6 MB]

             Files in alphabetical order by MSA name:
             Abilene, TX - Danbury, CT  [txt, 4.6 MB]
             Danville, VA - Grand Junction, CO  [txt, 2.9 MB]
             Grand Rapids--Muskegon--Holland, MI - Merced, CA [txt, 4.6 MB]
             Miami, FL - St. Cloud, MN [txt, 4.4 MB]
             St. Joseph, MO - Yuma, AZ [txt, 4.7 MB]

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