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The U.S. Census Bureau provides valuable resources and training on understanding the Foreign Trade Regulations, classifying your commodities, filing export information, and utilizing international trade data. Learn more about these topics through our webinars, tutorials, training videos, seminars, conferences and other useful tools to help you build a strong foundation in the fundamentals of exporting.


presented by the
U.S. Census Bureau’s International Trade Management Division


This series will give you targeted training on:

All courses begin at 2:00 pm (ET) and are scheduled for 1 hour. Log-in details for these FREE webinars will be available 24 hours prior to each event at census.gov/mso/www/training/.
Foreign Trade Regulations
  • FTR 101: Introduction to Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR)

    Date: March 19, 2015

    This course will give a general overview of the FTR by highlighting the major sections and tips on how to utilize the FTR as an effective tool.

    Instructor: Shannon Barley

    Access FTR101 webinar

  • FTR 201: Filing Requirements

    Date: April 2, 2015

    Learn about the requirements for filing Electronic Export Information (EEI) in the Automated Export System (AES). Additionally, we will review when you can use exclusions and exemptions.

    Instructor: Heather Hrytsyshyn

    Access FTR201 webinar

  • FTR 301: Types of Export Transactions

    Date: April 30, 2015

    This webinar will address the two types of export transactions and the responsibilities of parties to the transactions. We will discuss how to differentiate between a standard and a routed export transaction. As well as clarify the responsibilities of parties involved.

    Instructor: Kiesha Downs

    Access FTR 301 Webinar

  • FTR 401: Regulatory Changes

    Date: June 11, 2015

    In this course, we will present an overview on the recent and future changes to the Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR). Specifically, we will discuss:

    • FTR Letters
    • Recent and Upcoming Changes to the FTR
    • AEI Pilot Program

    Instructor: Kiesha Downs

    Access FTR 401 Webinar

  • FTR 501: Best Practices

    Date: July 9, 2015

    Learn tips on how to remain compliant with the Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR), including:

    • Export transaction record keeping
    • How and when to submit a Voluntary Self-Disclosure (VSD)
    • Utilizing the resources on census.gov/trade

    Instructor: Daniel Cariello

    Access FTR 501 webinar

Bureau of Industry and Security
  • BIS 601: Introduction to 600 series

    Date: June 25, 2015

    This course focuses on the 600 series. A guest instructor from the Bureau of Industry and Security will explain the 600-series Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCN).

    Instructor: Karen di Benedetto

    Access BIS 601 webinar

  • CLAS 101: Classifying Your Product (Schedule B)

    Date: April 16, 2015

    This course will highlight the basics for classification. We will discuss the Schedule B search engine and the rules of classification.

    Instructor: Mayumi Escalante

    Access CLAS101 webinar

  • CLAS 201: Classification Challenges and Other Resources

    Date: May 14, 2015

    Explore some common classification challenges, including essential character, kits and sets, and parts, and demonstrate useful classification references.

    Instructor: Mayumi Escalante

    Access CLAS201 webinar

  • CLAS 301: Live Classification Session

    Date: May 28, 2015

    Suggested Prerequisites:

    • CLAS 101 – Classifying your product
    • CLAS 201 – Classification Challenges and other resources

    Our experts will classify products submitted by the trade community during this live webinar.

    Note: There will be a limited number of items classified during the webinar.

    Instructor: Mayumi Escalante

    Access CLAS301 webinar

Data Collection
  • AES 101: Overview of the Automated Export System (AES)

    Date: July 23, 2015

    This course will provide you with guidance on filing a shipment and resolving errors in the AES. Furthermore, you will learn more about upcoming changes in AESDirect.

    Instructor: Nidaal Jubran

    Access AES 101 webinar

Filing In The New AESDirect In ACE

Click to play video

Watch the video on how to file in the Refactored AESDirect in the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE).

Watch the video for the Spanish version here.

Automated Commercial Environment/Automated Export System Export Reports Webinar

  • Date: September 17, 2015

    Presenters: U.S. Census Bureau & U.S. Customs and Border Protection

    This webinar will provide the trade community with information on how to apply for a new Exporter account and run trade export reports. In addition, updates on the AESDirect portal development and the timeline for moving AESDirect into ACE.

  • Access ACE/AES Export Reports webinar
  • Presentation Slides


The Basics of Export Compliance Summer Webinar Series
This series of webinars provides you with the resources necessary to remain compliant with export laws and regulations. Download the series flyer.

All webinars are FREE and start at 2pm E.S.T.
Log-in details available 24 hours before event

Understanding the Foreign Trade Regulations   Classifying your Product
U.S. Census Bureau
June 10, 2014
  U.S. Census Bureau
June 24, 2014
Learn the rules and responsibilities for all parties involved in an export transaction. Before you export physical goods from the US you must be aware of your role and the reporting requirements.   Need help classifying your product for exportation? Learn how to use our intuitive Schedule B Search, and gain an understanding of the classification rules.
Access June 10th Webinar   Access June 24th Webinar

Learn more about the Export Administration Regulations   Complying with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations
Bureau of Industry and Security
July 8, 2014
  State Department
July 22, 2014
Gain an understanding of the Export Administration Regulations, Export Control Classification Numbers, and how to file Commerce-controlled exports in the Automated Export System. Learn about the Commerce Control List, Export Control Reform, and the new "600 series," as well as existing compliance activities.   Find out about the International Traffic in Arms Regulations and the US Munitions List. Understand how to be compliant when exporting military and munition items
Access July 8th Webinar   Access July 22nd Webinar

Sanctions and Embargoes: What it means to you?   Utilizing the Features in the AES
Office of Foreign Assets Control
August 5, 2014
  U.S. Census Bureau
August 26, 2014
Learn about sanctions and embargoes on foreign countries and entities. Learn best practices to screen denied persons and blocked countries.   Easily manage your export reporting through AESDirect shipment manager. Learn how to utilize the features in AESDirect to view and track shipments, which can assist you with internal audits.
Access August 5th Webinar   Access August 26th Webinar

Virtual Town Hall
Foreign Trade Regulation (FTR) Webinars

Come learn about what has changed in the Foreign Trade Regulation (FTR) and how that change will affect you. This webinar series was created by the Foreign Trade Division of the U.S. Census Bureau and will provide information on the revised FTR. Best of all, the webinars are FREE.

The webinars will focus on the following topics:
  1. Changes in reporting requirements
    (i.e., used self propelled vehicles, temporary exports, and split shipments)
  2. New fields added to the Automated Export System
    (e.g., License Value and Ultimate Consignee Type)
  3. Changes in definitions
    (i.e., port of export and household goods)

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