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Section II - Chapter 14
Vegetable Plaiting Materials; Vegetable Prodcuts Not Elsewhere Specified or Inlcuded
1. This chapter does not cover the following products which are to be classified in section XI: vegetable materials or fibers of vegetable materials of a kind used primarily in the manufacture of textiles, however prepared, or other vegetable materials which have undergone treatment so as to render them suitable for use only as textile materials.
2. Heading 1401 applies, inter alia, to bamboos (whether or not split, sawn lengthwise, cut to length, rounded at the ends, bleached, rendered nonflammable, polished or dyed), split osier, reeds and the like, to rattan cores and to drawn or split rattans. The heading does not apply to chipwood (heading 4404).
3. Heading 1404 does not apply to wood wool (heading 4405) and prepared knots or tufts for broom or brush making (heading 9603).

Schedule B No. and Headings Commodity Description Unit of Quantity Second Quantity
14 Vegetable Plaiting Materials; Vegetable Products Not Elsewhere Specified or Included
14.01 - Vegetable materials of a kind used primarily for plaiting (for example, bamboos, rattans, reeds, rushes, osier, raffia, cleaned, bleached or dyed cereal straw, and lime bark):
1401.10.0000 - - Bamboos X
1401.20.0000 - - Rattans X
1401.90.0000 - - Other X
14.04 - Vegetable products not elsewhere specified or included:
1404.20.0000 - - Cotton linters kg
1404.90 - - Other:
1404.90.1000 - - - Vegetable hair kg
- - - Vegetable materials of a kind used primarily in brooms or in brushes (for example, broomcorn, piassava, couch grass and istle), whether or not in hanks or bundles:
1404.90.2000 - - - - Broomcorn (Sorghum vulgare var technicum) t
1404.90.3500 - - - - Other kg
1404.90.9000 - - - Other kg

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