Section VI

Products of the Chemical or Allied Industries


1.   (A). Goods (other than radioactive ores) answering to a description in heading 2844 or 2845 are to be classified in those headings and in no other heading of the export schedule;

(B).     Subject to paragraph (A) above, goods answering to a description in heading 2843, 2846 or 2852 are to be classified in those headings and in no other heading of this section.

2.   Subject to note 1 above, goods classifiable in heading 3004, 3005, 3006, 3212, 3303, 3304, 3305, 3306, 3307, 3506, 3707 or 3808 by reason of being put up in measured doses or for retail sale are to be classified in those headings and in no other heading of the export schedule.

3.   Goods put up in sets consisting of two or more separate constituents, some or all of which fall in this section and are intended to be mixed together to obtain a product of section VI or VII, are to be classified in the heading appropriate to that product, provided that the constituents are:

(a).     Having regard to the manner in which they are put up, clearly identifiable as being intended to be used together without first being repacked;

                         (b).     Exported together; and

(c).      Identifiable, whether by their nature or by the relative proportions in which they are present, as being complementary one to another.

Additional U.S. Note

1. For the purposes of the export schedule:




The term "aromatic" as applied to any chemical compound refers to such compound containing one or more fused or unfused benzene rings.

The term "modified aromatic" describes a molecular structure having at least one sixmembered heterocyclic ring which contains at least four carbon atoms and having an arrangement of molecular bonds as in the benzene ring or in the quinone ring, but does not include any such molecular structure in which one or more pyrimidine rings are the only modified aromatic rings present.

For the purpose of headings 2902, 2907 and 3817, the term "alkyl" describes any saturated acyclic hydrocarbon group having six or more carbon atoms or, subject to note 1 to chapter 29, any mixtures of such groups averaging six or more carbon atoms.

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