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Example of MARPLOT® Search Feature


The following illustrates how one can use MARPLOT to locate objects on a map according to various criteria like matching on name or location within a defined radius.

For this example, we will search for all schools located within a mile from my house annotated on the map shown below.

Map image of my house

From the MARPLOT menu, one first selects List then selects Search and then fills in the following information as shown below.

Search Criteria dialogue box

Clicking on the Search button produces the following screen.

Search Collection dialogue box

Clicking Show All on Map produces the following map with all the schools located within 1 mile of "My House" highlighted with red squares.

Map image of map search results


Source: U.S. Census Bureau
 Geography Division

Created: December 30, 2003
Last Revised: Wednesday, 13-Jul-2011 18:00:02 EDT