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The EPA Database


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The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) database in LandView ® 6 contains some of the data available from the Envirofacts Warehouse. The Envirofacts Warehouse was created so that EPA data could be easily accessible to the public. LandView 6 contains extracts from the following Envirofacts Warehouse databases: AIRS/AFS (air emmision facilities), RCRAInfo (hazardous waste handlers), CERCLIS (Superfund sites), TRI (Toxic Release Inventory), and PCS- Permit Compliance System (water discharge permits).

The data was extracted from Envirofacts in July, 2003.

Any facility or site with an entry in the Locational Reference Table LRT_BEST_COORDINATE, and is in one of the five system areas indicated above, is included in the LandView database.

For questions on EPA data please see the Envirofacts Web site.

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