Getting Started


LandView Users who are comfortable with database and/or spreadsheet applications will have little trouble navigating the buttons and menus displayed in the LandView databases. However, they would be well advised to view two LandView Help documents that provide insights into FileMaker Pro® Runtime applications. These are: The FileMaker Interface and Setup a Find - Searching LandView.

Users familiar with GIS (Geographic Information Systems) will find the MARPLOT mapping application to be simple and intuitive. LandView and MARPLOT, each stand alone applications, together constitute a GIS. The pathways from LandView to MARPLOT are detailed in Go to Map/Show on Map. The pathways from MARPLOT to LandView are discussed in MARPLOT Sharing Menu.

Other users are directed to the LandView Tutorial. The Tutorial button, available at the LandView Home page, provides access either to the Tutorial included as part of the LandView installation or to a possibly more recent version maintained on the LandView Web site.

Regardless of their level of experience, all users are encouraged to at least browse the tutorial which demonstrates some of the innovative features available in the LandView/MARPLOT applications.

Both the Tutorial and LandView Help files contain information on the interactions of LandView and MARPLOT. However, MARPLOT is a free-standing application and contains its own extensive Help files specific to the MARPLOT application.

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