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It should be borne in mind that LandView®, a database management program, and MARPLOT®, its mapping application, are independent applications that communicate with each other. Starting LandView does not automatically start MARPLOT. MARPLOT does not start until it has received a start command either from the Go to Map button at LandView Home or the Show on Map button available on each screen of its database displays. The resulting data records identified in a Setup a Find is referred to as the Found Set.

Once MARPLOT is running, the Go to Map buttons act as navigation tools to move to the current MARPLOT map display, but only if the user is at LandView Home. LandView and MARPLOT are multi-tasking. From any LandView Screen, the user can move to MARPLOT using the Start Menu at the bottom of the screen. If this MenuBar is not displayed, the keys, [Control]-[Escape], will cause it to display.

The Show on Map button always invokes LandView/MARPLOT functionlity. If there is currently a Found Set, a dialogue box opens as below. There are two options. Show Current Record zooms in to a MARPLOT map display screen that just contains the selected record and places the map object in Select mode1. Show All Records in the Found Set zooms to a screen that just contains the Found Set with all objects in the Found Set in Select mode.

show on map dialog

An aditional option, Make all other objects on this layer invisible, hides similar objects in MARPLOT. Thus, if the State of Virgina was the selected record, all other state boundaries would not display, but Virginia would not be in Select mode.

If LandView were in a Show All Records format, the dialogue box would read, Show current record only, with an option to Make all other objects on this layer invisible.

1 Placing one or more MARPLOT objects in Select mode allows for other MARPLOT tasks related to the object(s).

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