LandView 6 User Notes, Bugs and Fixes


  1. 10/08/2004
    The "DP-3 Census 2000 Profile of Selected Economic Characteristics" on the LandView 6 East DVD contains erroneous data for minor civil divisions in Puerto Rico. The error was caused by a corrupt file importing process where data were placed in the wrong table cells.

    Users are advised to use the American Factfinder link from the Census Bureau's web site or the LandView 6 National DVD to obtain the correct statistics . Once on the FactFinder site:

    Click on "Data Sets"
    Select "Census 2000 Summary File 3 (SF3) - Sample Data"
    Select "Quick Tables"
    Select "geo within geo" from "Choose a selection method"
    Select "County Subdivision" from "Show me all" menu
    Select "State" from the "Within" menu
    Select "Puerto Rico" from the State list
    Select "All County Subdivisions" or individual county subdivisions
    Click the "Add" button
    Click the "Next" button
    Select "DP-3. Profile of Selected Economic Characteristics: 2000"
    Click the "Add" button
    Click the "Show Result" button
    You are given the option of printing or downloading the DP3 tables.

  2. 07/29/2004
    A reconfiguration of the Bureau's internal web server resulted in the failure of the "Online Help from the Census web site" on the DVD, to connect directly to the "LandView 6 Help Table of Contents". To remedy this problem, we have updated the LandView 6 hyperlinks in the URL.LV6 file.

    Download the file to the C:\LV6A program folder on your hard drive by right clicking on the link. Respond "YES" to the warning message "The file already exists, do you wish to overwrite it?"

  3. 05/24.2004
    LandView 6 DP2 Errata Note for Congressional District Summaries:
    The statistic shown for "Total population (excl. born at sea)" in the "REGION OF BIRTH OF FOREIGN BORN" portion of the LandView 6 - Census 2000 Profile of Selected Social Characteristics (DP-2) table, was incorrectly computed for the 108th Congressional District summaries shown on the LandView 6 East/West DVDs.

    This "Total population (excl. born at sea)" statistic should have been computed by subtracting "Born at Sea" (SF3 Table PCT019126) from "Total Foreign Born Population" (SF3 Table PCT019001). Instead "Born at Sea" was added to the "Total Foreign Born Population".

    The error only affects the 46 congressional districts that had foreign born persons born at sea.

    The attached Excel spreadsheet contains the corrected "Total (excluding born at sea)" statistics as well as the component statistics from which this statistic was calculated.

  4. 04/27/2004.
    The MARPLOT help file (MARPLOT.HLP) is missing from the installer program of the LandView 6 DVD product and the LandView 6 demo file. We have corrected this by posting a new demo file.

    For DVD users, to make the MARPLOT help file available, download the MARPLOT_Help.EXE to the c:\lv6a\ folder. Double click on the file name to install to the c:\lv6a folder.

  5. The Metadata button on the LandView 6 Home screen of the LandView 6 DVD product links to the LandView 5 Metadata Web page instead of the LandView 6 Metadata Web page.

  6. Occupants per Room calculation:
    Users may find slight differences in the Occupants Per Room calculations between the published Demographic Profile and Summary File 3, Summary File 4, and LandView 6. "Occupants per room" is obtained by dividing the number of people in each occupied housing unit by the number of rooms in the unit. The Summary File 3 products correctly used a topcode value of "10 rooms" for those occupied housing units with "9 or more rooms." In the published Demographic Profiles, an incorrect topcode value of "9 rooms" was used. This data item is correct in LandView 6.

  7. DP-2 User Note for Exporting Data for Puerto Rico:
    Please note that if you perform a query using the DP-2 table and wish to export the records, you should export the records for the 50 states and Washington D.C. separately from Puerto Rico. The DP-2 table for Puerto Rico contains different fields under "Residence in 1995" and "Nativity and Place of Birth" then the DP-2 table for the states.


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