MARPLOT® Sharing Menu


MARPLOT Sharing Menu

Depending upon your usage of the MARPLOT mapping program, the MARPLOT Sharing Menu may or may not appear as above. MARPLOT is an independent application that provides mapping support to both the CAMEO and ALOHA applications 1 as well as LandView®. If these are not available on your computer, only the sub-menu associated with LandView will display.

As can be seen from the menu command, Go to LandView, Sharing provides navigation to each of MARPLOT's several related applications in a multi-tasking mode. If an application is not currently open, the command will start it. As an alternate means of moving between the applications, you may use the Start taskbar at the bottom of your screen. If the Start taskbar does not display, the keyboard command, [Control]-[Escape], will cause it to display.

Two of the remaining commands are easily explained. LandView Census 2000 Population Estimator requires a more detailed explanation.

The LandView Census 2000 Population Estimator

The population estimator provides both an absolute estimate of population at a radius about a point, based on a capture of Census Block Points, and a richer demographic study of the same population, this based on a capture of Census Block Group polygons. The default location for initiating an estimate is the location of the Focus Point in MARPLOT. See the related Help file for further information on the Population Estimator.

Get Information

With one or more MARPLOT map objects in Select mode, The Get Info menu item returns the user to the appropriate LandView database with records for the selected object(s) in a Found Set in List View. A Summarize button allows consolidating the numerical fields for the record set into a single summary record representing the multiple objects.

Please note that not all map objects have associated databases in LandView. Therefore if you have selected an object that has no information associated with it, LandView will let you know.

Identify Census Areas at Current Map Pointer

The Identify census areas at current map pointer menu item calls up the display screen seen below (for a point in Prince William County, Virginia). Displayed are the FIPS codes (Federal Information Processing Standard) for the containing state and county. FIPS codes are used as both map identifiers and record identifiers in LandView /MARPLOT and serve other function in State and Federal programs. The identification of the containing census tract and block group is a required item for some Federal programs and grant applications.

Get Information Dialog

If appropriate Census data is not found at the map pointer location, the window will display only empty data fields. This would happen if the pointer were located outside of a state boundary.

1CAMEO and ALOHA are emergency planning and response softwares developed by U.S. EPA and NOAA.

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