LandView® as a database management system - sometimes referred to as a DBMS and MARPLOT as a map viewer are two stand alone applications that communicate with each other. For one or more records "found" in LandView, MARPLOT can display both their physical location and their location in relationship to other mapped objects such as roads, rivers or jurisdictional boundaries. Conversely, LandView will display the informational attributes associated with a found set of MARPLOT map objects. Thus, the physical location of an object becomes an important part of its informational data. This is the fundamental concept underlying a Geographic Information System, or GIS.

Pathways between the two applications are documented in the LandView Help files, Go to Map, Show on Map and MARPLOT Sharing Menus. Additionally, MARPLOT has its own set of Help screens, available from the MARPLOT MenuBar. Power users of MARPLOT may wish to access the MARPLOT Technical Documentation.

MARPLOT is a user-friendly application that has supported all previous versions of LandView and continues as the mapping application associated with LandView 6. Originally, MARPLOT was developed as part of the suite of programs associated with CAMEO®, an emergency planning and response software concerned with protecting the community from accidental chemical releases. These applications, CAMEO®, MARPLOT and the ALOHA plume modeling program, are a joint work product of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and the Census Bureau.

The LandView 5 release was supported by MARPLOT Version 3.3. A newer release, MARPLOT 3.3.1, supports LandView 6 - this update addresses the manner in which LandView finds MARPLOT maps when a user selects one of several alternate LandView installation procedures. See both Network Installation of LandView and Alternate Installation Procedures.

MARPLOT supports the creation of user-entered map data. Again, the user is referred to both the MARPLOT Help files and MARPLOT Technical Documentation. Included as part of LandView installation is a MARPLOT utility, Shape to MIE (shp2mie), which provides additional support to MARPLOT. Shp2mie creates MARPLOT Import Files from ESRI shapefiles. Most GIS data that can be converted to a shapefile can be imported into MARPLOT.

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