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Boundary and Annexation Survey (BAS) Download the MAF/TIGER Partnership Software (MTPS)

The following instructions are for participants who will use the MTPS to respond to the BAS.

The Census Bureau will email the setup file, username and password to the BAS contact five days after you fill out the Annual Response Form.

The five day waiting period will give the Census Bureau staff time to update the BAS contact record if necessary so that the email reaches the right person. The subject line of the email contains the text: ‘Digital Submission Information’. Email if you do not receive this email with the username and password after the five days.

  1. Save the set-up file (SetupFile_BAS15_<id#>.xml) and the census_data.txt file, contained within the “Digital Submission Information” email, to a new folder on your C: drive called MTPSData. If you already have a C:\MTPSData folder from a previous MTPS project, please delete all files or move the files to a new folder. See the MTPS Respondent Guide for more details on how to save data from previous MTPS projects. The text file will be saved to a location in the final step below.

  2. Download the Census Data from the BAS Shapefiles Page.  Please note that there is a 5 county limit for each batch download request.  Any request that exceeds 5 counties must be downloaded in multiple batches. In order to create a project with the BAS MTPS, you will need county-level shapefile layers for your county AND all adjacent counties.   Select each of the required counties and save the .zip files individually to the newly created C:\MTPSData folder.

    To determine which counties you will need to download shapefiles for, right click on the SetupFile_BAS15_<id#>.xml and open with WordPad. When the file opens, go to the “<CoreCountyCoverage>” for the core county and “<FringeCountyCoverage>” for all the fringe counties. You will need to download all the counties listed in those two lines.

    For the above example you would need to download shapefiles for 04021, 04007, 04009, 04013, and 04019.

  3. Open the C:\MTPSData folder and extract the contents of the .zip files to the current folder (C:\MTPSData).

  4. Download the MTPS.  Type the user name and password. The username and password are contained within the “Digital Submission Information” email that was sent to the BAS contact five days after completing the Annual Response Form.

  5. Save the .zip folder and extract it in a new folder on your C: drive called MTPS_Software.

  6. In the C:\MTPS_Software folder, locate and double-click on the SETUP.EXE file.

  7. On the “Welcome” screen, select “Next.”

  8. For “Installation Type,” choose “Single User” and select “Next.”  Installation may take several minutes.  It is recommended that you accept the default settings in each step.  

  9. Once installation is complete, the set-up program will indicate that “Setup needs to copy Census Data” and prompts you to insert the Census Data CD or enter a path where the files can be found.  Select “Skip” if the data are already saved in your C:\MTPSData folder.  Otherwise, select the folder where your data are located and select “Next.”

  10. Select “Finish” on the following screen.

  11. Save the census_data.txt file to the following location: C:\Program Files\MAF – TIGER Partnership Software\ (or the location specified when installing the MTPS software).  When prompted, accept the overwriting of the old text file.

Note: If you are installing the software on a Vista or Windows 7/8 machine, the location of the MTPS software will most likely be: C:\Program Files(x86)\MAF - TIGER Partnership Software\, and you'll need 'Administrative Privileges' to overwrite the existing census_data.txt with the new one. 

Please refer to the MTPS Respondent Guide for log-in instructions and guidelines for updating and editing your BAS data.

MAF/TIGER Partnership Software (MTPS) FAQs and Tips

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