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2010 ANSI Codes for County Subdivisions

National and state files containing ANSI codes for County Subdivisions are available for download.


Select a state, state equivalent, or United States from this list to view the file:


File Format and Record Layout

These text files contain comma-delimited records for each county subdivision. The records are of the format:

Field Name Field Description Example
Functional Status Codes
A:  identifies an active government providing primary general-purpose functions
B:  identifies an active government that is partially consolidated with another government but with separate officials providing primary general-purpose functions
C:  identifies an active government consolidated with another government with a single set of officials
F:  identifies a fictitious entity created to fill the Census Bureau's geographic hierarchy
G:  identifies an active government that is subordinate to another unit of government
I:  identifies an inactive governmental unit that has the power to provide primary special-purpose functions
N:  identifies a nonfunctioning legal entity
S:  identifies a statistical entity
STATE State postal code MA
STATEFP State FIPS code 25
COUNTYFP County FIPS code 027
COUNTYNAME County name and legal/statistical area description Worcester County
COUSUBFP County subdivision FIPS code 28740
COUSUBNAME County subdivision name and legal/statistical area description Hardwick town
FUNCSTAT Functional Status A

Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Geography | (301) 763-1128 |  Last Revised: February 09, 2015