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Quarterly Summary of State and Local Government Tax Revenue:
Historical Publications: 1962 - 1993

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* These historical publications are currently available in PDF format only.

* The publication format was discontinued in 1994 Data for state and local government tax revenues have henceforth been formatted as 3 stand-alone tables ( data tables for 1994 onward are available from the Quarterly Tax page).

* From 1982-3rd quarter through 1993-4th quarter, the publications included federal tax collections (but not before or after that period).

Quarterly Summary of State and Local Tax Revenue:
(1982-1993 includes federal tax revenue)

Year First quarter
Second quarter
Third quarter
Fourth quarter
1993 NA 1 NA 1 1993-3rd quarter [PDF] 1993-4th quarter [PDF]
1992 1992-1st quarter [PDF] 1992-2nd quarter [PDF] NA 1 NA 1
1991 1991-1st quarter [PDF] 1991-2nd quarter [PDF] 1991-3rd quarter [PDF] 1991-4th quarter [PDF]
1990 1990-1st quarter [PDF] 1990-2nd quarter [PDF] 1990-3rd quarter [PDF] 1990-4th quarter [PDF]
1989 1989-1st quarter [PDF] 1989-2nd quarter [PDF] 1989-3rd quarter [PDF] 1989-4th quarter [PDF]
1988 1988-1st quarter [PDF] 1988-2nd quarter [PDF] 1988-3rd quarter [PDF] 1988-4th quarter [PDF]
1987 1987-1st quarter [PDF] 1987-2nd quarter [PDF] 1987-3rd quarter [PDF] 1987-4th quarter [PDF]
1986 1986-1st quarter [PDF] 1986-2nd quarter [PDF] 1986-3rd quarter [PDF] 1986-4th quarter [PDF]
1985 1985-1st quarter [PDF] 1985-2nd quarter [PDF] 1985-3rd quarter [PDF] 1985-4th quarter [PDF]
1984 1984-1st quarter [PDF] 1984-2nd quarter [PDF] 1984-3rd quarter [PDF] 1984-4th quarter [PDF]
1983 1983-1st quarter [PDF] 1983-2nd quarter [PDF] 1983-3rd quarter [PDF] 1983-4th quarter [PDF]
1982 1982-1st quarter [PDF] 1982-2nd quarter [PDF] 1982-3rd quarter [PDF] 1982-4th quarter [PDF]
1981 1981-1st quarter [PDF] 1981-2nd quarter [PDF] 1981-3rd quarter [PDF] 1981-4th quarter [PDF]
1980 1980-1st quarter [PDF] 1980-2nd quarter [PDF] 1980-3rd quarter [PDF] 1980-4th quarter [PDF]
1979 1979-1st quarter [PDF] 1979-2nd quarter [PDF] 1979-3rd quarter [PDF] 1979-4th quarter [PDF]
1978 1978-1st quarter [PDF] 1978-2nd quarter [PDF] 1978-3rd quarter [PDF] 1978-4th quarter [PDF]
1977 1977-1st quarter [PDF] 1977-2nd quarter [PDF] 1977-3rd quarter [PDF] 1977-4th quarter [PDF]
1976 1976-1st quarter [PDF] 1976-2nd quarter [PDF] 1976-3rd quarter [PDF] 1976-4th quarter [PDF]
1975 1975-1st quarter [PDF] 1975-2nd quarter [PDF] 1975-3rd quarter [PDF] 1975-4th quarter [PDF]
1974 1974-1st quarter [PDF] 1974-2nd quarter [PDF] 1974-3rd quarter [PDF] 1974-4th quarter [PDF]
1973 1973-1st quarter [PDF] 1973-2nd quarter [PDF] 1973-3rd quarter [PDF] 1973-4th quarter [PDF]
1972 1972-1st quarter [PDF] 1972-2nd quarter [PDF] 1972-3rd quarter [PDF] 1972-4th quarter [PDF]
1971 1971-1st quarter [PDF] 1971-2nd quarter [PDF] 1971-3rd quarter [PDF] 1971-4th quarter [PDF]
1970 1970-1st quarter [PDF] 1970-2nd quarter [PDF] 1970-3rd quarter [PDF] 1970-4th quarter [PDF]
1969 1969-1st quarter [PDF] 1969-2nd quarter [PDF] 1969-3rd quarter [PDF] 1969-4th quarter [PDF]
1968 1968-1st quarter [PDF] 1968-2nd quarter [PDF] 1968-3rd quarter [PDF] 1968-4th quarter [PDF]
1967 1967-1st quarter [PDF] 1967-2nd quarter [PDF] 1967-3rd quarter [PDF] 1967-4th quarter [PDF]
1966 1966-1st quarter [PDF] 1966-2nd quarter [PDF] 1966-3rd quarter [PDF] 1966-4th quarter [PDF]
1965 1965-1st quarter [PDF] 1965-2nd quarter [PDF] 1965-3rd quarter [PDF] 1965-4th quarter [PDF]
1964 1964-1st quarter [PDF] 1964-2nd quarter [PDF] 1964-3rd quarter [PDF] 1964-4th quarter [PDF]
1963-1st quarter [PDF]
1963-2nd quarter [PDF] 1963-3rd quarter [PDF] 1963-4th quarter [PDF]
1962-Calendar Year Publication [PDF]
This publication was designed to provide background information for the Quarterly Summary of State and Local Tax Revenue, a periodic report which was issued regularly for periods beginning with the first quarter of the calendar year 1963.
1Information was not released for quarters 1992-Q3 through 1993-Q2. Historical aggregate data covering the unpublished quarters are available in the 1993-Q3 publication in tables 1-3.

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