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CPS Historical Time Series Tables on School Enrollment

  • Table A-1. School Enrollment of the Population 3 Years Old and Over, by Level and Control of School, Race, and Hispanic Origin: October 1955 to 2014 [XLS - 613k] | [CSV - 40k]
    Graphs [PDF - 65k]
    Distribution of School Enrollment of the U.S. Population 3 Years and Older, by Level, 1955 to 2014
  • Table A-2. Percentage of the Population 3 Years Old and Over Enrolled in School, by Age, Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin: October 1947 to 2014 [XLS - 221k] | [CSV - 75k]
    Graphs [PDF - 58k]
    Enrollment of 22 to 24 Year-Olds, by Sex, 1959 to 2014
  • Table A-3. The Population 6 to 17 Years Old Enrolled Below Modal Grade: 1971 to 2014 [XLS - 222k] | [CSV - 54k]
    Graphs [PDF - 61k]
    Enrollment Below Modal Grade of 12 to 14 Year-Olds, by Sex, 1971 to 2014
  • Table A-4. Annual High School Dropout Rates by Sex, Race, Grade, and Hispanic Origin: October 1967 to 2014 [XLS - 120k] | [CSV - 127k]
    Graphs [PDF - 59k]
    Event Dropout Rate of 10th to 12th Grade Students, by Grade, 1967 to 2001
  • Table A-5a. The Population 14 to 24 Years Old by High School Graduate Status, College Enrollment, Attainment, Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin: October 1967 to 2014 [XLS - 731k] | [CSV - 269k]

    Graphs [PDF - 61k]

    High School Graduates Aged 18 to 24 Enrolled in College, by Race, 1967 to 2014
  • Table A-5b. The Population 18 and 19 Years Old by School Enrollment Status, Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin: October 1967 to 2014 [XLS - 255k] | [CSV - 250k]

    Graphs [PDF - 64k]

    Distribution of Enrollment and High School Completion Among 18 and 19 Year-Olds, 1967-2014
  • Table A-6. Age Distribution of College Students 14 Years Old and Over, by Sex: October 1947 to 2014 [XLS - 171k] | [CSV - 139k]

    Graphs [PDF - 62k]

    Number of Persons Enrolled in College by Sex and Age, 1947-2014
  • Table A-7. College Enrollment of Students 14 Years Old and Over, by Type of College, Attendance Status, Age, and Gender: October 1970 to 2014 [XLS - 73k] | [CSV - 57k]

    Graphs [PDF - 65k]

    Number Enrolled in College by Type of School and Enrollment Status, 1970-2014

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