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Marriage and Divorce

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Other Census Bureau Resources

  • Families and Living Arrangements: Data about living arrangements of adults and children, marital status, families, and married and unmarried couples.
  • Same Sex Couples: Data about same sex couples, including married and unmarried couples.
  • DataFerrett - a data mining tool that accesses data stored in TheDataWeb through the internet. It allows you to create your own data tables or extractions using an interactive tool. DataFerrett can be installed as an application on your desktop or use a java applet with an internet browser.
  • CPS Table Creator - internet site that gives you the ability to create limited customized tables from teh Current Population Survey's Annual Social and Economic Supplement.
  • Research Data Center (RDC) Research Opportunities

Other Related Sites

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Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Marriage and Divorce |  Last Revised: May 01, 2012