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Survey of Market Absorption of Apartments (SOMA)


Reporting Period Release Date
Third Quarter 2012 Absorptions (Second Quarter 2012 Completions) December 2012
Fourth Quarter 2011 Absorptions (Third Quarter 2011 Completions) March 2013
Annual Report (2012 Absorptions/2011 Completions) April 2013
First Quarter 2013 Absorptions (Fourth Quarter 2012 Completions) June 2013
Characteristics of Apartments (2012 Completions) July 2013
Second Quarter 2013 Absorptions (First Quarter 2013 Completions) September 2013

Contact George Boyd at 301-763-3199 or mail to for further information on the Survey of Market Absorption of Apartments Data.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Social, Economic, and Housing Statistics Division