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Residential Finance Survey

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Activity - Time

November 1998:

Begin interagency questionnaire content development

December 1998:

Begin draft: Homeowner Questionnaire

February 1999:

Begin draft: Rental and Vacant Property Questionnaire

March 1999:

Begin draft: Lender Questionnaire

March 2000:

Prepare OMB clearance package

May 2000:

Submit OMB clearance package for approval

June-July 2000:

Lender Pre-Survey mailout

July 2000:

OMB approval received

September 2000:

Complete interagency questionnaire content development

September 2000:

Complete design of all questionnaires

January 2001:

Select sample for the RFS

April-June 2001:

Data collection - Owner Seeker letters

April 2001 - January 2002:

Data collection - Homeowner Questionnaires

May 2001 - January 2002:

Data collection - Rental and Vacant Property Questionnaires

July 2001 - September 2002:

Data collection - Lender Questionnaires

May 2003:

Receipt, check-in, and coding of all questionnaires

July 2003 - June 2004:

Review and Edit data

July 2004:

Release report on the Internet

August 2004:

Print RFS report

August 2004:

Provide microdata tape/CD/ROM

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