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1900 Census

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Sunday, August 4th. The national census to be conducted early next year will be the 24th time this once-a-decade count has been recorded since 1790.

The 12th census in 1900 profiled a nation adapting to a rush of technological innovation and immigration. The census counted more than 76 million people in a nation with 45 states. New York City had grown to nearly 3.5 million, and Chicago and Philadelphia both topped a million.

In the decade to follow, the Wright Brothers flew the first powered airplane, up to 3,000 died in the great San Francisco earthquake, and the wave of European immigration reached a peak in 1907 with more than 1 million arrivals. At the end of the decade, Henry Ford built the first Model T.

The latest chapter in the long-running history of America will be written Census Day in 2020: April 1st.

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