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Sam Hagedorn, Michael Panek, Robert Green
Component ID: #ti1736214495

The American Community Survey Office (ACSO) is currently conducting a series of related research projects around improving the American Community Survey (ACS) mail package and messaging toward potential ACS respondents. This research aims to increase participation rates and reduce overall field costs for the ACS by improving the effectiveness of the mail package.

This Online Visual Testing study of n= 2,010 US adults who generally handle the mail for their households explored three alternative mail package designs, as well as the current mail package. The Online Visual Testing study had two goals: to identify ways to improve individual mail pieces (though elements such as design, layout, or messaging) and to compare between the current mail package (Control) and the three alternative mail package designs (referred to as "Community," "œOfficial," and "€œPatriotic" concepts) in order to identify potential strengths and/or weaknesses.

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