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Annual Survey of Manufactures (ASM)

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ASM Product Class Codes and Descriptions

This table below shows descriptions for six- and seven-digit classifications for the Annual Survey of Manufacturers (ASM). Codes appear in the left column and their corresponding descriptions in the right column.

Code Description
311111 Dog and cat food manufacturing
3111111 Dog food
3111114 Cat food
311111W Dog and cat food manufacturing, nsk, total
311119 Other animal food manufacturing
3111191 Chicken & turkey feed/supplements/concentrates/premixes
3111195 Complete dairy cattle feed/supplements/concentrates/premixes
311119B Complete swine feed, supplements, concentrates, and premixes
311119H Complete beef cattle feed/supplements/concentrates/premixes
311119M Other poultry and livestock feed
311119P Other prepared animal feeds
311119R Specialty feeds
311119W Other animal food manufacturing, nsk, total
3112111 Wheat flour (excluding flour mixes), made in flour mills
3112114 Wheat mill products, except flour
3112117 Corn mill products
311211A Prep. flour mixes, incl. refrig/frozen dough/batter, flour mills
311211B Other grain mill products
311211W Flour milling, nsk, total
3112120 Rice milling
3112130 Malt
31121M Flour milling and malt manufacturing
311221 Wet corn milling
3112211 Corn sweeteners
3112214 Manufactured starch
3112218 Corn oil
311221A Wet process corn byproducts
311221W Wet corn milling, nsk, total
3112221 Soybean oil
3112224 Soybean cake, meal, and other byproducts
311222W Soybean processing, nsk, total
3112231 Crude cottonseed oil
3112234 Cottonseed oil, once-refined
3112237 Cotton linters
311223B Cottonseed cake, meal, hulls, and other byproducts
311223H Other vegetable oils and vegetable mill products
311223W Other oilseed processing, nsk, total
311225 Fats and oils refining and blending
3112252 Shortening and cooking oils
3112254 Margarine, butter blends, and butter substitutes
311225W Fats and oils refining and blending, nsk, total
31122N Soybean and other oilseed processing
311230 Breakfast cereal manufacturing
3112300 Breakfast cereal
3113110 Raw cane sugar
3113120 Refined granulated cane sugar and by-products
311313 Beet sugar manufacturing
3113130 Beet sugar
31131N Sugar cane mills and refining
311320 Chocolate and confectionery manufacturing from cacao beans
3113201 Chocolate coatings, made from cacao beans
3113204 Chocolate/chocolate-type confectionery prods., cacao beans
3113207 Other chocolate and cocoa products, made from cacao beans
311320W Chocolate and confectionery from cacao beans, nsk, total
311330 Confectionery manufacturing from purchased chocolate
3113301 Chocolate/confectionery prods., purch. chocolate not retailed
3113302 Chocolate & confectioneries, purchased chocolate retailed
311330W Confectionery from purchased chocolate, nsk, total
311340 Nonchocolate confectionery manufacturing
3113401 Nonchocolate-type confectioneries, made/pkg. for shipment
3113402 Nonchocolate-type confectioneries, purch. chocolate retailed
3113404 Chewing gum, bubble gum, and chewing gum base
3113407 Other confectionery-type products
311340W Nonchocolate confectionery, nsk, total
3114111 Frozen fruits, juices, ades, drinks, and cocktails
3114114 Frozen vegetables
311411W Frozen fruit, juice, and vegetable manufacturing, nsk, total
3114121 Frozen dinners and nationality foods
3114124 Other frozen specialties, excluding seafood
311412W Frozen specialty food manufacturing, nsk, total
31141M Frozen food manufacturing
3114211 Canned fruits, excluding baby foods
3114215 Canned vegetables
311421A Canned vegetable juices
311421D Canned catsup and other tomato based sauces
311421G Canned jams, jellies, and preserves
311421K Canned and fresh fruit juices, nectars, and concentrates
311421P Pickles and other pickled products
311421W Fruit and vegetable canning, nsk, total
3114222 Canned baby foods and other canned specialty/nationality foods
3114224 Canned soups and stews, excluding frozen and seafood
3114227 Canned dry beans
311422W Specialty canning, nsk, total
3114231 Soup mixes and bouillon
3114235 Dried and dehydrated fruits and vegetables, incl. freeze-dried
3114237 Macaroni/noodle prod., pkg w/ oth. ingred., exc. canned/frozen
3114238 Other purchased products pkg w/ dried/dehydrated ingredients
311423W Dried and dehydrated food, nsk, total
31142M Fruit and vegetable canning, pickling, and drying
3115111 Fluid milk and cream, bulk sales
3115115 Fluid milk and related products, packaged, excluding U.H.T.
3115117 Cottage cheese (including bakers', pot, and farmers' cheese)
311511A Yogurt, excluding frozen
311511D Perishable dairy product substitutes
311511G Other packaged milk products
311511W Fluid milk manufacturing, nsk, total
3115120 Creamery butter manufacturing
311513 Cheese manufacturing
3115131 Natural cheese, excluding cottage cheese
3115134 Process cheese and related products
3115137 Cheese substitutes and imitations
311513A Raw liquid whey
311513W Cheese manufacturing, nsk, total
311514 Dry, condensed, and evaporated dairy product manufacturing
3115141 Dry milk products and mixtures
3115145 Milk products, shipped consumer-type cans, exc. substitutes
3115147 Concentrated milk products, shipped in bulk
311514A Ice cream mixes and related products
311514D Dairy product substitutes
311514W Dry, condensed, and evaporated dairy products, nsk, total
31151N Fluid milk and butter manufacturing
311520 Ice cream and frozen dessert manufacturing
3115200 Ice cream and frozen dessert manufacturing
3116111 Beef, not canned or made into sausage, slaughtering plants
3116114 Veal, not canned or made into sausage, slaughtering plants
3116117 Lamb/mutton, not canned/made into sausage, slaughtering
311611A Pork, not canned or made into sausage, slaughtering plants
311611D Lard, made in slaughtering plants
311611G Pork, processed, not made into sausage, slaughtering plants
311611J Sausage/similar products, exc. canned, slaughtering plants
311611M Canned meats (excluding dog/cat/baby food), slaughtering plants
311611P Hides, skins, and pelts, made in slaughtering plants
311611R Miscellaneous byproducts of slaughtering plants
311611W Animal (excluding poultry) slaughtering, nsk, total
3116121 Pork, processed/cured, purchased carcasses
3116124 Sausage, fresh, excluding canned, purchased carcasses
3116127 Canned meats (excluding dog/cat/baby food), purch. carcasses
311612A Other processed, frozen, or cooked meats, purch. carcasses
311612W Meat processed from carcasses, nsk, total
3116132 Lard, inedible tallow, and other greases, excluding wool grease
3116135 Animal and marine feed and fertilizer byproducts
311613W Rendering and meat byproducts, nsk, total
311615 Poultry processing
3116151 Young chickens, including bulk, chilled, frozen, whole, & parts
3116154 Hens and fowl, including frozen, whole, and parts
3116157 Turkeys, including frozen, whole, and parts
311615A Other poultry and small game, including frozen, whole, & parts
311615D Processed poultry and small game (20% or more poultry or meat)
311615W Poultry processing, nsk, total
31161N Animal (except poultry) slaughtering and processing
3117110 Seafood canning
3117121 Prepared fresh fish and other fresh seafood
3117122 Prepared frozen fish
3117123 Prepared frozen shellfish
3117124 Other prepared fresh and frozen seafood
311712W Fresh and frozen seafood processing, nsk, total
31171M Seafood product preparation and packaging
3118110 Retail bakery products
3118121 Bread (white, wheat, rye, etc.), including frozen
3118125 Rolls, bread-type (including muffins, bagels, and croissants)
3118127 Soft cakes, excluding frozen
311812A Pies (fruit, cream, and custard), excluding frozen
311812D Other sweet goods, excluding frozen
311812W Commercial bakeries, nsk, total
3118130 Frozen bakery product manufacturing
31181M Bread and bakery product manufacturing
3118212 Crackers, biscuits, and related products
3118214 Cookies, wafers, and ice cream cones and cups (exc. frozen)
311821W Cookie and cracker manufacturing, nsk, total
3118220 Prepared flour mixes, purchased flour
3118230 Dry macaroni, spaghetti and egg noodle products, mitse
31182M Cookie, cracker, and pasta manufacturing
311830 Tortilla manufacturing
3118300 Tortillas, sold in bulk or packages, excluding frozen or canned
3119111 Nuts and seeds (salted, roasted, cooked, or blanched)
3119114 Peanut butter
311911W Roasted nuts and peanut butter manufacturing, nsk, total
3119191 Potato chips and sticks, plain and flavored
3119194 Corn chips and related products
3119197 Other chips, sticks, excluding crackers, soft pretzels, and nuts
311919W Other snack food manufacturing, nsk, total
31191M Snack food manufacturing
311920 Coffee and tea manufacturing
3119201 Roasted coffee
3119205 Coffee, concentrated, including coffee substitutes
3119207 Tea, consumer packages
311920W Coffee and tea manufacturing, nsk, total
311930 Flavoring syrup and concentrate manufacturing
3119301 Liquid beverage bases, excluding use by soft drink bottlers
3119304 Liquid beverage bases, for sale by soft drink bottlers, etc.
3119305 Soft drink flavoring syrup, sold in bulk
3119308 Other flavoring agents, excluding chocolate syrups
311930W Flavoring syrup and concentrates, nsk, total
3119411 Vinegar and cider
3119414 Prepared sauces, excluding tomato
3119417 Mayonnaise, salad dressings, and sandwich spreads
311941W Mayonnaise, dressing, and other prepared sauces, nsk, total
3119421 Table salt (evaporated), pepper (white & black), & other spices
3119426 Flavoring extracts/emulsions/liquid flavors/colorings
3119427 Dry mix food preparations
311942W Spice and extract manufacturing, nsk, total
31194M Seasoning and dressing manufacturing
3119910 Perishable prepared food manufacturing
3119991 Desserts, ready-to-mix
3119994 Sweetening syrups and molasses
3119997 Baking powder and yeast
311999B Purch. macaroni/noodle prods., pkgd w/ other purch. Ingreds.
311999G Egg processing
311999J Flavoring powders, tablets, etc. (including dry mix cocktails)
311999P Other food preparations
311999W All other miscellaneous foods, nsk, total
31199M All other food manufacturing
3121112 Soft drinks, bottled, canned, glass, plastic, carbonated
312111A Soft drinks, non-carbonated
312111W Soft drink manufacturing, nsk, total
3121120 Bottled water manufacturing
3121130 Ice manufacturing
31211M Soft drink and ice manufacturing
312120 Breweries
3121201 Beer and ale, canned, case goods
3121204 Beer and ale, bottled, case goods, all sizes
3121207 Beer and ale, barrels and kegs
3121209 All other malt beverages and brewing products
312120W Breweries, nsk, total
312130 Wineries
3121300 Wines, brandy, and brandy spirits
312140 Distilleries
3121402 Distilled liquor, excluding brandy
3121404 Bottled liquor, excluding brandy
312140W Distilleries, nsk, total
312210 Tobacco stemming and redrying
3122101 Tobacco, unstemmed leaf, redried before packing
3122104 Tobacco, stemmed
312210W Tobacco stemming and redrying, nsk, total
3122210 Cigarettes, including nontobacco
3122291 Cigars
3122294 Chewing and smoking tobacco
3122297 Reconstituted tobacco, processed sheet and homogenized
312229W Other tobacco products, nsk, total
31222M Tobacco product manufacturing
3131111 Yarns, carded, cotton
3131113 Yarns, combed, cotton
3131115 Yarns, spun, rayon, acetate, and lyocell
3131116 Yarns, spun, noncellulosic fiber and other natural fibers
3131119 Yarns, wool, including new, reused, and reprocessed
313111C Scouring and combing mill products
313111W Yarn spinning mills, nsk, total
3131121 Yarns, novelty/plied, excl. wool, not spun/thrown same estab.
3131123 Yarns, thrown, filament, excluding textured
3131125 Yarns-textured/crimped/bulked, filament, incl.-stretch/purch.yarn
3131128 Yarns, filament, commission rcpts. for throwing/texturing/winding
313112W Yarn texturizing, throwing, and twisting mills, nsk, total
3131130 Thread mills
31311M Fiber, yarn, and thread mills
313210 Broadwoven fabric mills
3132101 Broadwoven fabrics, cotton, plain weave (excl. pile), gray goods
3132103 Broadwoven fabrics, cotton, plain weave (excl. pile), gray goods
3132105 Broadwoven fabrics, cotton, all other weaves, gray goods
3132107 Broadwoven fabrics, cotton, pile, gray goods
3132109 Broadwoven fabrics, cotton, finished in weaving mills
313210D Fabricated textile products, made in weaving mills
313210E Broad. fabrics, manmade, >= 85% filament (inc rayon/etc), gray
313210G Broad. fabrics, manmade, >= 85% filament (excl. rayon/etc), gray
313210H Broad. fabrics, manmade fiber/plain weave, >= 85% spun yarns/gray
313210J Broad. fabrics, man. fiber, twill weave, >= 85% spun yarns, gray
313210L Broad fabric, man. fiber, all oth. weaves, >= 85% spun yarn, gray
313210M Broad. fabrics, man. fiber, combo spun/filament, ea. < 85%, gray
313210N Broad. fabrics, man./natural fibers-excl. cotton, all other, gray
313210P Broadwoven fabrics, manmade fiber/silk, fin. in weaving mills
313210T Broadwoven fabrics, wool, gray goods
313210U Broadwoven fabrics, incl. felts, wool, finished in weaving mills
313210W Broadwoven fabric mills, nsk, total
3132211 Narrow fabrics (12 inches or less in width), woven
3132213 Narrow fabrics (12 inches or less in width), braided
3132215 Covered rubber thread, made in narrow fabric mills
313221W Narrow fabric mills, nsk, total
3132220 Schiffli machine embroideries
31322M Narrow fabric mills and schiffli machine embroidery
313230 Nonwoven fabric mills
3132301 Nonwoven fabrics
3132303 Fabricated nonwoven products
3132305 Pressed, punched, or needled felts (except hats)
313230W Nonwoven fabric mills, nsk, total
3132411 Weft (circular) knit fabrics, greige goods (except hosiery)
3132413 Weft (circular) knit fabrics, finished (except hosiery)
3132416 Weft knit fabrics, nonapparel, incl. comm. rcpts knit/knit/fin.
313241W Weft knit fabric mills, nsk, total
3132491 Warp knit fabrics, greige goods
3132493 Warp knit fabrics, finished
3132495 Warp knit fabs, lace/net goods, leavers/nottingham mach. prds
3132497 Warp knit fab., lace/net goods, cont./comm. rcpts knit/knit/fin
313249A Warp knit fabrics, other nonapparel products
313249W Other knit fabric and lace mills, nsk, total
31324M Knit fabric mills
3133111 Broadwoven fabrics, cotton, finished in finishing mills
3133113 Broadwoven fabrics, cotton, job or commission finishing
3133115 Broadwoven fabrics, manmade fiber and silk, finishing mills
3133117 Broadwoven fabrics, man. fiber/silk, job/commission finish.
3133119 Broadwoven fab., fin., wool (incl. felts), not fin. weaving mills
313311W Broadwoven fabric finishing mills, nsk, total
3133120 Finished fabrics (except broadwoven) & other finished textiles
31331M Textile and fabric finishing mills
313320 Fabric coating mills
3133201 Vinyl coated fabrics, including expanded vinyl coated
3133204 Rubber coated fabrics and garments
3133205 Other coated/laminated fabrics & coated yarns, incl. impregnated
313320W Fabric coating mills, nsk, total
314110 Carpet and rug mills
3141101 Carpet and rugs, woven
3141103 Carpet and rugs, tufted
3141105 Other carpet, rugs, and mats
314110W Carpet and rug mills, nsk, total
3141210 Curtains and draperies
3141291 Bedspreads, made from purchased materials
3141293 Sheets and pillowcases, made from purchased materials
3141295 Towels and washcloths, made from purchased materials
3141296 Other household furnishings, made from purchased materials
314129W Other household textile product mills, nsk, total
31412M Curtain and linen mills
3149110 Textile bags
3149120 Canvas and related products
31491M Textile bag and canvas mills
314991 Rope, cordage, and twine mills
3149911 Cordage and twine, hard fiber
3149913 Cordage and twine, soft fiber, except cotton
3149915 Cordage and twine, cotton
314991W Rope, cordage, and twine mills, nsk, total
314992 Tire cord and tire fabric mills
3149920 Tire cord and tire fabrics
314999 All other miscellaneous textile product mills
3149991 Recovered fibers, processed mill waste and related products
3149993 Paddings and upholstery filling, batting, and wadding
3149996 Embroideries (excl.Schiffli) & embroidery contractors
3149997 Trimmings and findings, other types
3149998 All other miscellaneous fabricated textile products
314999W All other miscellaneous textile product mills, nsk, total
3151111 Sheer hosiery, women's, finished, full/knee-length/below knee
3151113 Sheer pantyhose, incl. tights, women's, finished, all needles
3151115 Sheer hosiery, except socks, women's, shipped in the greige
315111W Sheer hosiery mills, nsk, total
3151191 Hosiery and socks, men's, finished, seamless, sizes >= 10
3151193 Hosiery, all other types, except sheer, finished
3151195 Hosiery, except sheer, seamless, shipped in the greige
315119W Other hosiery and sock mills, nsk, total
31511M Hosiery and sock mills
3151912 Sweaters, men's and boys', made in knitting mills
3151914 Sweaters, women's, girls', and infants', made in knitting mills
3151917 Shirts, dress & sport, knit, men's & boys', knitting mills
315191B Shirts & blouses, knit, women/girls/infants, knitting mills
315191D Outerwear (exc. sweaters, shirts & blouses), knit, knitting mills
315191E Contract rcpts., knitting/knitting & finishing knitting mill prod
315191G Gloves and mittens, made in knitting mills
315191H Apparel prods., oth. types (hats, mufflers, etc.), knitting mills
315191W Outerwear knitting mills, nsk, total
3151921 Underwear, nightwear, & robes, men/boys, knit, knitting mills
3151924 Underwear/nightwear, women/girls/infants, knit, knitting mills
315192W Underwear and nightwear knitting mills, nsk, total
31519M Other apparel knitting mills
3152111 Contract rcpts., men's/boys' tailored suits/coats/jackets/vests
3152113 Contract receipts for men's and boys' shirts, except work shirts
3152116 Contract receipts for men's and boys' underwear & nightwear
3152118 Contract rcpts, men's/boys' pants/work apparel/other outerwear
315211B Contract rcpts, men/boys' team uniform/costume/other accessories
315211W Men's and boys' cut and sew apparel contractors, nsk, total
3152121 Contract rcpts., women's/misses'/girls'/infants' shirts/blouses
3152123 Contract receipts for women's, girls', and infants' dresses
3152125 Contract rcpts., women's/etc. skirts/tailored suits/coats/etc.
3152127 Contract rcpts for women's/etc. nontailored coats, jackets, etc.
3152128 Contract rcpts for women's/girls'/infants' underwear & nightwear
315212B Contract rcpts, women/girl/infant team uniform/costume/other
315212W Women's/girls'/infants' cut/sew apparel contractors, nsk, total
31521M Cut and sew apparel contractors
3152210 Men's/boys' knit underwear/nightwear/robes, purchased fabrics
3152222 Men's/boys' tailored suits, incl. dress uniforms, purch. fabrics
3152224 Men/boys tailored over/topcoats, car/sub. coats, purch. fabrics
3152226 Men's & boys' tailored dress/sport coats/vests, purch. fabrics
315222W Men's and boys' cut/sew suit, coat, & overcoat mfg, nsk, total
3152231 Men's and boys' knit dress and sport shirts, purchased fabrics
3152233 Men's and boys' woven dress & sport shirts, purchased fabrics
315223W Men's & boys' cut/sew shirts (exc. work shirts) mfg, nsk, total
3152242 Men's/boys' separate dress/sport trousers/etc., purch. fabrics
3152244 Men's/boys' jeans/jean-cut casual slacks, purchased fabrics
315224W Men's and boys' cut and sew trouser/slack/jean mfg, nsk, total
3152251 Men's and boys' work shirts, made from purchased fabrics
3152254 Men's/boys' workpants/work jackets/etc., purchased fabrics
315225W Men's and boys' cut and sew work clothing mfg, nsk, total
3152282 Men's/boys' nontailored coats/jackets/vests, purchased fabrics
3152284 Men's and boys' shorts and swimwear, purchased fabrics
3152286 Men's/boys' sweaters/sweatpants/etc., purchased fabrics
315228W Men's and boys' cut and sew other outerwear mfg, nsk, total
31522M Men's and boys' cut and sew apparel manufacturing
3152311 Women's/girls' underwear, exc. foundation, purchased fabrics
3152313 Women's and girls' nightwear, except robes, purchased fabrics
3152315 Women's/girls' brassieres/bra-lettes/bandeaux, purch. fabrics
3152318 Women's/girls' corsets/girdles/combos., purchased fabrics
3152319 Women's and girls' robes/dressing gowns, purchased fabrics
315231W Women's/girls' cut/sew lingerie/loungewear/etc. mfg, nsk, total
3152321 Women's and girls' knit shirts/blouses, from purchased fabrics
3152323 Women's and girls' woven shirts & blouses, purchased fabrics
315232W Women's and girls' cut and sew blouse & shirt mfg, nsk, total
3152330 Women's and girls' dresses, made from purchased fabrics
3152342 Women/girls tailored coats/capes, purchased fabrics
3152344 Women/girls tailored suits/pantsuits, purchased fabrics
3152346 Women's and girls' skirts, made from purchased fabrics
3152348 Women/girls tailored jackets/vests, purchased fabrics
315234W Women's/girls' cut/sew suit/coat/etc., nsk, total
3152392 Women's and girls' sweaters, made from purchased fabrics
3152394 Women's and girls' shorts, incl. tennis skirts, purch. fabrics
3152396 Women's/girls' slacks/jeans/jean-cut slacks, purch. fabrics
3152398 Women's/girls' sweatpants/bodysuits/etc., purchased fabrics
315239A Women's and girls' swimwear, made from purchased fabrics
315239C Women's/girls' nontailored coats/jackets/vests, purch. fabrics
315239E Women's/girls' washable service apparel, purchased fabrics
315239W Women's and girls' cut and sew other outerwear mfg, nsk, total
31523M Women's and girls' cut and sew apparel manufacturing
3152910 Infants' apparel, made from purchased fabrics
3152921 Fur garments/accessories/trimmings (coats, capes, etc.)
3152925 Leather and sheep-lined clothing
315292W Fur and leather apparel manufacturing, nsk, total
3152991 Team sport uniforms, men's and boys'
3152993 Team sport uniforms, women's and girls'
3152995 Vestments and costumes
3152997 Apparel, plastic/rubber (>= 50%), incl. raincoats/rubber pants
315299W All other cut and sew apparel manufacturing, nsk, total
31529M Other cut and sew apparel manufacturing
3159912 Hats and caps, fabric, straw, and felt, men's and boys'
3159915 Hats & caps (fabric, straw, & felt), women's, girls', & infants'
3159916 Hat bodies and fabric caps
315991W Hat, cap, and millinery manufacturing, nsk, total
3159920 Glove and mitten manufacturing
3159930 Men's and boys' neckwear
3159991 Neckware (scarfs, dickies, etc.), women's and girls'
3159995 Leather belts
3159999 Apparel accessories, plastic or rubber (50 percent or greater)
315999E Apparel accessories, all other types
315999W Other apparel accessories and other apparel mfg, nsk, total
31599M Apparel accessories and other apparel manufacturing
316110 Leather and hide tanning and finishing
3161101 Leather, finished and unfinished
3161102 Tanning or finishing leather owned by others, and furs
316110W Leather and hide tanning and finishing, nsk, total
3162110 Rubber and plastics footwear
3162130 Men's footwear (size 6 and larger), except athletic
3162140 Women's footwear (size 4 and larger), except athletic
3162190 Other footwear, excluding rubber and plastic soled footwear
31621M Footwear manufacturing
3169910 Luggage
3169920 Women's and children's handbags and purses
3169930 Other personal leather good manufacturing
3169991 Boot and shoe cut stock and findings
3169994 All other miscellaneous leather goods
316999W All other leather good manufacturing, nsk, total
31699M Other leather and allied product manufacturing
3211131 Lumber, hardwood, made in sawmills
3211133 Lumber, softwood, made in sawmills
3211135 Wood chips, except field
3211137 Wood ties/siding/shingles/shakes/contract sawing of logs
321113W Sawmills, nsk, total
3211141 Wood poles, piles, and posts, owned & treated by same plant
3211145 Other wood products, owned/treated by same establishment
3211149 Contract wood preservation
321114W Wood preservation, nsk, total
32111M Sawmills and wood preservation
3212111 Hardwood veneer, incl. backed w/ paper/cloth/etc.
3212113 Hardwood plywood, except prefinished made from purchased
3212115 Hardwood plywood, prefinished, made from purchased
3212117 Hardwood plywood-type products
321211W Hardwood veneer and plywood manufacturing, nsk, total
3212121 Softwood veneer, incl. backed w/ paper/cloth/other flexible mat.
3212124 Softwood plywood products: rough, sanded, and specialties
321212W Softwood veneer and plywood manufacturing, nsk, total
3212130 Engineered wood members, except trusses
3212140 Wood trusses
321219 Reconstituted wood product manufacturing
3212191 Particleboard, made from particleboard prod. at same estab.
3212192 Waferboard and oriented strandboard
3212193 Medium density fiberboard (MDF), from MDF prod. same estab.
3212195 Cellulosic fiberboard (insulating board)
3212196 Hardboard products
3212198 Particleboard/med. density fiberboard (MDF), prefin., purch.
321219W Reconstituted wood product manufacturing, nsk, total
32121N Veneer and plywood manufacturing
32121P Engineered wood product manufacturing
3219111 Wood window units
3219113 Wood sash, except sash shipped in window units
3219115 Wood frames, window and door
3219117 Wood doors (incl. panel/flush/molded face), interior/exterior
3219119 Other wood doors, incl. garage, patio, bifold, cabinet, etc.
321911W Wood window and door manufacturing, nsk, total
3219121 Lumber, hardwood, made from purchased lumber
3219123 Lumber, softwood, made from purchased lumber
3219126 Cut stock and dimension, hardwood
3219128 Cut stock and dimension, softwood
3219129 Sawn wood fence stock/wood lath/contract resawing & planing
321912W Cut stock, resawn lumber, and planing, nsk, total
3219182 Wood moldings
3219185 Other wood millwork products, incl. stairwork, etc.
3219187 Flooring, hardwood
321918W Other millwork (including flooring), nsk, total
32191M Millwork
321920 Wood container and pallet manufacturing
3219201 Wood boxes, nailed and lock-corner
3219203 Wood box and crate shook
3219205 Wood pallets and pallet containers, wood/metal combination
3219207 Wood containers and parts, other types
321920W Wood container and pallet manufacturing, nsk, total
321991 Manufactured home (mobile home) manufacturing
3219911 Manufactured homes (mobile homes)
3219915 Mobile buildings, nonresidential
321991W Manufactured home (mobile home) manufacturing, nsk, total
321992 Prefabricated wood building manufacturing
3219921 Prefabricated stationary wood buildings, components
3219923 Prefabricated stationary wood buildings, precut pckgs
3219925 Prefabricated stationary wood buildings, shipped in panel form
3219927 Prefab. stationary wood buildings, shipped in 3D assemblies
321992W Prefabricated wood building manufacturing, nsk, total
321999 All other miscellaneous wood product manufacturing
3219990 All other miscellaneous wood product manufacturing
322110 Pulp mills
3221104 Special alpha and dissolving woodpulp, sulfate and other woodpulp
3221107 Pulp, all other types (except wood) and pulp mill byproducts
322110W Pulp mills, nsk, total
3221216 Bleached bristol,clay-coated,uncoated& industrial converted paper
322121E Paper, construction
322121K Paper, disposable diapers/similar products, made in paper mills
322121N Paper, sanitary tissue products, made in paper mills
322121W Paper (except newsprint) mills, nsk, total
3221221 Newsprint
3221223 Groundwood paper (> 10% mech. fiber), uncoated, from pulp
322122W Newsprint mills, nsk, total
32212M Paper and newsprint mills
322130 Paperboard mills
3221301 Unbleached kraft packaging & industrial converting paperboard
3221303 Bleached packaging and industrial converting paperboard
3221305 Semichemical paperboard, including corrugating medium
3221307 Recycled paperboard
3221309 Wet machine board, including binders' board and shoe board
322130W Paperboard mills, nsk, total
3222110 Corrugated and solid fiber boxes, including pallets
3222120 Folding paperboard boxes, packaging, and pkg. components
3222130 Setup (rigid) paperboard boxes
3222141 Paperboard fiber drums with ends of any material
3222143 Fiber cans, tubes, and similar fiber products
322214W Fiber can, tube, drum, and similar products mfg, nsk, total
3222151 Milk and milk-type paperboard cartons, incl. juice, etc.
3222153 Cups and liquid-tight paper and paperboard containers
3222155 Other sanitary paper/paperboard food containers/boards/trays
322215W Nonfolding sanitary food container manufacturing, nsk, total
32221M Paperboard container manufacturing
3222211 Single-web paper, rolls/sheets, incl. waxed, flexible pkg. uses
3222213 Multiweb laminated rolls & sheets, exc. foil, flexible pkg. uses
322221W Coated & laminated pkg. paper & plastics film mfg, nsk, total
3222221 Printing paper, coated at plants not where paper was produced
3222223 Gummed products
3222225 Pressure-sensitive products
3222226 Wallcoverings
3222228 Converted foil for nonpackaging applications
3222229 Other coated and processed papers, for nonpackaging uses
322222A Gift wrap paper
322222W Coated and laminated paper manufacturing, nsk, total
3222231 Specialty bags, pouches, & liners, coated & single-web paper
3222233 Specialty bags/pouches/liners, multiweb laminations/foil
322223W Plastics, foil, and coated paper bag manufacturing, nsk, total
3222241 Uncoated single-web paper grocers' bags and sacks, etc.
3222243 Shipping sacks and multiwall bags, all materials, exc. textiles
322224W Uncoated paper and multiwall bag manufacturing, nsk, total
3222250 Laminated aluminum foil rolls/sheets, flexible packaging uses
3222260 Pasted, lined, laminated, or surface-coated paperboard
32222N Coated and laminated paper and packaging manufacturing
32222P Coated, uncoated, and multiwall bag and packaging manufacturing
3222311 Die-cut paper and paperboard office supplies
3222313 Paper supplies for business machines & other office supplies
322231W Die-cut paper and paperboard office supplies mfg, nsk, total
3222320 Envelopes, commercial, all types and materials
3222331 Stationery
3222333 Tablets, pads, and related products
322233W Stationery, tablet, & related product manufacturing, nsk, total
32223M Stationery product manufacturing
322291 Sanitary paper product manufacturing
3222912 Disposable sanitary prods, purch. sanitary paper stock/wadding
3222915 Sanitary tissue paper products, purch. sanitary paper/wadding
322291W Sanitary paper product manufacturing, nsk, total
322299 All other converted paper product manufacturing
3222991 Molded pulp goods, incl. egg cartons, florist pots, etc.
3222993 Miscellaneous converted paper and paperboard products
322299W All other converted paper product manufacturing, nsk, total
3231101 Magazine and periodical printing (lithographic)
3231103 Label and wrapper printing (lithographic)
3231105 Catalog and directory printing (lithographic)
3231107 Financial and legal printing (lithographic)
3231109 Advertising printing (lithographic)
323110B Other commercial and general job printing (lithographic)
323110W Commercial lithographic printing, nsk, total
3231111 Magazine/periodical prtg (gravure), incl. Sunday magazines/comics
3231113 Label and wrapper printing (gravure)
3231115 Catalog and directory printing (gravure)
3231117 Advertising printing (gravure)
3231119 Business stationery and all other printing (gravure)
323111W Commercial gravure printing, nsk, total
3231121 Label and wrapper printing (flexographic)
3231123 Printing other than labels and wrappers (flexographic)
323112W Commercial flexographic printing, nsk, total
3231132 Label printing (screen)
3231134 Printing on apparel/fabric items (screen), excl. labels/textiles
3231136 Printing other than labels/apparel etc./textiles (screen)
323113W Commercial screen printing, nsk, total
3231140 Quick printing
3231150 Digital printing
3231161 Unit set business forms, loose or bound, incl. label/form type
3231163 Manifold books (incl. sales) and pegboard accounting systems
3231165 Custom continuous business forms
3231167 Stock continuous business forms
3231169 Checkbooks (incl. inserts/refills, excl. cont. form/die-cut)
323116W Manifold business forms printing, nsk, total
3231171 Textbook printing and binding, incl. workbooks/standardized tests
3231173 Technical, scientific, & professional book printing & binding
3231175 Religious book printing and binding
3231177 General book (trade, etc.) printing and binding
3231179 Other book printing and binding, incl reference/univ. press/music
323117A Books, printing only, not bound
323117C Pamphlets, printing only/printing and binding, excl. advertising
323117W Book printing, nsk, total
3231181 Blankbooks, incl. albums/planners/acctg/refills, excl. looseleaf
3231183 Looseleaf binders/devices/inserts/forms, excl. filler paper
323118W Blankbook and looseleaf binder mfg, nsk, total
3231193 Label and wrapper printing (letterpress)
3231199 Advertising printing (letterpress)
323119C Other commercial and general job printing (letterpress)
323119E Engraving (printing)
323119J All other commercial printing
323119W Other commercial printing, nsk, total
32311M Printing
3231211 Edition/library/other hardcover binding (books printed elsewhere)
3231215 Softcover/pamphlet/sample/other binding (printed elsewhere)
3231217 Misc. binding/postpress work incl. foil stamping/die-cutting/etc.
323121W Tradebinding & related work, nsk, total
3231221 Prepress services excl. plate prep., incl. film/color seps./etc.
3231223 Printing plates, prepared for printing (excl. blank plates)
323122W Prepress services, nsk, total
32312M Support activities for printing
324110 Petroleum refineries
3241101 Gasoline, including finished base stocks and blending agents
3241104 Jet fuel
3241107 Kerosene, excluding jet fuel
324110A Light fuel oils
324110D Heavy fuel oils, incl. grades No. 5, 6, heavy diesel-type, etc.
324110G Petroleum lubricating oils and greases, made in a refinery
324110J Unfinished oils and lubricating oil base stock
324110M Asphalt
324110P Liquefied refinery gases (aliphatics), made in a refinery
324110T Other finished petroleum products, including waxes, refinery
324110W Petroleum refineries, nsk, total
324121 Asphalt paving mixture and block manufacturing
3241210 Asphalt paving mixtures and blocks
324122 Asphalt shingle and coating materials manufacturing
3241221 Roofing asphalts and pitches, coatings, and cements
3241222 Prepared asphalt and tar roofing and siding products
324122W Asphalt shingle and coating materials mfg, nsk, total
324191 Petroleum lubricating oil and grease manufacturing
3241910 Petroleum lubricating oils and greases, refined petroleum
324199 All other petroleum and coal products manufacturing
3241991 Coke oven and blast furnace products, coke oven estabs.
3241992 All other petroleum and coal products, coke oven estabs.
324199W All other petroleum and coal products manufacturing, nsk, total
325110 Petrochemical manufacturing
3251101 Aromatics (benzene, toluene, etc.), petrochemical plants
3251104 Liquefied refinery gases (aliphatics), petrochemical plants
325110W Petrochemical manufacturing nsk, total
325120 Industrial gas manufacturing
3251201 Acetylene
3251204 Carbon dioxide
3251207 Nitrogen
325120A Oxygen
325120C Argon and hydrogen
325120G Fluorocarbon gases
325120U Other industrial gases
325120W Industrial gas manufacturing, nsk, total
3251311 Titanium dioxide, composite and pure
3251314 Other white opaque pigments
3251317 Chrome colors and other inorganic pigments
325131W Inorganic dye and pigment manufacturing, nsk, total
3251321 Synthetic organic dyes
3251324 Synthetic organic pigments, lakes, and toners
325132W Synthetic organic dye and pigment manufacturing, nsk, total
32513M Synthetic dye and pigment manufacturing
325181 Alkalies and chlorine manufacturing
3251811 Chlorine, compressed or liquefied
3251814 Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda)
3251817 Other alkalies
325181W Alkalies and chlorine manufacturing, nsk, total
325182 Carbon black manufacturing
3251820 Carbon black, all processes
325188 All other basic inorganic chemical manufacturing
3251881 Sulfuric acid
3251884 Inorganic acids, excluding nitric, sulfuric and phosphoric
3251887 Other inorganic aluminum compounds
325188A Potassium & sodium compounds, excl. bleaches/alkalies/alum
325188D Chemical catalytic preparations, excluding silica gel catalyst
325188H All other inorganic chemicals
325188W All other basic inorganic chemical manufacturing, nsk, total
3251910 Gum and wood chemicals, including wood distillation products
3251921 Cyclic (coal tar) intermediates
3251924 Tar, tar crudes, and tar pitches
325192W Cyclic crude and intermediate manufacturing, nsk, total
3251930 Ethyl alcohol
3251991 Fatty acids
3251994 Bulk pesticides/other synthetic organic agricultural chemicals
3251997 Industrial organic flavor oil mixtures and blends
325199A Reagent and high-purity grades of organic chemicals
325199E Natural organic chemicals
325199G Synthetic organic alcohols, unmixed
325199H Synthetic organic chemicals, use as flavor/perfume materials
325199K Synthetic organic rubber-processing chemicals
325199N Synthetic organic plasticizers
325199R Other synthetic organic chemicals
325199T Miscellaneous end use chemicals/chemical products
325199V Miscellaneous cyclic and acyclic chemicals/chemical products
325199W All other basic organic chemical manufacturing, nsk, total
32519M Other basic organic chemical manufacturing
325211 Plastics material and resin manufacturing
3252111 Thermoplastic resins and plastics materials
3252114 Thermosetting resins and plastics materials
325211W Plastics material and resin manufacturing, nsk, total
325212 Synthetic rubber manufacturing
3252120 Synthetic rubber (vulcanizable elastomers)
3252210 Rayon, acetate, and lyocell manufactured fibers
3252221 Nylon and other polyamide manufactured fibers
3252224 Polyolefin manufactured fibers
3252227 Polyester manufactured fibers
325222A Other manufactured noncellulosic fibers
325222D Producer-textured manufactured noncellulosic fibers
325222W Noncellulosic organic fiber manufacturing, nsk, total
32522M Artificial and synthetic fibers and filaments manufacturing
325311 Nitrogenous fertilizer manufacturing
3253111 Synthetic ammonia, nitric acid, and ammonium compounds
3253114 Urea
3253117 Fertilizer materials of organic origin
325311W Nitrogenous fertilizer manufacturing, nsk, total
325312 Phosphatic fertilizer manufacturing
3253121 Phosphoric acid
3253124 Superphosphates and other phosphatic fertilizer materials
3253127 Mixed fertilizers, made in plants which mfg. fertilizer materials
325312W Phosphatic fertilizer manufacturing, nsk, total
325314 Fertilizer (mixing only) manufacturing
3253140 Mixed fertilizers, mixing only
325320 Pesticide and other agricultural chemical manufacturing
3253201 Agricultural and commercial pesticides and chemicals
3253204 Lawn and garden pesticides and chemicals
3253207 Household and institutional pesticides and chemicals
325320W Pesticide and other agricultural chemical mfg, nsk, total
325411 Medicinal and botanical manufacturing
3254110 Medicinal and botanical chemicals, drugs, and other products
325412 Pharmaceutical preparation manufacturing
3254121 Affecting neoplams, endocrine system, & metabolic diseases
3254124 Acting on the central nervous system and the sense organs
3254127 Acting on the cardiovascular system, for human use
325412A Acting on the respiratory system, for human use
325412D Acting on the digestive/genito-urinary systems, for human use
325412G Pharmaceutical preparations, acting on skin, for human use
325412L Vitamin, nutrient, and hematinic preparations, for human use
325412P Affecting parasitic and inefective diseases, for human use
325412T Veterinary use, incl. medicinal premixes/pet care products
325412V In vivo diagnostic substances
325412W Pharmaceutical preparation manufacturing, nsk, total
325413 In-vitro diagnostic substance manufacturing
3254130 In-vitro diagnostic substances
325414 Biological product (except diagnostic) manufacturing
3254141 Blood and blood derivatives, for human use
3254144 Vaccines, toxoids, & antigens, excl. allergens, for human use
3254147 Other biologics, excluding diagnostic, for human use
325414A Biological products, excl. diag., veterinary/industrial/etc.
325414W Biological product (except diagnostic) manufacturing, nsk, total
325510 Paint and coating manufacturing
3255101 Architectural coatings
3255104 Product finishes for original equipment manufacturers (OEM)
3255107 Special-purpose coatings incl. all marine, industrial, etc.
325510B Miscellaneous allied paint products, incl. paint removers, etc.
325510W Paint and coating manufacturing, nsk, total
325520 Adhesive manufacturing
3255201 Natural base glues and adhesives
3255204 Synthetic resin and rubber adhesives
3255207 Structural sealants (load-bearing)
325520A Nonstructural caulking compounds and sealants
325520W Adhesive manufacturing, nsk, total
3256111 Soaps and detergents, commercial, industrial, and institutional
3256114 Household detergents
3256117 Soaps, excluding specialty cleaners, household
325611A Glycerin, natural
325611D Toothpaste, including gels and toothpowder
325611W Soap and other detergent manufacturing, nsk, total
3256121 Household bleaches (chlorine and nonchlorine)
3256125 Specialty cleaning and sanitation products
3256127 Polishing preparations and related products
325612W Polish and other sanitation good manufacturing, nsk, total
3256130 Surfactants, finishing agents, and assistants
32561M Soap and cleaning compound manufacturing
325620 Toilet preparation manufacturing
3256201 Shaving preparations
3256204 Perfumes, toilet waters, and colognes
3256207 Hair preparations (including shampoos)
325620A Dentifrices, mouthwashes, gargles, and rinses
325620D Creams, lotions and oils, excluding shaving, hair, & deodorant
325620G Other cosmetics and toilet preparations
325620W Toilet preparation manufacturing, nsk, total
325910 Printing ink manufacturing
3259101 Letterpress printing inks
3259104 Lithographic and offset inks
3259107 Gravure printing inks
325910A Flexographic printing inks
325910E Nonimpact/digital inks
325910H All other printing inks
325910W Printing ink manufacturing, nsk, total
325920 Explosives manufacturing
3259200 Explosives
325991 Custom compounding of purchased resins
3259910 Custom compounding of purchased resins and color concentrates
3259921 Photographic sensitized film/plates/etc., silver halide type
3259923 Sensitized photographic film/plates/etc., not silver halide type
3259925 Prepared photographic chemicals
325992W Photographic film, paper, plate, and chemical mfg, nsk, total
3259981 Evaporated salt (bulk/pressed blocks/pkg.), excl. table salt
3259984 Matches
3259987 Gelatin, excluding ready-to-eat desserts
325998A Water treating compounds
325998E Automotive chemicals
325998J All other chemical preparations, incl. essential oils, etc.
325998W All other miscellaneous chemical products, nsk, total
32599N All other miscellaneous chemical product and preparation manufacturing (including photographic)
326111 Plastics bag manufacturing
3261111 Single-web film specialty bags, pouches, and liners
3261113 Multiweb film/film combination specialty bags/pouches/liners
326111W Plastics bag manufacturing, nsk, total
326112 Plastics packaging film and sheet (including laminated) manufacturing
3261121 Single-web film/rolls/etc., incl. coextruded, flexible pkg. uses
3261123 Film/film multiweb laminated rolls/sheets, flexible pkg. uses
326112W Plastics packaging film/sheet (incl. laminated) mfg, nsk, total
326113 Unlaminated plastics film and sheet (except packaging) manufacturing
3261130 Unlaminated plastics film and sheet, excluding packaging
326121 Unsupported plastics profile shape manufacturing
3261210 Unlaminated plastics profile shapes
326122 Plastics pipe and pipe fitting manufacturing
3261221 Plastics pipe
3261223 Plastics pipe fittings and unions
326122W Plastics pipe and pipe fitting manufacturing, total
326130 Laminated plastics plate, sheet, and shape manufacturing
3261300 Thermosetting plastics laminates (excluding flexible packaging)
326140 Polystyrene foam product manufacturing
3261401 Transportation polystyrene foam products (incl. seating, etc.)
3261402 Packaging, polystyrene foam products
3261403 Building and construction polystyrene foam products
3261405 Consumer and institutional polystyrene foam products
3261407 Furniture, Furnishings, and Miscellanous polystyrene foam product
326140W Polystyrene foam product manufacturing, nsk, total
326150 Urethane and other foam product (except polystyrene) manufacturing
3261501 Transportation polyurethane foam products
3261502 Packaging polyurethane foam products
3261503 Building and construction polyurethane foam products
3261504 Furniture and furnishings polyurethane foam products
3261505 Consumer and institutional polyurethane foam products
3261506 All other miscellaneous polyurethane foam products
3261509 Products made of foam other than polystyrene or polyurethane
326150W Urethane & other foam products (exc. polystyrene), nsk, total
326160 Plastics bottle manufacturing
3261600 Plastics bottles
3261910 Plastics plumbing fixtures
3261920 Resilient floor coverings
3261991 Transportation fabricated plastics products (excl. foam, etc.)
3261992 Electrical & electronic fabricated plastics (excl. foam, etc.)
3261993 Industrial machinery plastics products, excluding foam
3261994 Plastics packaging (excl. film and sheet, foam, and bottles)
3261995 Plastics dinner/table/kitchen/oven-microwave ware
3261996 Consumer/institutional/commercial fabricated plastics products
3261997 Plastics furniture components and furnishings
3261998 Building and construction fabricated plastics products
3261999 Plastics shoe products, incl. taps/soling slabs/quarterlinings
326199A All other reinforced and fiberglass plastics products
326199W All other plastics product manufacturing, nsk, total
32619M Other plastics product manufacturing
3262111 Passenger car pneumatic tires (casings)
3262113 Truck and bus (including off-the-highway pneumatic tires)
3262117 Tractor and implement (farm and industrial) pneumatic tires
3262119 Industrial and utility pneumatic tires (including garden)
326211B Other pneumatic tires/casing incl. motor bike/motorcycle/etc.
326211D Solid and semipneumatic tires
326211F Inner tubes
326211H Tread rubber, tire sundries, and repair materials
326211W Tires manufacturing (except retreading), nsk, total
3262120 Tire rebuilding and retreading
32621M Tire manufacturing
326220 Rubber and plastics hoses and belting manufacturing
3262201 Flat rubber and plastics belts and belting
3262202 Rubber & plastics transmission belts & belting other than flat
3262203 Hose for on/off-highway motor vehicles (rubber/other materials)
3262204 Industrial rubber and plastics hose without fittings
3262205 Rubber and plastics water hose (incl. fire, irrigation, etc.)
3262206 Rubber and plastics garden hose (with or without fittings)
3262207 Rubber and plastics inner tube type air hose
3262208 All other pneumatic and hydraulic hose, without fittings
326220W Rubber and plastics hoses and belting mfg, nsk, total
3262911 Molded rubber mechanical goods automotive
3262912 Molded rubber menchanial goods, transportation/off-highway
3262914 Extruded rubber mechanical goods, automotive, excl. tubing
3262918 Lathe-cut rubber mechanical goods
3262919 Other molded rubber mechanical goods (excluding tubing)
326291C Other extruded rubber mechanical goods (excl. auto)(excl. tubing)
326291W Rubber product manufacturing for mechanical use, nsk, total
3262991 Rubber sponge, expanded and foam rubber products
3262993 Rubber floor and wall coverings
3262994 Shoe products, rubber, elastomer resin
3262996 Rubber compounds or mixtures for sale or interplant transfer
3262997 All other industrial rubber products
326299A Rubber druggist and medical sundries, excl. household gloves
326299B All other miscellaneous rubber goods
326299W All other rubber product manufacturing, nsk, total
32629M Other rubber product manufacturing
327111 Vitreous china plumbing fixture and china and earthenware bathroom accessories manufacturing
3271110 Vitreous plumbing fixtures
327112 Vitreous china, fine earthenware, and other pottery product manufacturing
3271121 Vitreous china, porcelain, & earthenware table, & kitchenware
3271125 All other pottery products (incl. china decorated for the trade)
327112W Vitreous china/fine earthenware/other pottery, nsk, total
327113 Porcelain electrical supply manufacturing
3271130 Porcelain, steatite, and other ceramic electrical products
327121 Brick and structural clay tile manufacturing
3271210 Brick and structural clay tile
327122 Ceramic wall and floor tile manufacturing
3271220 Clay floor and wall tile, glazed and unglazed
327123 Other structural clay product manufacturing
3271231 Vitrified clay sewer pipe and fittings
3271234 All other structural clay products, except clay refractories
327123W Other structural clay product manufacturing, nsk, total
3271240 Clay refractories
3271250 Nonclay refractories (except dead-burned magnesia)
32712N Refractory manufacturing
327211 Flat glass manufacturing
3272111 Flat glass (float/sheet/plate process), flat glass producers
3272114 Other glass products, made by flat glass producers
327211W Flat glass manufacturing, nsk, total
327212 Other pressed and blown glass and glassware manufacturing
3272121 Glass fiber mat, textile-type, made by plants producing glass
3272123 Machine-made pressed/blown table/etc. glassware, glass prod.
3272125 Mach.-made pressed/blown lighting/etc. glassware, glass prod.
3272127 All other machine-made pressed/blown glassware, glass prod.
3272129 Handmade pressed and blown glassware, glass producers
327212W Other pressed and blown glass and glassware mfg, nsk, total
327213 Glass container manufacturing
3272130 Glass containers
327215 Glass product manufacturing made of purchased glass
3272151 Machine-made pressed/blown/etc. glassware, purch. glass
3272153 All other mach-made pressed/blown glassware, purch. glass
3272155 Handmade pressed/blown glassware, made from purch. glass
3272159 Mirrors (decorated and undecorated), purchased glass
327215B Other glass products, made from purchased glass
327215W Glass product mfg made of purchased glass, nsk, total
327310 Cement manufacturing
3273100 Cement, hydraulic (including cost of shipping containers)
327320 Ready-mix concrete manufacturing
3273200 Ready-mix concrete
3273310 Concrete block and brick
3273320 Concrete pipe
32733M Concrete pipe, brick, and block manufacturing
327390 Other concrete product manufacturing
3273901 Precast concrete products
3273904 Prestressed concrete products
327390W Other concrete product manufacturing, nsk, total
327410 Lime manufacturing
3274100 Lime
327420 Gypsum product manufacturing
3274201 Gypsum building materials
3274205 Other gypsum products
327420W Gypsum product manufacturing, nsk, total
327910 Abrasive product manufacturing
3279101 Nonmetallic sized grains, powders, and flour abrasives
3279104 Nonmetallic abrasive products (including diamond abrasives)
3279107 Nonmetallic coated abrasive products/buffing wheels/etc.
327910A Metal abrasives incl. steel and iron grid, shot, sand, etc.
327910W Abrasive product manufacturing, nsk, total
327991 Cut stone and stone product manufacturing
3279911 Dressed dimension granite (gneiss/syenite/diorite/cut granite)
3279914 Dressed dimension limestone (incl. dolomite, travertine, etc.)
3279917 Dressed dimension marble and other stone
327991W Cut stone and stone product manufacturing, nsk, total
327992 Ground or treated mineral and earth manufacturing
3279920 Treated minerals and earths
327993 Mineral wool manufacturing
3279931 Mineral wool for thermal and acoustical envelope insulation
3279934 Mineral wool for industrial, equipment, & appliance insulation
327993W Mineral wool manufacturing, nsk, total
327999 All other miscellaneous nonmetallic mineral product manufacturing
3279990 All other nonmetallic mineral products
3311111 Coke oven and blast furnace products, made in steel mills
3311113 Steel ingots and semifinished shapes and forms, steel mills
3311115 Hot rolled steel sheet/strip (incl. tinplate/etc.), steel mills
3311117 Hot rolled steel bars/bar shapes/plates/piling/etc., steel mills
3311119 Steel wire, including galvanized & other coated wire, steel mills
331111B Steel pipes/tubes, steel mills prod. semifinished shapes/plate
331111D Cold rolled steel sheet/strip, steel mills/hot roll. sheet/strip
331111F Cold fin. steel bars/shapes, steel mills/hot rolled bars/etc.
331111H Seamless rolled ring forgings, ferrous, made in steel mills
331111J Open die & smith forgings (hammer/press), ferrous, steel mills
331111L Other steel mill products, incl. steel rails, exc. wire products
331111W Iron and steel mills, nsk, total
3311123 Ferrosilicon, including briquettes, and other silicon alloys
3311127 All other ferroalloys, superalloys and ferrous, excl. pig iron
331112W Electrometallurgical ferroalloy product mfg, nsk, total
33111M Iron and steel mills and ferroalloy manufacturing
331210 Iron and steel pipe and tube manufacturing from purchased steel
3312100 Iron and steel pipes and tubes, purchased iron and steel
3312211 Cold rolled steel sheet and strip, made from purchased steel
3312213 Cold finished steel bars and bar shapes, purchased steel
3312215 Iron and steel powders, paste, and flakes, purchased steel
331221W Rolled steel shape manufacturing, nsk, total
3312221 Noninsulated ferr. wire rope/cable/assemblies, wire drawing
3312223 Steel nails/staples/tacks/spikes/brads, wire drawing plants
3312225 Steel wire, incl. galvanized/other coated, wire drawing plants
3312227 Steel fencing and fence gates, made in plants that draw wire
3312229 Ferrous wire cloth/ woven wire products, wire drawing plants
331222B Other ferrous wire products (excl. springs), wire drawing plants
331222W Steel wire drawing, nsk, total
33122M Rolling and drawing of purchased steel
331311 Alumina refining
3313110 Aluminum oxide, except natural alumina
331312 Primary aluminum production
3313120 Aluminum ingot, including billet, primary Al reduction plants
331314 Secondary smelting and alloying of aluminum
3313142 Aluminum ingot, including billet, made by secondary smelters
3313145 Aluminum/Al-base alloy powders/paste/flakes, purch. Al
331314W Secondary smelting and alloying of aluminum, nsk, total
3313151 Al plate (thickness 0.25 in./more), incl. continuous cast
3313153 Aluminum sheet and strip, including continuous cast
3313155 Plain aluminum foil (less than .006 in. thick)
3313157 Aluminum welded tube
331315W Aluminum sheet, plate, and foil manufacturing, nsk, total
331316 Aluminum extruded product manufacturing
3313161 Extruded aluminum rod, bar, and other extruded shapes
3313163 Extruded and drawn aluminum tube
331316W Aluminum extruded product manufacturing, nsk, total
3313192 Al & Al-base alloy wire & cable, incl. ACSR, purch./recov. Al
3313193 Rolled Al rod/bar (incl. cont. cast), purchased/recovered Al
331319D Aluminum ingot, incl. billet, purchased or recovered aluminum
331319E Aluminum insulated wire and cable
331319W Other aluminum rolling and drawing, nsk, total
33131N Aluminum rolling and drawing
331411 Primary smelting and refining of copper
3314110 Primary smelting and refining of copper
331419 Primary smelting and refining of nonferrous metal (except copper and aluminum)
3314193 Primary smelting and refining of zinc
3314197 Primary precious metals and precious metal alloys
331419A All other miscellaneous primary nonferrous metals
331419W Primary smelting & refining of nonferrous metal, nsk, total
3314211 Copper wire, bare and tinned (nonelectrical), rolling mills
3314213 Copper and copper-base alloy rod, bar, and shapes
3314217 Copper and copper-base alloy sheet, strip, and plate
3314219 Copper and copper-base alloy pipe and tube
331421W Copper rolling, drawing, and extruding, nsk, total
3314222 Cu & Cu-base alloy wire, strand, & cable, wire drawing plants
3314224 Cu wire/cable, incl. apparatus wire/etc., wire drawing plants
3314225 Copper magnet wire (except fiber optic), wire drawing plants
331422W Copper wire (except mechanical) drawing, nsk, total
3314230 Secondary smelting, refining, and alloying of copper
33142M Copper rolling, drawing, extruding, and alloying
3314912 Nickel and nickel-base alloy mill shapes
3314913 Titanium and titanium-base alloy mill shapes
331491A Precious metal mill shapes
331491D All other nonferrous metal mill shapes
331491F Apparatus wire & cord & flexible cord sets, wire drawing plants
331491H Magnet wire, (exc. aluminum and copper), wire drawing plants
331491W Nonferrous metal rolling/drawing/extruding, nsk, total
3314921 Other nonferrous metal powders, paste, and flakes
3314927 Secondary smelting, refining, and alloying of zinc
3314929 Secondary precious metals and precious metal alloys
331492B All other miscellaneous secondary nonferrous metals
331492W Secondary processing of other nonferrous, nsk, total
33149M Nonferrous metal (except copper and aluminum) rolling, drawing, extruding, and alloying
3315111 Ductile iron pressure pipe and fittings
3315113 Other ductile iron castings
3315115 Cast iron pressure pipe and fittings
3315117 Cast iron soil pipe and fittings, all sizes
3315119 Other gray iron castings
331511A Standard malleable iron castings
331511C Pearlitic malleable iron castings
331511E Molds and stools for heavy steel ingots
331511W Iron foundries, nsk, total
3315120 Steel investment castings
3315131 Other carbon steel castings, except investment
3315133 High alloy steel castings, except investment
3315135 Other alloy steel castings, except investment
331513W Steel foundries (except investment), nsk, total
33151M Ferrous metal foundries
3315210 Aluminum die-castings
3315220 Nonferrous (except aluminum) die-castings
3315240 Aluminum foundries
3315250 Copper foundries
3315280 Other nonferrous foundries
33152N Aluminum foundries
33152P Foundries not aluminum
3321111 Hot impression die impact, press, and upset steel forgings
3321113 Cold impression die impact, press, and upset steel forgings
3321115 Seamless rolled ring forgings, ferrous, purchased iron & steel
3321117 Open die/smith forgings, ferrous, purchased iron/steel
332111W Iron and steel forging, nsk, total
3321121 Hot impression die impact, press, & upset nonferrous forgings
3321123 All other nonferrous forgings
332112W Nonferrous forging, nsk, total
332114 Custom roll forming
3321140 Custom roll form products
3321150 Crowns and closures
3321161 Job stampings, except automotive
3321163 Metal spinning products, excluding cooking & kitchen utensils
3321166 Stamped/pressed metal end products, incl. vitreous enameled
332116W Metal stamping, nsk, total
332117 Powder metallurgy parts manufacturing
3321170 Powder metallurgy parts
33211N Forging
33211P Crown, closure, and metal stamping manufacturing
3322112 Cutlery, scissors, shears, trimmers, and snips
3322113 Razor blades and razors, except electric
332211W Cutlery and flatware (except precious) mfg, nsk, total
3322122 Mechanics' hand service tools
3322123 Edge tools, hand-operated
3322125 Dies and interchangeable cutting tools, machine/power-driven
3322127 All other miscellaneous handtools
3322129 Precision measuring tools (inspection, quality control, etc.)
332212W Hand and edge tool manufacturing, nsk, total
3322130 Saw blades and handsaws
3322141 Stamped and spun utensils, cooking and kitchen, aluminum
3322143 Stamped & spun utensils, cooking & kitchen, exc. aluminum
332214W Kitchen utensil, pot, and pan manufacturing, nsk, total
33221N Cutlery, kitchen utensil, pot, and pan manufacturing
33221P Hand tool and saw blade manufacturing
3323111 Prefab. metal bldg./comp. systems (excl. farm/resid./parts)
3323113 Other prefabricated and portable metal buildings and parts
332311W Prefabricated metal building & component mfg, nsk, total
3323121 Fabricated structural metal bar joists/concrete reinforcing bars
3323123 Fabricated structural metal for bridges
3323125 Other fabricated structural metal
332312W Fabricated structural metal manufacturing, nsk, total
3323130 Fabricated plate work (stacks and weldments)
33231M Plate work and fabricated structural product manufacturing
3323211 Metal doors (except storm doors)
3323213 Metal windows (except storm sash)
3323215 Metal molding and trim and store fronts
3323217 Metal combination screen, storm sash, and storm doors
3323219 Metal window/door screens (exc. combos) & weather strip
332321W Metal window and door manufacturing, nsk, total
3323221 Sheet metal air-conditioning ducts and stove pipe
3323223 Sheet metal culverts, flumes, irrigation pipes, etc.
3323227 Sheet metal roofing and roof drainage equipment
3323229 Sheet metal flooring and siding
332322A Sheet metal awnings, canopies, cornices, and soffits
332322C Sheet metal electronic enclosures
332322F Metal studs, nonload & load-bearing (iron, steel, & aluminum)
332322G Other sheet metal work
332322W Sheet metal work manufacturing, nsk, total
3323231 Metal grilles, registers, and air diffusers
3323233 Ornamental and architectural metal work
3323236 Open metal flooring, grating, and studs
3323237 Metal scaffolding and shoring and forming for concrete work
3323239 Other architectural and ornamental work
332323W Ornamental and architectural metal work mfg, nsk, total
33232M Ornamental and architectural metal work manufacturing
332410 Power boiler and heat exchanger manufacturing
3324101 Fabricated heat exchangers/steam condensers (exc. nuclear)
3324105 Steel power boilers (stationary/marine), parts/etc. (exc. nucl.)
3324107 Nuclear reactor steam supply systems, heat exchangers, etc.
332410W Power boiler and heat exchanger manufacturing, nsk, total
332420 Metal tank (heavy gauge) manufacturing
3324207 Gas cylinders
3324209 Metal tanks, complete at factory (standard line pressure)
332420C Metal tanks, complete at factory (standard line nonpressure)
332420E Metal tanks/vessels, custom fabricated at factory, field erected
332420G Metal tanks and vessels, custom fabricated and field erected
332420W Metal tank (heavy gauge) manufacturing, nsk, total
3324311 Steel cans and tinware products
3324313 Aluminum (including lids, ends, and parts shipped separately)
332431W Metal can manufacturing, nsk, total
3324391 Steel pails (1 to 12 gallon capacity) and fabricated steel boxes
3324393 Steel shipping barrels/drums (excl. beer barrels) (12 gal/more)
3324396 All other metal container manufacturing
332439W Other metal container manufacturing, nsk, total
33243M Metal can, box, and other metal container (light gauge) manufacturing
332510 Hardware manufacturing
3325102 Furniture hardware (excluding cabinet hardware)
3325104 Builders' hardware
3325106 Motor vehicle hardware (lock units, door/window handles, etc.)
3325107 Other transportation equip. hardware (exc. motor vehicle)
332510A All other miscellaneous hardware
332510W Hardware manufacturing, nsk, total
3326111 Hot formed steel springs, except wire
3326113 Cold formed steel springs, except wire
332611W Spring (heavy gauge) manufacturing, nsk, total
3326122 Precision mechanical wire springs
3326124 Other wire springs
332612W Spring (light gauge) manufacturing, nsk, total
3326181 Noninsulated ferrous wire rope/cable/forms/strand, purch. wire
3326182 Other fabricated wire products, made from purchased wire
3326183 Ferrous wire cloth/other ferrous woven wire prods., purch. wire
3326185 Nonferrous wire cloth/woven wire products, purchased wire
3326187 Steel fencing and fence gates, made from purchased wire
3326189 Steel nails/staples/tacks/spikes/brads, purchased wire
332618B Other ferrous wire products (exc. springs), purchased wire
332618W Other fabricated wire product manufacturing, nsk, total
33261M Spring and wire product manufacturing
332710 Machine shops
3327100 Receipts for machine shop job work and job order repairs
332721 Precision turned product manufacturing
3327211 Precision turned products, automotive
3327213 Precision turned products (CNC equip., screw mach.), excl. auto
332721W Precision turned product manufacturing, nsk, total
332722 Bolt, nut, screw, rivet, and washer manufacturing
3327221 Aircraft fasteners, except plastics (including aerospace)
3327223 Externally threaded metal fasteners (except aircraft types)
3327225 Internally threaded metal fasteners (except aircraft types)
3327227 Nonthreaded metal fasteners (except aircraft types)
332722A Products (exc. fasteners), cold/warm/hot-heading processes
332722W Bolt, nut, screw, rivet, and washer manufacturing, nsk, total
3328110 Heat treating of metal for the trade (pickling, annealing, etc.)
3328120 Metal coating, engraving, and allied services
3328130 Electroplating, plating, polishing, anodizing, and coloring
33281M Coating, engraving, heat treating, and allied activities
3329111 Gates, globes, angles, & other industrial valves
3329113 Ind. valves, water works & municipal equip. (IBBM/AWWA/UL)
3329115 Ind. ball valves (all metals/pressures/types), on-off valves
3329117 Ind. butterfly valves (all metals/ press./types), on-off valves
3329119 Industrial plug valves (all metals, pressures, and types)
332911B All other miscellaneous industrial valves
332911D Nuclear valves (N-stamp only)
332911F Auto. regulating/control valves/parts (exc. nuclear), modulating
332911H Solenoid-operated valves/parts, exc. nuclear & fluid power
332911W Industrial valve manufacturing, nsk, total
3329121 Aerospace type hydraulic fluid power valves
3329123 Aerospace type pneumatic fluid power valves
3329125 Nonaerospace type hydraulic directional control valves
3329127 Nonaerospace type hydraulic valves, except directional control
3329129 Nonaerospace type pneumatic directional control valves
332912B Nonaerospace type pneumatic valves, exc. directional control
332912D Parts for fluid power valves
332912F Aerospace type hydraulic/pneumatic fluid power hose/tube
332912H Nonaerospace type flared (metal) fittings/couplings/assemblies
332912J Nonaerospace type flareless fittings/couplings, inc. nonmetal
332912L Nonaerospace type hydraulic/pneumatic hose fittings/couplings
332912N Nonaerospace type hydraulic/pneumatic assemblies of hose
332912W Fluid power valve and hose fitting manufacturing, nsk, total
332913 Plumbing fixture fitting and trim manufacturing
3329132 One, 2 & 3 handle plumb. fix. controls, fitting, antiscald valves
3329134 Metal & nonmetal lavatory & sink fittings, excl. single control
3329136 Misc. metal & nonmetal plumb. fixtures, fittings, trim
332913W Plumbing fixture fitting and trim manufacturing, nsk, total
3329191 Plumbing/heating valves/specialties, exc. plumb. brass goods
3329194 Metal fittings, flanges, and unions for piping systems
332919W Other metal valve and pipe fitting manufacturing, nsk, total
33291N Valve and fitting (except plumbing) manufacturing
332991 Ball and roller bearing manufacturing
3329911 Ball bearings, complete, unmounted
3329913 Tapered roller bearings (including cups and cones), unmounted
3329915 Other roller bearings, unmounted
3329917 Mounted bearings (except plain)
3329919 Parts/components for ball/roller bearings, sold separately
332991W Ball and roller bearing manufacturing, nsk, total
332992 Small arms ammunition manufacturing
3329920 Small arms ammunition
332993 Ammunition (except small arms) manufacturing
3329930 Ammunition (excluding small arms) mfg (more than 30 mm (1.18 in.)
332994 Small arms manufacturing
3329941 Machine guns (30 mm or less, 1.18 in. or less)
3329944 Small arms (30 mm or less, 1.18 in. or less)
332994W Small arms manufacturing, nsk, total
332995 Other ordnance and accessories manufacturing
3329950 Guns, howitzers, mortars, turrets, parts, etc., > 30 mm, 1.18 in.
332996 Fabricated pipe and pipe fitting manufacturing
3329960 Fabricated pipe and pipe fittings made from purchased pipe
3329970 Industrial patterns
3329980 Enameled iron and metal sanitary ware
3329992 Converted unmounted aluminum foil packaging products
3329995 Miscellaneous machinery products
3329997 Fabricated metal collapsible tubes
3329999 Flat metal strapping
332999B Metal ladders
332999H All other miscellaneous fabricated metal products
332999W All other miscellaneous fabricated metal products, nsk, total
33299N Other fabricated metal products manufacturing
333111 Farm machinery and equipment manufacturing
3331111 Farm-type (power take-off hp) wheel tractors (2/4-wheel drive)
3331114 Farm dairy equip., sprayers/dusters/blowers, and attachments
3331117 Planting, seeding, and fertilizing machinery and attachments
3331119 Harvesting machinery (excluding hay and straw) and attachments
333111A Haying machinery and attachments
333111C Parts for farm machinery, for sale separately
333111E Farm plows/harrows/rollers/pulverizers/etc., & attachments
333111G All other farm machinery/equip. (excl. parts), incl. attachments
333111J Commercial turf/grounds care equip., incl. parts/attachments
333111W Farm machinery and equipment manufacturing, nsk, total
333112 Lawn and garden tractor and home lawn and garden equipment manufacturing
3331121 Consumer nonriding lawn, garden, and snow equipment
3331123 Consumer riding lawn, garden, and snow equipment
3331127 Parts & attachments for consumer lawn/garden/snow equip.
333112W Lawn & garden tractor & home lawn & garden equip., nsk, total
333120 Construction machinery manufacturing
3331201 Power cranes/excavation loaders/dozers/etc.
3331208 Other construction machinery and equipment (excluding parts)
3331209 Parts for construction machinery and equip., sold separately
333120W Construction machinery manufacturing, nsk, total
3331311 Underground mining machinery (excluding parts sold separately)
3331313 Mineral processing & beneficiation machinery
3331315 Crushing, pulverizing, and screening machinery
3331317 Drills and other mining machinery (excl pts sold separately)
3331319 Parts/attachments, mining machinery/equip (sold separately)
333131W Mining machinery and equipment manufacturing, nsk, total
3331321 Rotary oil and gas field drilling machinery and equipment
3331323 Other oil & gas field drilling machinery and equip
3331325 Oil & gas field prod machinery/equip, (exc pumps)
3331327 Portable drilling rigs and parts (above ground)
3331329 Oil and gas field derricks and well surveying machinery
333132W Oil and gas field machinery and equipment mfg, nsk, total
33313M Mining and oil and gas field machinery manufacturing
333210 Sawmill and woodworking machinery manufacturing
3332103 Woodworking machinery, including parts/attachments/accessories
3332105 Woodworking machinery, home workshops/garages/service
333210W Sawmill and woodworking machinery manufacturing, nsk, total
333220 Plastics and rubber industry machinery manufacturing
3332201 Plastics-working machinery/equipment, excluding patterns & molds
3332203 Rubber-working machinery and equipment, excluding tire molds
333220W Plastics and rubber industry machinery mfg, nsk, total
3332911 Paper industry machinery
3332913 Parts/attachments for paper ind. machinery (sold separately)
333291W Paper industry machinery manufacturing, nsk, total
3332921 Textile machinery (excl. parts, attachments, and accessories)
3332923 Parts and attachments for textile machinery
333292W Textile machinery manufacturing, nsk, total
3332932 Printing presses, all types
3332937 Binding machinery/equip. (incl. paper cutting machines, etc.)
333293A Other misc. printing trade machinery (excl justifying typewriter)
333293W Printing machinery and equipment manufacturing, nsk, total
3332941 Dairy and milk products plant machinery and equipment
3332943 Commercial food products machinery
3332945 Ind. mach./equip. for mfg/processing foods/bev./animal feed
333294W Food product machinery manufacturing, nsk, total
333295 Semiconductor machinery manufacturing
3332950 Semiconductor mfg equip. (exc. furnaces/ovens/etc.)
3332981 Chemical manufacturing machinery, equipment, and parts
3332983 Foundry machinery and equipment, excluding patterns and molds
3332985 Printed circuit board manufacturing machinery, excluding testing
3332986 All other misc special industry machinery and equipment and parts
333298W All other industrial machinery manufacturing, nsk, total
33329N Other machinery manufacturing
3333111 Automatic merchandising machines, coin-operated (vending)
3333115 Automatic merchandising machines, parts (ex time switches)
3333117 Currency handling machines and parts
333311W Automatic vending machine manufacturing, nsk, total
3333120 Commercial laundry, drycleaning, and pressing machines
333313 Office machinery manufacturing
3333132 Mailing, letter, and addressing machines, ex parts and attachment
3333136 Other office machinery, excluding parts and attachments
3333138 Parts and attachments for office machines
333313W Office machinery manufacturing, nsk, total
333314 Optical instrument and lens manufacturing
3333141 Sighting, tracking, and fire-control equipment, optical-type
3333143 All other miscellaneous optical instruments and lenses
333314W Optical instrument and lens manufacturing, nsk, total
333315 Photographic and photocopying equipment manufacturing
3333151 Still picture photographic equipment
3333153 Photocopying equip., incl. diffusion/dye transfer, etc.
3333159 Motion picture and all other photographic and photocopying equip.
333315W Photographic and photocopying equipment mfg, nsk, total
3333191 Commercial cooking and food-warming equipment
3333193 Comm. & industrial vacuum cleaners, incl. parts/attachments
3333195 Automotive maintenance equipment, excluding handtools
3333197 Electronic teaching machines, teaching aids, etc., incl. kits
333319A Miscellaneous machinery products, excluding electrical
333319W Other commercial & service industry machinery mfg, nsk, total
33331N All other commercial and service industry machinery manufacturing
3334111 Dust collection/air purification equip., ind. gas clean. systems
3334113 Dust collection/air purification equip., cleaning incoming air
333411W Air purification equipment manufacturing, nsk, total
3334120 Industrial and commercial fans and blowers
333414 Heating equipment (except warm air furnaces) manufacturing
3334141 Heating boilers, radiators, & convectors, cast iron, excl. parts
3334143 Domestic heating stoves, excluding parts
3334145 Heating boilers, steam/hot water, steel, <= 15 p.s.i., exc. parts
3334147 Furnaces/heaters/mech. stokers (incl. parts)
333414A Heating equipment, other types
333414W Heating equipment (excluding warm air furnaces) mfg, nsk, total
333415 Air-conditioning and warm air heating equipment and commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment manufacturing
3334152 Heat transfer equip., mech. refrigerated, self-contained
3334153 Commercial refrigerators and related equipment
3334155 Refrig. condensing units, all refrigerants, excluding ammonia
3334156 Room air-cond./dehumidifiers, excluding portable dehumidifiers
3334159 All other miscellaneous refrigeration & air-conditioning equip.
333415A Compressors & compressor units, all refrigerants, excluding auto.
333415C Warm air furnaces, incl. duct furn./humid./elect/ comfort heat.
333415D Parts & accessories for air-conditioning & heat transfer equip.
333415E Unitary air-conditioners, excluding air source heat pumps
333415F Air source heat pumps, excluding room air-conditioners
333415G Ground and ground water source heat pumps
333415W AC/warm air heat. equip. & comm./ind. refrig. equip., nsk, total
33341N Ventilation equipment manufacturing
333511 Industrial mold manufacturing
3335110 Industrial molds and mold boxes
333512 Machine tool (metal cutting types) manufacturing
3335121 Metal gear cutting machines
3335122 Metal grinding, polishing, buffing, honing, & lapping machines
3335123 Metal lathes numerically and nonnumerically controlled
3335124 Metal milling machines (excluding machining centers)
3335125 Machine tools for home workshops/etc. (metalworking only)
3335126 Parts, metal cutting-type machine tools (sold separately)
3335127 Metal machining centers (multifunction numerically controlled)
3335128 Metal station type machines
3335129 Other metal cutting machine tools (excl. desig. for home use)
333512A Metal boring/drilling machines (excluding machining centers)
333512W Machine tool (metal cutting types) manufacturing, nsk, total
333513 Machine tool (metal forming types) manufacturing
3335131 Metal punching/shearing/bending/forming machines
3335133 Metalworking presses (excl. forging and die-stamping presses)
3335135 Other metal forming machine tools (excluding metalwork presses)
3335137 Parts, metal forming mach. tools (sold separate), rebuilt/remfg.
333513W Machine tool (metal forming types) manufacturing, nsk, total
333514 Special die and tool, die set, jig, and fixture manufacturing
3335140 Special dies, tools, jigs, and fixtures
333515 Cutting tool and machine tool accessory manufacturing
3335151 Small cutting tools for machine tools/metalworking machinery
3335153 Other attachments/etc., machine tools/metalworking mach.
333515W Cutting tool and machine tool accessory mfg, nsk, total
333516 Rolling mill machinery and equipment manufacturing
3335161 Hot rolling mill mach. (incl. combo. hot/cold) (exc. tube roll.)
3335163 Cold rolling mill machinery
3335165 Other rolling mill machinery (incl. tube mill machinery) & parts
333516W Rolling mill machinery and equipment mfg, nsk, total
333518 Other metalworking machinery manufacturing
3335181 Assembly machines
3335183 Other metalworking machinery (excluding handheld & ultrasonic)
333518W Other metalworking machinery manufacturing, nsk, total
333611 Turbine and turbine generator set unit manufacturing
3336110 Turbines/turbine generators/turbine generator sets (incl. parts)
333612 Speed changer, industrial high-speed drive, and gear manufacturing
3336123 Gears
3336127 Speed changers and industrial high-speed drives
333612W Speed changer/industrial high-speed drive/gear mfg, nsk, total
333613 Mechanical power transmission equipment manufacturing
3336131 Plain bearings and bushings
3336133 Mech. power trans. equip., excluding speed changers/drives/gears
333613W Mechanical power transmission equipment mfg, nsk, total
333618 Other engine equipment manufacturing
3336181 Gasoline/gas-gasoline engines (excluding aircraft, auto., etc.)
3336183 Diesel/semidiesel/dual-fuel engines (excluding auto., etc.)
3336185 Diesel/semidiesel/dual-fuel engines, auto., hwy. trucks/buses
3336189 Piston-type natural gas engines, including LPG engines
333618B All other miscellaneous engine equipment
333618F Parts, internal combustion engines, exc. aircraft/gas auto.
333618W Other engine equipment manufacturing, nsk, total
333911 Pump and pumping equipment manufacturing
3339111 Pump and pumping equipment
3339115 Parts and attachments for pumps and pumping equipment
333911W Pump and pumping equipment manufacturing, nsk, total
333912 Air and gas compressor manufacturing
3339121 Air and gas compressors and vacuum pumps
3339125 Parts/etc., air/gas compressors, incl. pkg. compressors
3339127 Industrial spraying equipment
333912W Air and gas compressor manufacturing, nsk, total
333913 Measuring and dispensing pump manufacturing
3339130 Measuring and dispensing pumps and parts and attachments
3339211 Elevators and moving stairways
3339213 Parts and attachments for elevators and moving stairways
333921W Elevator and moving stairway manufacturing, nsk, total
3339221 Unit handling conveyors/conveying systems, excluding hoists/farm
3339223 Parts/etc., unit handling conveyors & conveying systems
3339228 Bulk material handling conveyors and conveying systems
3339229 Parts, bulk material handling conveyors/conveying systems
333922W Conveyor and conveying equipment manufacturing, nsk, total
3339231 Hoists
3339233 Overhead traveling cranes and monorail systems
3339237 Winches, aerial work platforms, and automotive wrecker hoists
333923W Overhead traveling crane, hoist, & monorail systems, nsk, total
3339242 Ind. trucks/tractors, mobile straddle carriers/cranes/etc.
3339243 Parts/attachments, industrial trucks/tractors (sold separately)
333924W Ind. truck, tractor, trailer, & stacker machinery, nsk, total
33392M Material handling equipment manufacturing
333991 Power-driven hand tool manufacturing
3339911 Power-driven handtools, pneumatic/hydraulic/power-actuated
3339913 Power-driven handtools, int. comb. eng. driven (incl. parts)
3339917 Power-driven handtools, battery-powered (cordless), incl. parts
3339919 Power-driven handtools, electric (excluding battery), incl. parts
333991W Power-driven handtool manufacturing, nsk, total
3339921 Arc welding machines/components/etc. (excl. electrodes)
3339923 Arc welding electrodes, metal
3339927 Resistance welders, components, accessories, & electrodes
3339929 Gas welding/cutting equip., parts, attachments, & accessories
333992A Other welding equipment, components, and accessories
333992W Welding and soldering equipment manufacturing, nsk, total
333993 Packaging machinery manufacturing
3339931 Packing, packaging, and bottling machinery (excluding parts)
3339935 Parts for packing, packaging, and bottling machinery
333993W Packaging machinery manufacturing, nsk, total
333994 Industrial process furnace and oven manufacturing
3339940 Ind. furnaces & ovens, & electric ind. heating equip.
3339951 Nonaero. type hyd. fluid power cyl./actuators, linear/rotary
3339953 Nonaero. type pneum. fluid power cyl./actuators, linear/rotary
3339955 Parts, nonaero. hyd./pneum. fluid power cylinders/actuators
3339957 Aero. type fluid power cylinders/actuators, hydraulic/pneumatic
333995W Fluid power cylinder and actuator manufacturing, nsk, total
3339961 Nonaerospace type reciprocating fluid power pumps
3339963 Nonaerospace type rotary and other fluid power pumps
3339965 Nonaerospace type fluid power motors
3339967 Aerospace type fluid power pumps and motors
3339969 Parts, fluid power pumps, motors, & hydrostatic transmissions
333996W Fluid power pump and motor manufacturing, nsk, total
3339972 Vehicle and industrial scales
3339974 Retail, commercial, household, mailing scales and balances
3339976 Parts, attachments, and accessories for scales and balances
333997W Scale and balance manufacturing, nsk, total
3339991 Filters and strainers, excluding fluid power
3339993 Filters for hydraulic fluid power systems, nonaerospace
3339994 Filters for pneumatic fluid power systems, nonaerospace
3339996 Filters for hydraulic/pneumatic fluid power systems, aerospace
3339997 All other miscellaneous general industrial machinery
333999A All other miscellaneous machinery products, excluding electrical
333999W All other misc. general purpose machinery mfg, nsk, total
33399N Fluid power equipment manufacturing
33399P All other miscellaneous general purpose machinery manufacturing
334111 Electronic computer manufacturing
3341111 Host computers, multiusers (mainframes/servers/etc.)
3341117 Single user computers, microprocessor-based
334111D Other computers (array/analog/hybrid/special-use computers)
334111W Electronic computer manufacturing, nsk, total
334112 Computer storage device manufacturing
3341121 Computer storage devices (excl. parts/attachments/accessories)
3341124 Parts, attachments, and accessories for computer storage devices
334112W Computer storage device manufacturing, nsk, total
334113 Computer terminal manufacturing
3341131 Computer terminals (excl. parts/attachments/accessories/etc.)
3341134 Parts, attachments, and accessories for computer terminals
334113W Computer terminal manufacturing, nsk, total
334119 Other computer peripheral equipment manufacturing
3341191 All other misc. computer peripheral equip. (excl. parts/etc.)
3341194 Parts/subassemblies/accessories for computer peripheral equip.
3341197 Point of sale terminals and fund-transfer devices
334119D Parts/attach., point of sale terminals and fund-transfer devices
334119W Other computer peripheral equipment manufacturing, nsk, total
334210 Telephone apparatus manufacturing
3342101 Telephone switching and switchboard equipment
3342104 Carrier Line Equipment and Non-Consumer Modems
3342107 Wireline Voice and Data Network Equipment
334210W Telephone apparatus manufacturing, nsk, total
334220 Radio and television broadcasting and wireless communications equipment manufacturing
3342202 Broadcast, studio, and related electronic equipment
3342203 Wireless Networking Equipment
3342205 Radio station equipment
3342209 Other communications systems and equipment
334220W Broadcast and wireless communications equip., nsk, total
334290 Other communications equipment manufacturing
3342901 Alarm systems, including electric sirens and horns
3342902 Vehicular and pedestrian traffic control equipment
3342903 Intercommunications systems, incl. inductive paging systems
334290W Other communications equipment manufacturing, nsk, total
334310 Audio and video equipment manufacturing
3343101 Automotive audio equipment (excluding speakers)
3343102 Television receivers, including combination models
3343104 Speakers and commercial sound equipment
3343105 Other consumer audio and video equipment
334310W Audio and video equipment manufacturing, nsk, total
334411 Electron tube manufacturing
3344110 Electron tubes and parts, excluding glass blanks
334412 Bare printed circuit board manufacturing
3344120 Bare printed circuit boards
334413 Semiconductor and related device manufacturing
3344131 Integrated circuit packages
3344134 Transistors
3344137 Diodes and rectifiers
334413A Other semiconductor devices, incl. chips, wafers, and heat sinks
334413W Semiconductor and related device manufacturing, nsk, total
334414 Electronic capacitor manufacturing
3344140 Capacitors for electronic circuitry
334415 Electronic resistor manufacturing
3344150 Resistors for electronic circuitry
334416 Electronic coil, transformer, and other inductor manufacturing
3344160 Electronic coils, transformers, and other inductors
334417 Electronic connector manufacturing
3344170 Electronic connectors, including parts
334418 Printed circuit assembly (electronic assembly) manufacturing
3344184 External modems, consumer
334418B Printed circuit assemblies, loaded boards and modules
334418W Printed circuit assembly (electronic assembly) mfg, nsk, total
334419 Other electronic component manufacturing
3344191 Crystals, filters, piezoelectric, & other rel electronic devices
3344194 All other misc transducers, inc. elect-electronic input/output
3344197 Switches, mechanical, for electronic circuitry
334419A Microwave components and devices, excl. antennae, tubes, etc.
334419E All other miscellaneous electronic components
334419W Other electronic component manufacturing, nsk, total
334510 Electromedical and electrotherapeutic apparatus manufacturing
3345101 Electromedical equipment, excluding ionizing radiation equipment
3345103 Electronic hearing aids, complete units
334510W Electromedical & electrotherapeutic apparatus mfg., nsk, total
334511 Search, detection, navigation, guidance, aeronautical, and nautical system and instrument manufacturing
3345111 Aeronautical/naut./navig. insts., not sending/rec. radio signals
3345113 Search, detection, navigation, & guidance systems & equip.
334511W Search, detection, and navigation instruments, nsk, total
334512 Automatic environmental control manufacturing for residential, commercial, and appliance use
3345120 Auto. environ. controls, monitoring resid./comm./appliance use
334513 Instruments and related products manufacturing for measuring, displaying, and controlling industrial process variables
3345130 Process control instruments
334514 Totalizing fluid meter and counting device manufacturing
3345141 Integrating and totalizing meters for gas and liquids
3345143 Counting devices, excluding motor vehicle instruments
3345147 Motor vehicle instruments
334514W Totalizing fluid meter and counting device mfg, nsk, total
334515 Instrument manufacturing for measuring and testing electricity and electrical signals
3345151 Electrical integrating instruments
3345154 Test equip for testing electrical/radio/comm circuits/motors
3345155 Other instruments to measure electricity
334515W Electricity and signal testing instruments, nsk, total
334516 Analytical laboratory instrument manufacturing
3345160 Analytical and scientific instruments, excluding optical
334517 Irradiation apparatus manufacturing
3345170 Irradiation (ionizing radiation) equipment
334518 Watch, clock, and parts manufacturing
3345180 Watches, clocks, and parts
334519 Other measuring and controlling device manufacturing
3345192 Aircraft engine instruments, except flight
3345194 Physical properties/kinematic testing/inspection/meas. equip.
3345195 Nuclear radiation detection and monitoring instruments
3345197 Comm./geophys./meteorological/general-purp. insts./equip.
3345199 Survey/drafting instruments/apparatus, incl. photogrammetric
334519W Other measuring and controlling device mfg, nsk, total
334611 Software reproducing
3346110 Software reproducing
334612 Prerecorded compact disc (except software), tape, and record reproducing
3346120 Reproduction of recording media
334613 Magnetic and optical recording media manufacturing
3346130 Magnetic and optical recording media
335110 Electric lamp bulb and parts manufacturing
3351101 Electric lamp bulbs and tubes (incl. sealed beam lamp bulbs)
3351103 Electric lamp (bulbs/tubes) comps. (exc. lamp bulb blanks)
335110W Electric lamp bulb and part manufacturing, nsk, total
3351211 Resid.-type elec. lighting fixtures (exc. portable), incl. parts
3351214 Resid.-type portable lighting fixtures, incl. parts/accessories
335121W Residential electric lighting fixture manufacturing, nsk, total
3351221 Comm.institutional-type electric lighting fixtures, incl. parts
3351222 Ind.-type electric lighting fixtures, incl. parts/accessories
335122W Nonresidential electric lighting fixture mfg., nsk, total
3351291 Outdoor lighting equipment (including parts and accessories)
3351294 All other misc. electric/nonelec. lighting equip., incl. parts
335129W Other lighting equipment manufacturing, nsk, total
33512M Lighting fixture manufacturing
3352111 Electric fans, excluding industrial type
3352114 Small electric household appliances
3352115 Parts & attachments for small household electric appliances
335211W Electric housewares and household fan mfg, nsk, total
3352120 Household vacuum cleaners/floor waxing & polishing machines/parts
33521M Small electrical appliance manufacturing
335221 Household cooking appliance manufacturing
3352211 Electric household ranges, ovens, surface cooking units/equip.
3352213 Gas household ranges/ovens/surface cooking units, & equip.
3352215 Other household ranges and cooking equipment
335221W Household cooking appliance manufacturing, nsk, total
335222 Household refrigerator and home freezer manufacturing
3352221 Household refrigerators, incl. combination refrigerator-freezers
3352222 Household food freezers, complete units
3352223 Parts and attachments for household refrigerators and freezers
335222W Household refrigerator and home freezer mfg, nsk, total
335224 Household laundry equipment manufacturing
3352240 Household laundry equipment
335228 Other major household appliance manufacturing
3352281 Household water heaters, electric, for permanent installation
3352283 Household water heaters, except electric
3352285 All other miscellaneous household appliances (including parts)
335228W Other major household appliance manufacturing, nsk, total
335311 Power, distribution, and specialty transformer manufacturing
3353111 Power and distribution transformers, except parts
3353113 Specialty transformers, except fluorescent lamp ballast
3353115 Fluorescent lamp ballasts
3353117 Comm./institutional/industrial general-purpose trans, all volts.
3353119 Power regulators/boosters/other trans./parts, all transformers
335311W Power, distribution, and specialty transformer mfg, nsk, total
335312 Motor and generator manufacturing
3353121 Fractional h.p. motors (746 watts/less) (exc. hermetics)
3353123 Int. h.p. motors/gen., exc. land trans. equip. (746 watts/more)
3353125 Land trans. motors/generators/control equip. (except parts)
3353127 Prime mover generator sets, except steam & hydraulic turbine
3353129 Fract. motor gen. sets & other rotating equip. (incl. hermetics)
335312A Int. motor gen. sets & other rotating equip. (incl. hermetics)
335312C Parts/supplies, motors/gen./gen. sets/other rotating equip.
335312E Armature rewinding on a factory basis
335312W Motor and generator manufacturing, nsk, total
335313 Switchgear and switchboard apparatus manufacturing
3353131 Power circuit breakers, all voltages
3353133 Low volt. panelboards/distribution boards, 1000 volts/less
3353135 Fuses/fuse equip. 2300 volts/less (exc. power distrib. cut-outs)
3353137 Molded case circuit breakers, 1000 volts or less
3353139 Duct, including plug-in units and accessories, 1000 volts/less
335313A Switchgear, except ducts and relays
335313W Switchgear & switchboard apparatus manufacturing, nsk, total
335314 Relay and industrial control manufacturing
3353141 Relays, elect. circ., ind. control overload, & switchgear type
3353143 Specific-purpose industrial controls
3353146 General-purpose industrial controls
3353147 Parts for industrial controls and motor-control accessories
335314W Relay and industrial control manufacturing, nsk, total
335911 Storage battery manufacturing
3359111 Storage batteries, lead acid type, BCI dimensional sz. grp. 8D
3359114 Storage batteries, lead acid type, BCI dim. sz. grp. 8D/larger
3359117 Storage batt. (exc. lead acid), incl. parts for all storage batt.
335911W Storage battery manufacturing, nsk, total
335912 Primary battery manufacturing
3359120 Primary batteries
3359210 Fiber optic cable
3359291 Power wire/cable, nonferrous metals (purchased wire)
335929A Electronic wire and cable, nonferrous metals (purchased wire)
335929B Telephone/telegraph wire/cable, nonferrous metals (purch. wire)
335929D Building wire and cable, nonferrous metals (purchased wire)
335929F Other insulated wire and cable (purchased wire)
335929W Other communication and energy wire mfg, nsk, total
33592M Communication and energy wire and cable manufacturing
3359315 Current-carrying switches, electrical circuitry (incl. vehicular)
3359319 Current-carrying wire connectors for electrical circuitry
335931A Current-carrying wiring devices
335931W Current-carrying wiring device manufacturing, nsk, total
3359321 Noncurrent-carrying pole and transmission line hardware
3359323 Noncurrent-carrying electrical conduit and conduit fittings
3359326 Other noncurrent-carrying wiring devices and supplies
335932W Noncurrent-carrying wiring device manufacturing, nsk, total
33593M Wiring device manufacturing
335991 Carbon and graphite product manufacturing
3359911 Carbon/graphite electrodes, elec. furnaces/electrolytic cell use
3359913 All other carbon and graphite products
335991W Carbon and graphite product manufacturing, nsk, total
335999 All other miscellaneous electrical equipment and component manufacturing
3359991 Capacitors, industrial use (except for electronic circuitry)
3359993 Rectifying apparatus
3359996 Other electrical equip., ind. use (exc. for electronic circuitry)
3359997 Laser generator power supplies and components
3359999 Laser systems and equipment, all other types
335999A Ultrasonic equipment, except medical and dental
335999B Apparatus wire/cord/flexible cord sets, purch. insulated wire
335999E All other misc. electrical equip./components (exc. for ind. use)
335999F All other miscellaneous electronic systems and equipment
335999W All other misc. electrical equip. & component mfg, nsk, total
336111 Automobile manufacturing
3361110 Automobile manufacturing
336112 Light truck and utility vehicle manufacturing
3361120 Light truck and utility vehicle manufacturing
336120 Heavy duty truck manufacturing
3361201 Trucks/tractors/bus chassis (chassis own mfg.), 14,001-33k lb
3361202 Trucks/tractors/bus chassis (chassis own mfg.), 33,001 lb/more
3361203 Buses (chassis own mfg.), incl. military/firefighting vehicles
336120W Heavy duty truck manufacturing, nsk, total
336211 Motor vehicle body manufacturing
3362112 Bus bodies and truck cabs, sold separately
3362114 Van bodies, sold separately
3362115 Other truck and vehicle bodies, sold separately
3362117 Buses and firefighting vehicles, complete, purchased chassis
3362119 Trucks/vehicles, oth. types, complete, prod. on purch. chassis
336211W Motor vehicle body manufacturing, nsk, total
336212 Truck trailer manufacturing
3362121 Truck trailers and chassis, axle rating 10,000 lb or more
3362123 Truck trailers and chassis, axle rating less than 10,000 lb
336212W Truck trailer manufacturing, nsk, total
336213 Motor home manufacturing
3362130 Motor homes, produced on purchased chassis
336214 Travel trailer and camper manufacturing
3362141 Travel trailers
3362143 Trailers, automobile and light truck
3362145 Camping trailers, campers, and pickup covers (including parts)
336214W Travel trailer and camper manufacturing, nsk, total
3363111 Carburetors, all types, new and rebuilt
3363113 Pistons, piston rings, and piston pins (engine)
3363115 Valves, engine intake and exhaust
336311W Carburetor, piston, piston ring, and valve mfg, nsk, total
3363121 Gasoline engine and engine parts, motor vehicles, new
3363123 Gasoline engines and engine parts, motor vehicles, rebuilt
336312W Gasoline engine and engine parts manufacturing, nsk, total
33631M Motor vehicle gasoline engine and engine parts manufacturing
3363210 Vehicular lighting equipment
3363221 Ignition wiring harness and electrical cable sets
3363223 Alternators, generators, and regulators, battery charging
3363225 Cranking motors (starters)
3363227 Spark plugs, internal combustion engines
3363229 Electrical engine equipment, all other types, complete
336322A Parts for electrical and electronic engine equipment
336322D Electrical and electronic equipment, motor vehicles
336322W Other motor vehicle electrical/electronic equip. mfg, nsk, total
33632M Motor vehicle electrical and electronic equipment manufacturing
336330 Motor vehicle steering and suspension component (except spring) manufacturing
3363300 Motor vehicle steering/suspension components, new and rebuilt
336340 Motor vehicle brake system manufacturing
3363401 Motor vehicle brake parts and assemblies, new
3363403 Motor vehicle brake parts and assemblies, rebuilt
336340W Motor vehicle brake system manufacturing, nsk, total
336350 Motor vehicle transmission and power train parts manufacturing
3363501 Motor vehicle drive train components, new
3363503 Motor vehicle drive train components, rebuilt
336350W Motor vehicle power train components mfg., nsk, total
336360 Motor vehicle seating and interior trim manufacturing
3363601 Automobile trimmings
3363602 Fab. seat/safety belts, incl. shoulder harnesses (exc. leather)
3363603 Seats, public conveyance and aircraft
3363605 Fabricated automobile covers, seat and tire
3363607 Motor vehicle seat frames, metal
336360W Motor vehicle seating and interior trim mfg, nsk, total
336370 Motor vehicle metal stamping
3363700 Automotive job stampings (truck, bus, and passenger car)
336391 Motor vehicle air-conditioning manufacturing
3363917 Motor vehicle air-conditioning systems, mechanical
336391B Automotive AC compressors (open-type, with or without motor)
336391W Motor vehicle air-conditioning manufacturing, nsk, total
336399 All other miscellaneous motor vehicle parts manufacturing
3363991 Filters, new, internal combustion engines and motor vehicles
3363993 Exhaust system parts, new
3363995 Motor vehicle wheels, new
3363996 Trailer hitches (incl. travel, automobile, & light duty truck)
3363998 All other motor vehicle parts and accessories, new and rebuilt
336399W All other motor vehicle parts manufacturing, nsk, total
336411 Aircraft manufacturing
3364112 Aircraft, military (incl. U.S. mil./aircraft built to mil. specs)
3364113 Aircraft, civilian
3364115 Modification, conversion, & overhaul of prev. accepted aircraft
3364117 All other aeronautical services on complete aircraft
336411W Aircraft manufacturing, nsk, total
336412 Aircraft engine and engine parts manufacturing
3364121 Aircraft engines, military (incl. engines built to mil. specs)
3364123 Aircraft engines, civilian
3364125 Aeronautical services on aircraft engines
3364127 Aircraft engine parts and accessories
336412W Aircraft engine and engine parts manufacturing, nsk, total
336413 Other aircraft parts and auxiliary equipment manufacturing
3364131 Aircraft propellers and helicopter rotors
3364133 Research and development on aircraft parts, except engines
3364136 Aircraft parts and auxiliary equipment
336413W Other aircraft parts and auxiliary equipment mfg, nsk, total
336414 Guided missile and space vehicle manufacturing
3364141 Complete guided missiles
3364143 Research and development on complete guided missiles
3364145 Other services on complete guided missiles
3364147 Complete space vehicles, except propulsion systems
3364149 Research and development on complete space vehicles
336414A All other services on complete space vehicles
336414W Guided missile and space vehicle manufacturing, nsk, total
336415 Guided missile and space vehicle propulsion unit and propulsion unit parts manufacturing
3364151 Complete missiles, space vehicle engines, & propulsion units
3364153 R&D, complete missiles/space vehicle eng./propulsion units
3364155 Other services, complete missiles/space veh. eng./prop. units
3364157 Missile/space vehicle engine/propulsion parts/accessories
336415W Space vehicle propulsion units and parts mfg., nsk, total
336419 Other guided missile and space vehicle parts and auxiliary equipment manufacturing
3364191 Missile and space vehicle components/parts/subassemblies
3364193 Research/development, missile/space veh. parts/components
336419W Other guided missile and space vehicle parts, nsk, total
336510 Railroad rolling stock manufacturing
3365102 Locomotives, new and rebuilt, including parts (excluding engines)
3365103 Train and train cars, freight and passenger, new, except parts
3365105 Cars (rebuilt) and railway maintaince of equipment & parts
336510W Railroad rolling stock manufacturing, nsk, total
336611 Ship building and repairing
3366111 Ships, barges, and platforms, nonpropelled, new construction
3366113 Ships, self-propelled, military, new construction
3366116 Ships, self-propelled, nonmillitary, new construction
3366118 Ship repair, military
336611A Ship repair, nonmilitary
336611W Ship building and repairing, nsk, total
336612 Boat building
3366121 Motorboats, outboard, including commercial and military
3366123 Motorboats, inboard, including commercial and military
3366125 Inboard-outdrive boats, including commercial and military
3366128 Boats, all other types, except military and commercial
336612W Boat building, nsk, total
336991 Motorcycle, bicycle, and parts manufacturing
3369912 Bicycles, incl. parts (exc. children's 2-wheel sidewalk cycles)
3369913 Motorcycles, incl. three-wheel/motorbikes/etc., and parts
336991W Motorcycle, bicycle, and parts manufacturing, nsk, total
336992 Military armored vehicle, tank, and tank component manufacturing
3369920 Military armored vehicles, tanks, and tank components
336999 All other transportation equipment manufacturing
3369991 Self-prop. golf carts/ind. in-plant pers. carriers, incl. parts
3369994 All-terrain vehicles and parts
3369996 All other miscellaneous transportation equipment
336999W All other transportation equipment manufacturing, nsk, total
337110 Wood kitchen cabinet and counter top manufacturing
3371101 Wood kitchen cabinets/cabinetwork, stock line, perm. install
3371104 Wood kitchen cabinets/related cabinetwork, custom, perm. install
3371107 Wood bathroom vanities & related cabinetwork, perm. install
337110B Wood kitchen cabinet tops, wood and plastics laminated
337110F Wood bathroom vanity tops, wood and plastics laminated
337110H Wood kitchen cabinets/bathroom vanities, sold directly at retail
337110W Wood kitchen cabinet & countertop manufacturing, nsk, total
337121 Upholstered household furniture manufacturing
3371211 Upholst. wood household furniture, excl. dual-purpose sleep furn.
3371214 Dual-purpose sleep furn., exc. cust. sold direct cust. at retail
337121W Upholstered household furniture manufacturing, nsk, total
337122 Nonupholstered wood household furniture manufacturing
3371221 Nonuphols. wood household furn.den/living/family rm. excl. custom
3371224 Nonupholst. wood dining room/kitchen furniture, excl. custom
3371228 Nonupholstered wood bedroom furniture, excl. custom
337122A Nonupholst. wood infants' & children's furniture, excl. custom
337122E Wood furn. Other types, incl. outdoor/unpainted/ready-to-assemble
337122H Nonupholstered wood household furniture, excl. cabinets, custom
337122W Nonupholstered wood household furniture mfg, nsk, total
3371241 Metal household furniture, dining room/kitchen
3371244 Metal household furn. outdoor/casual, assembled/ready-to-assemble
3371248 Metal household furniture, other types, nonupholstered
337124W Metal household furniture manufacturing, nsk, total
3371250 Household furniture, except wood and metal, nonupholstered
337127 Institutional furniture manufacturing
3371271 School furniture (excluding library), excl. stone and concrete
3371275 Publ. bldg and related furn., exlc. bar/bowling/school/restaurant
3371278 Public furniture (bar, bowling center, cafeteria, & restaurant)
337127B Institutional furniture, other types
337127W Institutional furniture manufacturing, nsk, total
3371290 Wood cabinets (TV/radio/sewing machine), used as housings
33712N Other household nonupholstered furniture
3372111 Wood office seating, including upholstered
3372114 Wood office desks and desk extensions
3372117 Wood office files, storage units, and tables
337211A Wood office furniture, other types (incl. panel/desking systems)
337211W Wood office furniture manufacturing, nsk, total
337212 Custom architectural woodwork and millwork manufacturing
3372120 Custom architectural woodwork, millwork, and fixtures
3372141 Office seating, including upholstered, except wood
3372144 Office desks and desk extensions, except wood
3372147 Office files, storage units, and tables, except wood
337214A Office furniture, other types, except wood
337214W Office furniture (except wood) manufacturing, nsk, total
337215 Showcase, partition, shelving, and locker manufacturing
3372151 Lockers, partitions, and shelving (except custom), wood
3372155 Fixtures (bank, office, and store), wood, except custom
3372157 Partitions, prefabricated, assembled/knock-down, except wood
337215A Shelving and lockers, except wood
337215E Storage racks and accessories, except wood
337215G Fixtures (bank, office, and store), except wood
337215J Furniture frames, wood
337215L Wood furniture dimensions and nonwood furniture parts and frames
337215W Showcase, partition, shelving, and locker mfg, nsk, total
33721N Office furniture manufacturing
337910 Mattress manufacturing
3379101 Mattresses, innerspring, except crib-size
3379104 Mattresses, other types
3379107 Mattress foundations
337910A Sleep system ensembles/mattresses, exc. convent. waterbeds
337910W Mattress manufacturing, nsk, total
337920 Blind and shade manufacturing
3379202 Window shades, including accessories and rollers
3379204 Venetian blinds, including components and parts
3379208 Blinds and shades, other types
337920W Blind and shade manufacturing, nsk, total
339112 Surgical and medical instrument manufacturing
3391120 Surgical and medical instruments
339113 Surgical appliance and supplies manufacturing
3391132 Surg. appliances/supplies, incl. ortho/prosthetic/therapeutic
3391134 Hospital beds and specialized hospital furniture
3391136 Personal safety equipment and clothing, industrial/nonindustrial
339113W Surgical appliance and supplies manufacturing, nsk, total
339114 Dental equipment and supplies manufacturing
3391141 Dental equipment and supplies, professional
3391143 Dental equipment and supplies, laboratory
339114W Dental equipment and supplies manufacturing, nsk, total
339115 Ophthalmic goods manufacturing
3391159 Ophthalmic fronts, temples, and focal and contact lenses
339115B Ophthalmic goods, other types
339115W Ophthalmic goods manufacturing, nsk, total
339116 Dental laboratories
3391160 Dental laboratories
3399111 Jewelry, gold and platinum
3399114 All other jewelry and personal goods (excluding costume)
339911W Jewelry (except costume) manufacturing, nsk, total
3399120 Silverware and hollowware made of precious solid or clad metal
3399132 Lapidary work, except for watch jewels
3399133 Jewelers' findings and materials, precious metal
3399135 Other jewelers' findings and materials
339913W Jewelers' material and lapidary work manufacturing, nsk, total
3399140 Costume jewelry and novelties
33991M Jewelry and silverware manufacturing
339920 Sporting and athletic goods manufacturing
3399201 Fishing tackle and equipment
3399203 Golf equipment, except apparel and shoes
3399205 Playground equipment
3399207 Gymnasium and exercise equipment
339920A Other sporting and athletic goods
339920W Sporting and athletic goods manufacturing, nsk, total
3399310 Dolls/toy animals/action figures/stuffed toys (incl. parts/etc.)
3399322 Baby carriages/children's veh., excl. bicycles w/ pneum. tires
3399326 Models, craft kits/supplies, natural science kits/sets, etc.
3399327 Nonelectronic games and puzzles, including parts
3399328 Other nonelectronic toys, including parts
3399329 Other electronic toys and games, incl. home video games
339932W Game, toy, and children's vehicle manufacturing, nsk, total
33993M Doll, toy, and game manufacturing
3399410 Pens, mechanical pencils, markers, and associated parts
3399420 Lead pencil, art good, off supp and small off equip mfg, excl pap
3399430 Marking devices
3399440 Carbon paper and inked ribbons
33994M Office supplies (except paper) manufacturing
339950 Sign manufacturing
3399501 Electric signs and displays, incl. trade show exhibits
3399503 Nonelectric signs and displays, incl. trade show exhibits
339950W Sign manufacturing, nsk, total
339991 Gasket, packing, and sealing device manufacturing
3399911 Packing, compression type
3399913 Gaskets and gasketing, nonmetallic
3399915 Packing and seals, molded
3399917 Gaskets and seals, metallic and machined
3399918 Seals, axial, mechanical face, including parts
3399919 Seals, rotary oil
339991W Gasket, packing, and sealing device mfg, nsk, total
339992 Musical instrument manufacturing
3399921 Pianos, nonelectronic
3399923 Organs
3399925 Pianos (nonelectronic) and organs, parts, excl benches
3399927 Musical instruments, other types, including parts
339992W Musical instrument manufacturing, nsk, total
339993 Fastener, button, needle, and pin manufacturing
3399931 Buttons & button parts, incl button backs, blanks, & molds
3399933 Zippers and slide fasteners
3399935 Buckles, fasteners (excl slide fasteners), needles, and pins
339993W Fastener, button, needle, and pin manufacturing, nsk, total
339994 Broom, brush, and mop manufacturing
3399941 Brooms, mops, and dusters
3399943 Brushes & holders/pads/roller frames/rollers, paint/varnish
3399945 Brushes, other types
339994W Broom, brush, and mop manufacturing, nsk, total
339995 Burial casket manufacturing
3399951 Burial caskets/coffins, lined/trimmed, adult size, metal
3399953 Burial caskets/coffins, lined/trimmed, adult size, wood
3399955 Burial caskets and coffins, other types
339995W Burial casket manufacturing, nsk, total
339999 All other miscellaneous manufacturing
3399991 Fire extinguishing equip, hand-portable/fixed-syst, incl pts
3399993 Coin-operated amusement machines, except jukeboxes
3399995 Candles, including tapers
3399997 Umbrellas and parasols, including parts
3399999 Artificial trees/flowers/fruits/wreaths/feathers/plumes
339999E Mirror and picture frames and framed pictures
339999K Other miscellaneous fabricated products
339999W All other miscellaneous manufacturing, nsk, total

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