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1992 Economic Census CD-ROMs

Availability: CD-ROMs containing the full array of data from the 1992 Economic Census. Also available as print-on-demand (see 1992 Economic Census Reports in Print).

1) Report series (volume 1). Contains containing the geographic (state) reports, industry reports, and subject reports for all economic sectors, the minority-owned and women-owned businesses reports and the 1994 Annual Survey of Manufactures reports.

Product ID: C1-E92-EC1J-07-US1

2) ZIP Code Statistics CD-ROM (volume 2). Provides ZIP code data based on Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes for the following economic sectors: manufactures, retail trade, and services. Data items include the number of establishments, size of employment, employees, size of sales of receipts, payroll, and more.

Product ID: C1-E92-EC2B-07-US1

3) Truck Inventory and Use Survey CD-ROM (volume 3). Provides microdata on the physical and operational characteristics of the Nation's truck population. Contains over 123,000 individual truck records (modified to avoid identifying specific vehicles or owners). It also contains state and U.S. tables.

Product ID: C1-E92-EC03-07-US1

4) Nonemployer Statistics (volume 4). Contains the nonemployer files for Retail Trade, Services Industries, Transportation, Communications, and Utilities, and Finance, Insurance and Real Estate. CD-ROM distinguishes between establishments with paid employees and those without paid employees. It generally presents the number of establishments and revenue by Standard Industrial Classification code ( SIC). Also includes the geographic area files with 1987 (and 1982 for manufactures) data reformatted to match the 1992 record layout.

Product ID: C1-E92-EC04-07-US1

Subject content: Data vary by series. Generally the Economic Census collects data on establishments, number of employees, revenues, value of shipping cost of materials, and many other variables.

Geography: Coverage varies by series. Generally, the Geographic Area Reports (volume 1) have data for the U.S. states, counties, and selected places. The ZIP Code Statistics CD-ROM has data for five-digit ZIP Code areas.

File format: ASCII with GO and EXTRACT software. The Truck Inventory and Use CD-ROM has QUICKTAB software.

Census contact: Customer Services Center (orders), 301-763-INFO (4636); Economic Planning and Coordination Division (content), 301-763-4151.

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