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LandView® 5 DVD

The LandView® product contains two software programs - the LandView® database manager and the MARPLOT® map viewer. These two programs work in tandem to create a simple computer mapping system that can display individual layers of information that have spatial information associated with them.

Availability: Available on DVD 2-disc set.

Product ID: V1-T00-LV05-22-001

Price: $99

Subject Content: LandView® 5 is a desktop mapping system that includes database extracts from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Contains MARPLOT® and LandView® software allowing users to display data on maps that show jurisdictional boundaries, detailed networks of roads, rivers and railroads, census block group and tract polygons, schools, hospitals, churches, cemeteries, airports and other landmark features. The DVD-ROM contains data for the entire United States, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The disc also contains Census 2000 data on the total population, race groups and Hispanics, which can be used to create thematic maps.

For more specific information regarding the LandView® 5 product, see the product brochure.

Geography: EPA-regulated sites, USGS GNIS sites, and the following Census 2000 geographic entities: states, counties, places, census tracts, census block groups, census block points, ZCTA's, and Urbanized Areas.

System Requirements: Operating system minimum: Windows 98. Hardware minimum: DVD-ROM drive. See Detailed System Requirements for more information

To Place an Order: Census LandView® Support -- Geographic Products Management Branch: 301-763-1128

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