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SF1 Tutorial Overview

Welcome to the SF1 DVD Tutorial!

The Census Bureau created this web based tutorial to allow for greater ease of use our SF1 DVD product for all levels of data users, from the novice to the expert. This first section will discuss some general, but very important, information about the SF1 DVD and this tutorial.

Summary File 1 (SF1) on DVD provides access to population and housing data based on Census 2000 questions asked of all people and about every housing unit. These data are often referred to as the "100% data."

POPULATION items include: sex, age, race, Hispanic or Latino origin, household relationship, and household and family characteristics. HOUSING items include occupancy status and whether the unit is owner- or renter-occupied (tenure).

GEOGRAPHY covered includes: States, counties, county subdivisions, places, census tracts, ZIP code tabulation areas, congressional districts (106th Congress), American Indian and Alaska Native Areas, Hawaiian Home Lands. For most subjects, data for census block groups and census blocks also are shown.

While the software on this DVD does not create maps, you can import data from the DVD into GIS programs such as ARCVIEW. The software supports:

  • The selection of large numbers of geographic units

  • Multiple geographic levels Distance and driving time radii

  • A complete set of variables, selection of individual categories within a table
    (e.g., just males 99 years old rather than 200+ age/sex categories)

  • The creation of custom variables, which may be saved for use at a later time
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