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Installation of SF1 DVD

System and Hardware requirements for the SF1 DVD:
  • Windows 9x/2000/NT and a web browser is required (either Microsoft Explorer 5.5 or higher OR Netscape 4.79 or higher so that the technology employed within the tutorial performs properly).
  • A DVD player. Very important-- This software will not install from a CD-ROM player, nor is it capable of running from the Internet.
  • An IBM compatible computer (PC); the SF1 DVD will not work on Macintosh computer systems.
Tutorial Interface Functionality:
  • MENU button above (left) lists the chapters available in this tutorial. Navigation via this drop down menu transports to the first page of the named section. There are several pages referenced in this menu (such as Acknowledgments) which are not navigable elsewhere.

  • The NEXT button above (right) will advance to the next page in the tutorial.

  • The PREVIOUS button above (center) will return one page back in the tutorial.

  • Scroll the entire length of each page to view all information.

  • If you wish to print this tutorial, it is recommended to set your printer's paper orientation setting to "Landscape" in order to capture all text and graphics on each page.

  • You can view the SF1 DVD TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION on line as well as from the DVD. The online URL is: pdf symbol

    [PDF] or PDF denotes a file in Adobe’s Portable Document Format. To view the file, you will need the Adobe® Reader® Off Site available free from Adobe.