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State & County QuickFacts

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  1. Welcome to this U.S. Census Bureau Tutorial.
  2. Do you need quick and easy access to a broad range of statistics for a specific location?  QuickFacts is a great resource for quick access to statistics available on people, places and our economy.
  3. In this tutorial, we will look at the QuickFacts for accessing the numbers and the geographies made available through this tool.
  4. To begin, go to The Census Bureau’s main page displays.
  5. The site may have been updated or modified since this tutorial was published. For online assistance please contact: 1-800-923-8282
  6. From locate QuickFacts. Under the QuickFacts tab, click Kansas from the “Select a State to Begin” drop down box.  The State and County QuickFacts page displays for Kansas.
  7. QuickFacts information on the USA will display next to the state QuickFacts.  
  8. QuickFacts displays statistics based on your geography selection for People, Business, and Geography QuickFacts.
  9. Your results will display in either whole numbers or as percentages depending on the source of the statistics selected.
  10. Information bubbles (i) next to the Facts provide additional information and links relating to the Facts.
  11. Use the “Kansas counties selection map (the state name will vary based on selection) link to select a county for the selected state, or click the “Select a county” drop down box to select your county for your selected state. Then, click “Go”.  Your results will display for the county selected and compare back to the state.
  12. Use the “Kansas cities place search” (the state name will vary based on selection) link to type in your entry for your city/place, or click the “Select a city” drop down box to select your city or town for Kansas. Then, click “Go”.  Your results will display for the city selected and compare back to the state.
  13. Use the “Browse data sets for Kansas” (the state name will vary based on selection) link at the top of the QuickFacts table to view additional quick links that offer information on Kansas.   Quick links include: Census 2010 and 2000, the American Community Survey and many other dataset links to access or understand the statistics.
  14. Another option, at the top of the page, is the “Moredata sets” link. This link takes you to quick links information for your state selected.
  15. From the “Select a State” tab, at the top of the page, you can select your state from the state drop down box or click on your state of interest in the map to access statistics on that state. NOTE: QuickFacts includes statistics for all states, and counties, and for cities and towns with more than 5,000 people. 
  16. When you select the USA QuickFacts tab at the top of the page, only the United States, or national level statistics display.
  17. The “What’s New” tab indicates information updates and the statistics made available.
  18.  The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tab lists questions with answers to assist users with understanding and navigating the information in the QuickFacts tool.
  19. Now let us look at the links below the table.   There are three links for download. You are able to download as a comma delimited, an excel file or the full data set.
  20. Another source for more detailed statistics and access to geographies is the American FactFinder tool or AFF.
  21. Sources for the statistics used in AFF include: Census 2010, Population Estimates, American Community Survey, County Business Patterns, and Economic and Governments Censuses to just name a few.
  22. Congratulations! You have successfully completed this tutorial on Accessing the State and County QuickFacts Data Access tool.
  23. For additional assistance contact the Customer Services Call Center at 1-800-923-8282 or go to online to chat with a live operator.   You can also email your questions to
  24. The U.S. Census Bureau Measuring America  –People, Places and Our Economy.
Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Customer Liaison and Marketing Services Office | 301- 763-4308 or |  Last Revised: February 22, 2013