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There will be a progressive series of enhancements to over the next year to make our content more accessible, useful, comprehensible and interesting to the broadest possible audience. Our goal is to make it easier for visitors to reach their desired destination, increase user satisfaction, and expand the public's understanding of how the Census Bureau measures America's people, places and economy.

We hope the public will gain greater accessibility to our statistics through both their desktops and mobile devices. Also, users will eventually see improved search and navigation, thematic pages and additional features.

The Changing Social Media Landscape

September 12, 2012 -- Discover how the US Census Bureau is using social media and plans to stay current as tastes and technology constantly change. Transformation

July 25, 2012 -- You may have noticed that has been undergoing some modest changes since December. Based on customer research and feedback we collected and analyzed over time, we heard loud and clear that both search and navigation of our site could be much better. Visitors to shouldn't have to work so hard to find the information and statistics they're looking for to complete their research, personal projects or business needs.

Blog entry: Pardon our Dust Redesign

January 3, 2012 --This is the first of several steps in a progressive series of enhancements to over the next year.

Some of the new features and tools users will experience are:

  • A prominent dashboard featuring our economic indicators

  • A top dropdown menu for quick navigation to key topics

  • A new interactive map showing a mash up of economic and demographic statistics

  • A "Stat of the Day" highlighting Census Bureau statistics across all the data we collect

  • A "mega footer" with links categorized under familiar topics and highly trafficked pages

  • A feature for users to provide feedback

  • More prominent placement of our latest releases

Running time: 2:33

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