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Wages and Benefits in the U.S., William Wiatrowski, BLS

Friday, October 19, 2012

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Biography: William Wiatrowski, Associate Commissioner for Compensation and Working Conditions, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Presentation [PDF]

Slide 1
Slide 1:
Wages and benefits of American workers [PDF]
Slide 2
Slide 2:
How are employer wage and benefit dollars spent? [PDF]
Slide 3
Slide 3:
Wage changes slowed during recession; have not recovered [PDF]
Slide 4
Slide 4:
Recent wage changes averaging below 2% per year [PDF]
Slide 5
Slide 5:
Wage changes for office and professional workers [PDF]
Slide 6
Slide 6:
Wage changes for construction and service workers [PDF]
Slide 7
Slide 7:
Wage changes for sales workers [PDF]
Slide 8
Slide 8:
Wage changes by union status [PDF]
Slide 9
Slide 9:
Wage changes: private industry and state/local government [PDF]
Slide 10
Slide 10:
Wages vary by occupational group in private industry [PDF]
Slide 11
Slide 11:
Wages vary by other factors [PDF]
Slide 12
Slide 12:
Who is offered health care benefits in private industry? [PDF]
Slide 13
Slide 13:
Are workers taking advantage of health care benefits? [PDF]
Slide 148
Slide 14:
Workers are required to share cost of health care benefits [PDF]
Slide 15
Slide 15:
Employers and employee share cost of health benefit [PDF]
Slide 16
Slide 16:
How have health plans changed over time? [PDF]
Slide 17
Slide 17:
Out-of-pocket health care costs [PDF]
Slide 18
Slide 18:
High deductible plans: New type of health care plan [PDF]
Slide 19
Slide 19:
Who is offered retirement benefits? [PDF]
Slide 20
Slide 20:
Retirement plan coverage over time [PDF]
Slide 21
Slide 21:
Who takes advantage of 401(k) and similar plans? [PDF]
Slide 22
Slide 22:
How prevalent are time-off benefits? [PDF]
Slide 23
Slide 23:
What other benefits are offered in private industry? [PDF]
Slide 24
Slide 24:
Benefits for state and local government workers [PDF]
Slide 25
Slide 25:
How have benefits changed in recent years? [PDF]
Slide 26
Slide 26:
Employer costs for benefits more volatile than wage costs [PDF]
Slide 27
Slide 27:
Employer costs for benefits influenced by health costs [PDF]
Slide 28
Slide 28:
Employer compensation costs vary by location [PDF]

Sources of Information:
Bureau of Labor Statistics

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