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OCT. 7, 2016 — This week, the U.S. Census Bureau joins a group of public and private organizations in celebrating the importance of the manufacturing sector of the nation’s economy. This marks the fifth annual organized observance of Manufacturing Day. The Census Bureau releases manufacturing statistics that inform businesses and policymakers. Collectively, they paint a picture of the state of this important economic sector.

The economic census, the Census Bureau’s most comprehensive source of information on American businesses and the economy, began collecting statistics on the manufacturing sector in 1810. In addition to the economic census, the Census Bureau publishes manufacturing statistics from a number of sources, including the American Community Survey, Annual Survey of Manufactures, multiple economic indicators, the Survey of Business Owners and the new Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs. Some of the manufacturing products available this year include:

  • Profile America’s Stats for Stories: Manufacturing Day — Stats for Stories provides reporters and the public a one-stop shop for timely, relevant statistics and resources about observances not covered by the Facts for Features series. The manufacturing edition includes datasets from a variety of surveys, including but not limited to the American Community Survey; Manufacturers’ Shipments, Inventories, and Orders; the Annual Survey of Manufactures; County Business Patterns; the Capital Spending Report; International Trade; Quarterly Financial Report; and multiple series from the economic census, including the Economic Census of Island Areas.

Throughout Manufacturing Week, the Census Bureau has updated its website with additional valuable manufacturing data products. We have also posted historical facts about manufacturing on Twitter and Facebook. Our internet address is <>.

For a complete list and more details on the sources of manufacturing data from the Census Bureau, visit here: <>.

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