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Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr.

State of Utah

After just two years in his first term, Utah Governor Jon Huntsman’s accomplishments are broad-based and comprehensive. Major tax reform has been achieved, dropping the income tax rate to only 5 percent and reducing the state portion of the sales tax on food significantly. Utah’s booming economy is also a reflection of the Governor’s intense focus on economic development by recruiting new business and talent to Utah and growing those businesses that are already here. Tourism is booming, educating more people about the beauty and tranquility of Utah. As a direct result of the Governor’s push in these areas, education has received record funding to prepare Utah’s future generations with educational emphasis on early learning and growing industries like engineering and technology. At the higher education level, Governor Huntsman is working to retain talent and develop and market discoveries made at local research universities.

Governor Huntsman was elected by an overwhelming majority of Utahns in November 2004 and maintains extraordinary approval ratings among his constituents. As the leader of the State most recently named for its economic dynamism by the Kauffman Foundation, Governor Huntsman continues to work to improve the already-unbeatable quality of life in Utah.

Utah’s Governor has parlayed his diverse background in public service as Deputy US Trade Representative, US Trade Ambassador, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce and US Ambassador to Singapore into overwhelming international respect and successful trade missions for Utah to Canada, Mexico and China with a future mission planned for India. Utah’s Governor is also well-respected among his gubernatorial colleagues throughout the country and the National Governor’s Association, where he serves as chairman of the Natural Resources Committee.

Governor Huntsman formerly served as Chairman and CEO of the Huntsman Corporation and was the First President and CEO of the Huntsman Cancer Foundation at the University of Utah, which donates millions of dollars annually in Cancer Research. He speaks fluent Mandarin and earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Governor and First Lady Mary Kaye Huntsman have seven children, two of whom are adopted from China and India.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Public Information Office | PIO@census.gov | Last Revised: June 14, 2013