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September 16, 2017

Congressional Record

National Stepfamily Day is celebrated annually on September 16th and was founded by stepparent Christy Tusing-Borgeld in 1997. The 2000 Census was the first decen­nial census to collect information on the type of relationship between the householder and their child, whether biological, step or adop­tive. The same answer categories were introduced to the American Community Survey in 2008. Beginning in 2007, the Current Population Survey asked respondents to identify both a coresident mother and father, as well as the type of relation­ship between the child and their parents.

Key Stats:

Source: Adopted Children and Stepchildren: 2010, Current Population Reports, P20-572; 2010 Census, American Community Survey (ACS) 2009–2011; and Current Population Survey (CPS) 2012.

This report provides a portrait of adopted children and stepchildren of the householder. Table 7 takes a detailed look at children who lived with at least one stepparent. Unlike the American Community Survey, Current Population Survey data include the identification of two coresident parents, as well as the type of relationship between the child and those parents, whether biological, step or adoptive.

Table 6 shows the distribution of households with stepchildren under 18 by the sex, marital status and living arrangement of the householder. Households are shown separately for male and female householders, since the distribution across the various types of living arrange¬ments differs by the sex of the stepparent.

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