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36 U.S. Code § 118. National Aviation Day

From NASA’s Tips for Celebrating National Aviation Day:

“Ever since 1939, August 19 has been celebrated as National Aviation Day, the legacy of a presidential proclamation first made by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

“Selected because it was Orville Wright’s birthday, the decision to revel in all things aeronautical came at an exciting time in aviation history.

“Just 36 years after the Wright Brothers flew the first heavier-than-air flying machine in 1903, aviation was a growing – if not thriving – industry in the United States and around the world.

“New world speed and distance records were being set, airlines that still exist today were being formed and, as World War II began, both Allied and Axis Powers sought new ways to beef up aviation’s role in warfare.

“By 1939, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (N.A.C.A.) – NASA’s organizational predecessor – was 24 years old and already well established with the nation’s premiere aviation research laboratory in Virginia, and a brand new center just approved to be built in California.

“Fundamental problems with flight were being solved on the drawing boards and in the wind tunnels of the N.A.C.A., enabling aircraft to fly faster, higher, farther and with more and more cargo and passengers.

“Today, with the N.A.C.A.’s research heritage still alive and well at NASA, it can be said that every U.S. aircraft and air traffic control tower in operation today uses some kind of NASA-developed technology.”

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Key Stats:

Source: 2016 Annual Survey of State and Local Government Finances. The 2017 data release is Fall 2019.

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The following links are for Table 1 (in two parts) which show revenues and expenditures by level of government and by state. See row 29 for Air transportation (airports).

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More Stats:

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Source: Quarterly Financial Report, 2000-2019. 

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Source: Quarterly Services Report, 2010-2018. 

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From Foreign Trade > U.S. International Trade Data:

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After you create an account, select options for “State Export Data (Origin of Movement)” or “State Import Data (State of Destination)” by “HS” or “NAICS.” Select “State” and “Measures,” “Commodity,” (Search for “880220,” “880230,” “880240”) “Country” and/or “Time” for data. For more information, see Quick Start Guide.

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Source: 2015 and 2016 Annual Survey of Manufactures

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Note: The table above is cropped to show Products and services code 336411 through 336413W and modified to hide the relative standard error column.

Source: 2016 Annual Survey of Manufactures (ASM).

Table AM1631GS101: General Statistics: Statistics for Industry Groups and Industries: 2016 and 2015.

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Source: 2016 County Business Patterns.

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