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Presidential Proclamation 2018


“In December, 2014, Congress passed the Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act into law, which gave Congressional authorization to the Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office and authorized the Department of Commerce to hold ‘open-topic’ competitions for manufacturing innovation institutes where those topics of highest importance to industry could be proposed.

“Manufacturing USA® is a network of 14 manufacturing institutes. Each institute is a unique public-private partnership, jointly funded by government and private industry, focused on a different advanced manufacturing technology area but working toward the same high-level goal: to secure America’s future through manufacturing innovation, education, and collaboration.” > MFG Day

Your source for manufacturing statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau, including Economic Indicators, Economic Censuses and other related business and demographic statistics, infographics, videos, stories, blogs, webinars and tools.

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Key Stats:

Source: 2016 Annual Survey of Manufactures. This infographic contains statistics indicating that manufacturing establishments show gains in receipts, but lower employment over time.

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Note: The infographic above is cropped on the bottom. Click on the image to see the full page.

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More Stats:

From the Newsroom:

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From the Library:

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Source: Manufacturers’ Shipments, Inventories, & Orders (M3). The M3 survey provides broad-based, monthly statistical data on economic conditions in the domestic manufacturing sector. The survey measures current industrial activity and provides an indication of future business trends.

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Source: Manufacturing and Trade Inventories and Sales (MTIS). The MTIS provides broad and timely measures of combined changes in domestic retail trade, wholesale trade and manufacturers' activities.

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Source: Quarterly Financial Report (QFR). The QFR program collects and publishes quarterly aggregate statistics on the financial results and position of U.S. corporations.

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Note: On October 4, the Census Bureau will release historical QFR data electronically. For the first time, data will cover manufacturing back to 1947 and mining, wholesale trade and retail trade back to 1974.

From Foreign Trade, the official source for U.S. export and import statistics and responsible for issuing regulations governing the reporting of all export shipments from the United States.

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Source: American Community Survey (ACS), 1-Year Estimates. ACS provides vital information on a yearly basis about our nation and its people. ACS has manufacturing statistics, including the number of people working in the industry by occupation and median earnings.

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Source: Annual Survey of Manufactures. Conducted annually, except for years ending in “2” and “7,” provides sample estimates of statistics for all manufacturing establishments with one or more paid employee.

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Note: Values in the MITR are based on manufacturing data from the 2016 Annual Survey of Manufactures and administrative records from official U.S. import and export merchandise trade statistics.

Source: Annual Capital Expenditures Survey. Provides data on capital spending for new and used structures and equipment by U.S. nonfarm businesses with and without employees.

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Source: County Business Patterns (CBP). CBP is an annual series that provides subnational economic data by industry. This series includes the number of establishments, employment during the week of March 12, first-quarter payroll and annual payroll.

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Source: Economic Census. The Census Bureau plans to release 2017 Economic Census statistics from September 2019 through 2021. The economic census is the U.S. government's official five-year measure of American business and the economy.

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