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glass of milk and bottle of milk on the wood table. with copy space for text.

Milk Production:

“Released November 19, 2018, by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), Agricultural Statistics Board, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

“October Milk Production in the United States up 0.8 Percent

  • Milk production in the United States during October totaled 17.9 billion pounds, up 0.8 percent from October 2017.

  • Production per cow in the United States averaged 1,912 pounds for October, 21 pounds above October 2017.

  • The number of milk cows on farms in the United States was 9.37 million head, 30,000 head less than October 2017, and 2,000 head less than September 2018.”

Key Stats:

Source: 2015 Statistics of U.S. Businesses (SUSB). SUSB is an annual series that provides national and subnational data on the distribution of economic data by enterprise size and industry.

Note: Highlighted in yellow above are rows 1956 through 1964 showing NAICS 311511 Fluid Milk Manufacturing from the Excel spreadsheet. Click on the spreadsheet to see the full table.

Note: After an account is created, select options for “State Export Data (Origin of Movement)” or “State Import Data (State of Destination)” by “HS” or “NAICS.” Select “State,” “Measures,” “Commodity” (select “Milk”), “Country” and/or “Time” for data. For more information, see Quick Start Guide. USATrade Online does not provide direct links to the data.

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