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Here you will find detailed statistics about U.S. businesses. Statistics are available on the characteristics of the businesses: their NAICS industry, their geographic location, their size, age, and much more. Additional information is available periodically on the characteristics of the business owners.

“Businesses are dynamic and the Census Bureau produces extensive information quarterly and annually about how firms with employees change in terms of their location, structure, employment, and jobs. Information about business births, deaths, job flows, and worker characteristics highlight the ever-changing business environment.

“Data tools makes it easy for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs to use Census Bureau demographic and economic statistics to grow their businesses and compare their operations with other businesses in their geographic area or industry.”

Key Stats:

Are you looking for data to help you start or grow a business or understand the business landscape for a region? The Census Business Builder is a suite of services that provides selected demographic and economic data from the U.S. Census Bureau tailored to specific types of users in a simple to access and use format.

More Stats:

From > Topics > Business > Small Business:
Here you will find detailed statistics about U.S. businesses that are essential to help small businesses succeed and grow. Learn about firms with and without paid employees, by NAICS industry, geographic location, size, age and much more.

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