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Stats for Stories: National Wilderness Month: September 2019

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From Wilderness Connect, Learn About Wilderness, Fast Facts:

The Beginnings of the National Wilderness Preservation System

“When the Wilderness Act was passed in 1964, 54 areas (9.1 million acres) in 13 states were designated as wilderness. This law established these areas as part of the National Wilderness Preservation System (NWPS). Since 1964, the NWPS has grown almost every year and now includes 803 areas (111,368,221) in 44 states and Puerto Rico. In 1980, the passage of the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA) added over 56 million acres of wilderness to the system, the largest addition in a single year. 1984 marks the year when the most new wilderness areas were added.

“Overall, however, only about 5% of the entire United States — an area slightly larger than the state of California — is protected as wilderness. Because Alaska contains just over half of America's wilderness, only about 2.7% of the contiguous United States — an area about the size of Minnesota — is protected as wilderness.”

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Key Stats:

The 2010 Population Distribution in the United States and Puerto Rico map (also referred to as the "Nighttime Map") portrays the distribution of population based on the results of the 2010 Census of Population and Housing.

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Note: Two versions of this dot distribution map are available, a large format map and a small format map. On the large format or wall map (which measures approximately 28 x 24 inches), each white dot represents 1,000 people. On the small format or page-size map (which measures 11 x 8.5 inches and is shown above), each white dot represents 7,500 people.

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More Stats:

Source: Quarterly Services Survey (2012-2019)

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Source: 2016 County Business Patterns.

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