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Polish-American Heritage Month: October 2019

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Presidential Proclamation 1986, Polish-American Heritage Month (changed from August to October)

Presidential Proclamation 2018, General Pulaski Memorial Day: October 11

From the Library of Congress: “At the turn of the 20th century, Polish immigration exploded. Imperial repression, land shortages and chronic unemployment made life more and more untenable for the Poles of Europe, and as the 19th century waned they left for America by the thousands, then by the hundreds of thousands. Exact numbers are difficult to come by, given the many different routes Poles took to the U.S., but the 1910 census found more than 900,000 new immigrants who spoke Polish. After World War I, Poland regained its independence, and immigration began to slow. Even so, it is estimated that more than 2 million Poles had immigrated by the 1920s.”

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Key Stats:

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, International Data Base (demographic data) and USA Trade Online (trade data); Central Intelligence Agency, The World Factbook (country reference maps).

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From Business & Industry > Foreign Trade > U.S. International Trade Data:

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Note: After you create an account, select options for “State Export Data (Origin of Movement)” or “State Import Data (State of Destination)” by “HS” or “NAICS.” Select “State,” “Measures,” “Commodity,” “Country” (select "Poland”) and/or “Time” for data. For more information, see Quick Start Guide. USA Trade Online does not provide direct links to the data.

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From International Programs (1995-2025):

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