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Presidential Proclamation 2019

“On National Agriculture Day, we acknowledge the immeasurable value farmers, ranchers, growers, producers, and foresters contribute to our Nation.  America’s agriculture families and communities lead the world in producing food, feed, fuel, and fiber.  Today, we pay tribute to the men and women who expand opportunities for prosperity, economic development, and food security by cultivating the land across our country.

“American agriculture strengthens our economy.  Valued at more than $141 billion, our country’s agriculture exports are critical to our Nation’s job market, with every $1 billion in exports supporting approximately 8,400 American jobs.  Counting for approximately 5.5 percent of our gross domestic product, our agriculture, food, and related industries are vital to our Nation’s global economic success.”

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Key Stats:

Source: 2018 American Community Survey (ACS), 1-Year Estimates.

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Note: The Table above is cropped top and bottom to highlight farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers. Click on the image to see the full table of 550+ occupations.

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More Stats:

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From Quarterly Financial Report (QFR) 2000-2020:

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Component ID: #ti1803729529
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Component ID: #ti1868293904

After you create an account, select options for Harmonized System (HS) or HS, select Exports or Imports, type in the agriculture topic of interest (such as commodity or agriculture-related equipment) in the Commodity search box, then select options for geography and/or time. Select Report for data. For more information, see Quick Start Guide.

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  • 11 Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting – and all available 3 and 4 digit codes within sector 11
  • 3253 Pesticide, fertilizer, and other agricultural chemical manufacturing
  • 33311 Agricultural implement manufacturing

Component ID: #ti1278618873

Source: 2016 Annual Survey of Manufactures (ASM).

Table AM1631GS101, Annual Survey of Manufactures: General Statistics: Statistics for Industry Groups and Industries:

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