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Presidential Proclamation 1973:

“The creators of our Republic, themselves the inventors of a new form of government, recognized the important role which inventors would play in achieving national progress and, accordingly, gave the Congress the Constitutional authority to grant inventors, for limited times, the exclusive rights to their discoveries. In 1790, Congress did that by establishing the United States Patent System and granting Samuel Hopkins the first patent.

“History is filled with evidence of the success of this system. The names of Whitney, McCormick, Morse, Bell, and Edison and the cotton gin, the reaper, the telegraph and telephone, the light bulb, the airplane, transistor, television, are familiar examples of American inventiveness.”

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Key Stats:

The Opportunity Project (TOP) is a collaborative effort between government agencies, technology companies and nongovernment organizations to translate government open data into user-friendly tools that solve real world problems for families, communities and businesses nationwide.

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Note: To see a list of each presentation with hyperlinks to each start time, click on the image above to open our YouTube channel.

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More Stats:

From the 2020 Decennial Census > Research and Testing:

The Census Bureau's goal is to design and conduct the 2020 Census at less cost per housing unit than the 2010 Census, while maintaining high quality. This requires early identification of the major cost drivers along with development and implementation of innovative enumeration methods aimed at reducing those costs. Four key design areas have been the focus of the majority of the work during the Research and Testing Phase:

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Source: 2016 Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs (ASE). The module selected for the 2016 ASE focused on business banking relationships, practices in obtaining and using advice from professional and nonprofessional sources, and the effect of regulations on business growth.

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Note:  the 2017 Annual Business Survey (ABS) will replace the tables above upon release. The ABS is conducted by the Census Bureau and the National Science Foundation's National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics, and provides annual data on select economic and demographic characteristics of employer businesses.

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From the Newsroom > Stats for Stories:

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From Census Blogs > Research Matters.

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