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From the National Weather Service, Climate Prediction Center:

Summary of the Outlook for Non-Technical Users

“The June-July-August (JJA) 2020 temperature outlook favors above-normal temperatures across the West, Gulf Coast States, and along the East Coast. The largest probabilities (above 70 percent) of above normal temperatures are centered over the Four Corners region. Equal chances of below-, near-, or above-normal temperatures are forecast from the upper to middle Mississippi Valley along with parts of the northern to central Great Plains. The JJA precipitation outlook features increased chances of above normal precipitation for much of the eastern and central U.S., while below-normal precipitation is more likely across the Pacific Northwest, northern Great Basin, and much of the Rockies. Above-normal temperatures are favored throughout Alaska during JJA with increased chances of above-normal precipitation forecast for the Aleutians and most of mainland Alaska.”

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Key Stats:

According to the Random Samplings Blog Measuring the Impact of Tourism to Local Areas (May 2017), “tourism plays a significant role in the success of certain types of businesses across various areas of the country.” The blog shared links to the four travel-related infographics shown below.

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Get the latest stats for accommodation shown in this graphic in Table 1 below.

Source: 2018 Service Annual Survey (SAS).

Component ID: #ti1954475202


Component ID: #ti1554998340

Get the latest stats for car rental establishments shown in this graphic from TableID: CB1700CBP below.

Source: 2017 County Business Patterns (CBP).

Component ID: #ti1752681797


Component ID: #ti779559751

Note: The U.S. Census Bureau will release stats from the 2017 Economic Census beginning in September 2019 through 2021. See TableID: EC1771BASIC for NAICS 713930, Marinas.

Source: 2017 Economic Census.

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Component ID: #ti127623920

Get the latest stats shown in this graphic: Table 1. State and Local Government Finances by Level of Government and by State: 2017, see Line 29, General Revenue, Air transportation (airports).

Component ID: #ti1992178645

More Stats:

Source: Quarterly Services Survey, TIME SERIES/TREND CHARTS (Date range end: 2020).

Component ID: #ti492676544
Component ID: #ti218994350

  • NAICS 561510, Travel agencies
  • NAICS 713110, Amusement and theme parks
  • NAICS 721, Accommodation
  • NAICS 721211, RV (recreational vehicle) parks and campgrounds

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From the Newsroom:  

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