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National Aviation History Month: November 2021

Release Number CB21-SFS.146

According to the Government Printing Office, “National Aviation History Month is dedicated to exploring, recognizing and celebrating America’s great contributions and achievements in the development of aviation. Aviation history refers to the history of development of mechanical flight — from the earliest attempts in kites and gliders to powered heavier-than-air, supersonic and space flights.”

Key Stats

More Stats

Source: 2010-2021 Quarterly Services Survey (QSS)

Source: 2013-2019 Service Annual Survey (SAS).

Source: 2019 and 2018 Annual Survey of Manufactures (ASM).

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  • NAICS 481, Air Transportation  
  • NAICS 4811, Scheduled Air Transportation 
  • NAICS 4812, Nonscheduled Air Transportation 
  • NAICS 611512, Flight Training 

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