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2016 Product Calendar

The U.S. Census Bureau has posted anticipated release dates for each regular and recurring statistical product scheduled for release in 2016. These products are listed in the Census Bureau’s online product calendar, which is updated as needed throughout the year.

Learn What Surveys Are Being Conducted in Your Community

See which of our 130-plus annual surveys are being conducted in your community. In a variety of surveys and censuses, evolving from the first census in 1790, the Census Bureau provides official information about America’s people, businesses, industries and institutions. See surveys currently being conducted in each Census Bureau region:

Los Angeles
New York
All Surveys

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Updates to 2016 Historical Migration Tables and Migration Flow Products

Historical tables, figures and a collection of national- and regional-level detailed tables on geographical mobility from the Annual Social and Economic Supplement of the Current Population Survey will be available. The Census Flows Mapper and migration flows Application Program Interface (API) files will also be updated to include social and housing data from the 2010–2014 American Community Survey. In addition, state-to-state migration and state of current residence by place of birth tables from the 2015 American Community Survey will be released. (Tentatively scheduled for release Nov. 15.)

America's Families and Living Arrangements: 2016

The latest families and living arrangements table package provides statistics on families, children, unmarried and married couples, and nonfamily households. These statistics come from the Current Population Survey’s Annual Social and Economic Supplement. The Current Population Survey has been conducted for more than 60 years. (Tentatively scheduled for release Nov. 17.)

2015 American Housing Survey

Microdata and tables from the American Housing Survey provide a comprehensive look at a variety of housing statistics for the nation. Data are collected every odd-numbered year and provide national and selected metropolitan area statistics. Statistics are released jointly by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the U.S. Census Bureau. (Tentatively scheduled for release in November.)

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2014 Annual Surveys of State and Local Government Finances

Shows revenues, expenditures, debt, and cash and security holdings by level of government. Level of government includes state, local, and state and local combined.  The data are organized by state. (Scheduled for release Nov. 18.)

2015 Service Annual Survey

This annual business survey provides the most comprehensive national statistics available on service activity in the United States. Sectors include transportation and warehousing; finance and insurance; educational services; and arts, entertainment and recreation, to name a few. The statistics show operating revenue and expenses for both taxable and tax-exempt firms and organizations; sources of revenue and expenses by type for selected industries; and selected industry-specific items. The survey also provides e-commerce revenue for all industries and export revenue and inventory data for selected industries. (Scheduled for release Nov. 22.)

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Facts for Features

American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month (November)

To commemorate American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month the Census Bureau has compiled a list of statistics pertaining to the American Indian and Alaska Native population. (Scheduled for release in November.)

Holiday Season

This festive season, or simply the holidays, is a time for gathering and celebrating with family and friends, gift giving, reflection and thanks. To commemorate this time of year, the Census Bureau presents the following holiday-related facts and figures from its collection of statistics. (Tentatively scheduled for release in November.)

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Training Opportunities

Census Bureau Offers Training Opportunities

Webinars are available to help the public access and use Census Bureau statistics. These free sessions, lasting 60 to 90 minutes, show how to use census databases and mapping tools and how to find demographic and economic statistics at a local or national level. They also provide quick links for answers to frequently asked questions about accessing statistics.

The following courses are offered:

  • Measuring America Series — Accessing International Data (Thursday, Dec. 1, 2–3 p.m. ET)
  • Measuring America Series — Accessing Family Living Arrangements Statistics (Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2–3 p.m. ET)

Descriptions for each of the upcoming sessions are available on our educational resources page. No registration is needed to join the webinar. Login details will be provided one week before a webinar.

Archived Training Resources

Visit the Census Bureau’s Training Resources Library for previously recorded trainings that are free and available for use at your convenience. The library includes presentations, recorded webinars, tutorials and other helpful materials.

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Census Bureau History Home Page (Nov. 1)

Nov. 12, 2016, marks the 100th anniversary of the death of astronomer, mathematician and author Percival L. Lowell. In 1894, Lowell established his namesake observatory in Flagstaff, AZ, where he dedicated himself to studying our solar system. Visit the . Census Bureau’s History website <> to learn more about Percival Lowell and the worlds he explored using data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau and other federal agencies.


Profile America segments include a dark moment in “Lights Out” (Nov. 8) and paying as you go in “Tolls for Thee” (Nov. 19).

The daily features are available at <>, with download options for MP3 (including podcast subscription) and WAV or zip files for the entire month.

Census Business Builder

The Census Business Builder is a suite of services that provides selected demographic and economic data from the Census Bureau tailored to specific types of users in a simple to access and use format. The suite will continuously be updated with new versions. Currently, the Regional Analyst and the Small Business editions are available.

Challenge Your Knowledge of State Statistics With Census PoP Quiz

This mobile app from the Census Bureau challenges a user’s knowledge of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Census PoP Quiz is available for download to Android and Apple devices. Internet address: <>.

Find Your Ideal Place With the Census Bureau’s dwellr App

A Census Bureau mobile app named “dwellr” can help people on-the-go access key demographic, socio-economic and housing statistics for thousands of places across the nation. Users can also learn more about where they are by a simple tap of the screen that reveals educational levels, housing values and total population drawn from the American Community Survey. Internet address: <>.

Stay Connected With the America’s Economy Mobile App

Every week, the Department of Commerce releases key Census Bureau economic indicators. Get the latest business news on- the -go as it is released through the Census Bureau’s free, easy-to-use mobile app, America’s Economy, available for download for both Apple and Android phones and tablets. The app provides real-time updates for 20 key economic indicators from the Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics and Bureau of Economic Analysis. Internet address: <>.

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Recently Released

(Released since Oct. 14, 2016)

Understanding Government Finances Webinar

Oct. 24 — The U.S. Census Bureau held a webinar on Oct. 27 at 2 p.m. (EDT) that  defined public sector statistics and provided a brief overview of the surveys that fall under government finances including employment, education finance, pensions and tax data. The unique methods for public sector data collection was discussed. A brief demonstration of how to find the data from the Census Bureau’s website and tips for finding public sector data in American FactFinder was also provided. For more information, please visit training opportunities on Internet address: <>.

2020 Census Fall Quarterly Program Management Review

Oct. 21 — The U.S. Census Bureau will hold its quarterly 2020 Census Program Management Review on Oct. 28 from 1 to 4 p.m. Agenda topics include high-level program updates, the address canvassing operation and test, 2020 Census content, upcoming tests and 2020 Census systems readiness. Internet address: <>.

Census Bureau Announces Changes to 2017 Field Tests

Oct. 18 — The U.S. Census Bureau announced that it will stop plans to test field operations in Puerto Rico, the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota and South Dakota, and the Colville Reservation and Off-Reservation Trust Land in Washington state in 2017. Instead, we will consider including these sites in our 2018 End-to-End Census Test. See the Director’s Blog for more information. Internet address: <>.

Census Bureau Awards Two Cooperative Agreements

Oct. 18 — The U.S. Census Bureau awarded two cooperative agreements to teams at Georgetown University and Purdue University to research privacy-preserving data analysis. The projects complement new initiatives within the Census Bureau to strengthen disclosure avoidance methods, especially as they apply to the detailed publications that result from our flagship products: the 2020 Census, the American Community Survey and the 2017 Economic Census. For more information, visit the Census Bureau’s Research Matters blog. Internet address: <>

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American Community Survey

2015 American Community Survey Public Use Microdata Sample

Oct. 20 — The Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) files for the 2015 American Community Survey 1-year dataset allow users to create their own tabulations. The files contain data on approximately 1 percent of the United States population while protecting the confidentiality of survey respondents.

The files show population and housing characteristics down to Public Use Microdata Areas, which are special non–overlapping areas that partition each state into contiguous geographic units containing no fewer than 100,000 people each. Users can create tabulations through their own software or through the Census Bureau’s tool DataFerrett. Internet address: <>.

2015 Supplemental Estimates

Oct. 20 — The 2015 Supplemental Estimates Tables consist of 58 detailed tables for geographies with populations of 20,000 or more. These supplemental estimates  are available through American FactFinder and the Census Bureau’s application programming interface. The estimates are available for the same geographic summary levels as those in the American Community Survey 1-year dataset. Internet address: <>.

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Selected Characteristics of the Citizen, Voting-Age Population

Oct. 27 — The U.S. Census Bureau released selected characteristics of the citizen voting-age population from the 2015 American Community Survey for all U.S. states and congressional districts. These characteristics include selected age groups, sex, race, Hispanic origin, bachelor’s degree attainment, poverty status and households with income of $100,000 or more. Internet address: <>.

School Enrollment in the United States: 2014

Oct. 20 — These tables provide information by age, sex, race, Hispanic origin, family income, type of college, employment status, nativity, foreign-born parentage, attendance status (full or part time), type of school (public or private) and vocational course enrollment. They also delve into topics such as nursery school and kindergarten enrollment; the likelihood of being enrolled in a grade appropriate for their age and the percentage of young adults enrolled in college. Historical tables were also provided. Internet address: <>.

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Facts for Features

Veterans Day (Nov. 11)

Oct. 25 — Parades and speeches across the country, as well as a national ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, highlight this federal holiday. Some of the statistics from this day include the number of veterans in the country, their racial and ethnic backgrounds, and the number who vote. Internet address: <>.

Halloween: Oct. 31

Oct. 17 — Halloween, which dates back to Celtic rituals thousands of years ago, has today evolved into a community-based celebration characterized by child-friendly activities such as trick-or-treating and carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns. In the spirit of Halloween, this edition of the Census Bureau’s Facts for Features presents a wide array of new and updated statistical information. Internet address: <>.

Thanksgiving Day

Oct. 4 — This release highlights a wide range of statistics pertaining to the traditional gatherings that take place on this national day of giving thanks. Internet address: <>.

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Profile America’s Stats for Stories

These stories provide links to timely newsworthy statistics on that relate to observances, holidays, anniversaries and current events not covered by Facts for Features.


Profile America segments included the wheys and means of “American Cheese Month” (Oct. 20) and a neater heater in “Making WAVES” (Oct. 25). Internet address: <>.

U.S. Census Bureau Announces Changes to 2017 Field Tests

Written by John H. Thompson, director, U.S. Census Bureau; The U.S. Census Bureau announced that it will stop plans to test field operations in Puerto Rico, the Standing Rock Reservation in North and South Dakota, and the Colville Reservation and Off-Reservation Trust Land in Washington State in 2017. Instead, we will consider including these sites in our 2018 End-to-End Census Test.

Census Bureau Awards Cooperative Agreements to Georgetown University and Purdue University

Written by John Abowd, associate director, Research and Methodology Directorate, U.S Census Bureau: The U.S. Census Bureau awarded two cooperative agreements to research teams at Georgetown University and Purdue University. These teams of university-based researchers are at the forefront of the emerging field of privacy-preserving data analysis, and their efforts will assist the Census Bureau in ensuring we continue to be a leader in protecting confidential information.


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News releases, reports, statistical tables and radio transcripts are available on the Public Information Office’s Web page at <>. Questions or comments should be directed to the Census Bureau’s Public Information Office at 301-763-3030; or email <>.

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