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2018 Product Calendar

The U.S. Census Bureau has posted anticipated release dates for each regular and recurring statistical product scheduled for release in 2018. These products are listed in the Census Bureau’s online product calendar, which is updated as needed throughout the year.

Learn What Surveys Are Being Conducted in Your Community

See which of our 130-plus annual surveys are being conducted in your community. In a variety of surveys and censuses, evolving from the first census in 1790, the Census Bureau provides official information about America’s people, businesses, industries and institutions. See surveys currently being conducted in each Census Bureau region:

Los Angeles
New York
All Surveys

Census Bureau Emergency Management Data and Tools

When disaster strikes, look to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Emergency Preparedness page. The Census Bureau produces timely local demographic and economic data that are important to emergency management efforts. Find data, tools and links to reports on recent emergency events.

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2018 American Association for Public Opinion Research Conference (AAPOR)

Researchers from the U.S. Census Bureau, along with other survey research professionals across the nation, will present findings at the 73rd annual American Association for Public Opinion Research Conference on May 16-19, 2018, in Denver, Co. This conference offers a forum for Census Bureau researchers to present their research for professional discussion and share their findings with the public. (Scheduled for release May 14.)

Subcounty Population Estimates: July 1, 2017

Internet tables showing annual population estimates of the nation’s incorporated places and minor civil divisions — cities, towns, townships, villages and boroughs — since the 2010 Census up to July 1, 2017, as well as rankings based on population growth. (Embargo starting at 10 a.m. EDT on Tuesday, May 22, for public release at 12:01 a.m. EDT on Thursday, May 24.)

Housing Unit Estimates: July 1, 2017

Internet tables showing annual housing unit estimates for the nation, states and counties since the 2010 Census and up to July 1, 2017, as well as rankings based on housing unit growth. (Embargo starting at 10 a.m. EDT on Tuesday, May 22, for public release at 12:01 a.m. EDT on Thursday, May 24.)

Postsecondary Enrollment Before, During and Since the Great Recession

The Great Recession of 2007-2009 influenced significant changes in American postsecondary education, according to a new report to be released by the U.S. Census Bureau. This report covers postsecondary enrollment before, during and after the Great Recession and examines enrollment by sex, race and ethnicity. (Tentatively scheduled for release June 12.)

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Webinar on Responding to the 2017 Economic Census

The U.S. Census Bureau will hold a webinar on May 17, from 1-2 p.m., to inform participants of the importance of the 2017 Economic Census and show the Respondent Portal and new online reporting tool. The economic census – conducted every five years, for years ending in “2” and “7” – collects reliable business statistics that are essential to understanding the American economy. (Scheduled for May 17.)

Annual Survey of Public Education Finances: 2016 (School System Finance Data)

These tables provide a detailed look at how public elementary-secondary school systems are funded and how those funds are spent on education and services for our nation’s children. The statistics, released annually, provide information on revenues, expenditures, debt and assets of our public school systems. The tables include per-pupil spending and detailed spending on instruction, support services, special education, school lunches, transportation and salaries. (Scheduled for release May 21.)

2016 Nonemployer Statistics

This annual series provides subnational economic data for businesses that have no paid employees and are subject to federal income tax. The data consists of the number of businesses and total receipts by industry. (Scheduled for release May 24.)

2016 Zip Code Business Patterns

Statistics are provided for over 41,000 ZIP codes nationwide and include the total number of establishments, employment and payroll. In addition, the number of establishments for nine employment-size categories is provided by detailed industry for each ZIP code. (Tentatively scheduled for release May 24.)

2016 E-Stats Report

This report summarizes 2016 e-commerce statistics on shipments, sales and revenues from four sectors of the economy: manufacturing, wholesale, services and retail. (Scheduled for release May 24.)

2018 Economic Programs Webinar: Government

Interested in learning about the wide range of economic data and resources you can get from the U.S. Census Bureau? If you answered yes, this webinar series is for you! You will have the opportunity to learn about the types of data related to different topics and subject areas. Each session will demonstrate the value of our data through real-life scenarios and plain-language guidance. The third topic featured is Government. You will learn about the different types of government data at the Census Bureau and how this information can be valuable to you. You will understand practical ways to use our data through real-life experiences, learn about available resources, and how to compare and contrast the different types of available data. Internet address: <>. (Scheduled for May 24 from 2-3 p.m.)

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Facts for Features

Anniversary of Americans with Disabilities Act (July)

To commemorate the July 26, 1990, signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act into law, the Census Bureau presents a wide array of statistical information about people with disabilities. (Tentatively scheduled for release in May.)

The Fourth of July

On this day in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress, setting the 13 colonies on the road to freedom as a sovereign nation. As always, the most American of holidays will be marked with red, white and blue; fireworks and parades; flags; and backyard barbecues across the country. (Tentatively scheduled for release in May.)

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Training Opportunities

Census Bureau Training Opportunities

Webinars are available on a regular basis to help the public access and use U.S. Census Bureau statistics. These free sessions, lasting 60 to 90 minutes, show how to use census databases and mapping tools and how to find demographic and economic statistics at a local or national level. They also provide quick links for answers to frequently asked questions about accessing statistics.

The following courses are offered:

Descriptions for each of the upcoming sessions are available on our educational resources page. No registration is needed to join a webinar. Login details will be provided one week before a webinar.

Archived Training Resources

Visit the U.S. Census Bureau’s Educational Resource Library for previously recorded trainings that are free and available for use at your convenience. The library includes presentations, recorded webinars, tutorials and other helpful materials.

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Profile America’s Stats for Stories

These Stats for Stories provide links to timely newsworthy statistics that relate to observances, holidays, anniversaries and current events not covered by Facts for Features.

Armed Forces Day — May 19
Waitstaff Day — May 21
South Carolina 230th State Admission Anniversary (8th state) — May 23
Hamburger — May 28
Memorial Day — May 28
Wisconsin 170th State Admission Anniversary (30th state) — May 29
American Housing Month — June
National Carribean-American Month — June
National Ocean Month — June
National Outdoors Month — June
National Dairy Month — June
National Doughnut Day — June 1
Egg Day — June 3
Cheese Day — June 4
D-Day — June 6


Upcoming segments include invading your inbox in “Sour Notes” (May 26) and cows take a bow in “National Dairy Month” (June 7).

The daily features are available at <>, with download options for MP3 (including podcast subscription) and .wav files or zip files for the entire month.

Data Tools and Apps

Census Business Builder

The Census Business Builder is a suite of services that provides selected demographic and economic statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau tailored to specific types of users in a simple to access and use format. The suite will continuously be updated with new versions. Currently, the Regional Analyst and the Small Business editions are available.

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Recently Released

(Released since April 27, 2018)

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2020 Census

Census Bureau and Postal Service Team Up for 2018 Census Test

May 9 — As part of a long-standing collaboration with the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. Postal Service has installed kiosks in 30 post offices in Providence County, R.I., to help the public respond to the 2018 Census Test. Interactive kiosks include an internet accessible tablet for the public to fill out their 2018 Census Test questionnaire while at the post office.

Census Takers Ready to Begin Going Door-to-Door in Providence County, Rhode Island

May 9Today, about 1,000 local census takers will begin going door-to-door to collect information from households that did not respond to the 2018 Census Test taking place in Providence County, R.I. This phase, called Nonresponse Followup, is the next major operation of the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2018 Census Test. Internet address: Spanish

One Week Before Next Milestone in 2018 Census Test

May 2 — Residents have one more week to respond to the 2018 Census Test taking place in Providence County, R.I. Census takers will begin to follow up with households that have not responded starting May 9 as part of the Nonresponse Followup operation. Internet address: Spanish

2020 Census Quarterly Program Management Review

April 10 — The U.S. Census Bureau held its quarterly 2020 Census Program Management Review (PMR) on Friday, April 20, from 1 to 5 p.m. EDT, in the auditorium at Census Bureau headquarters. Agenda topics included updates on 2020 Census operations, testing and systems readiness. The PMR was webcast live.

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Economic Census Launch

May 1 — The U.S. Census Bureau launched the 2017 Economic Census. Every five years, the Census Bureau collects information about businesses that are essential to understanding the American economy. Approximately 3.7 million U.S. businesses nationwide, including those in U.S. territories, will receive information by mail with instructions to set up an account to complete their economic census online. The deadline for response is June 12. 

Building Permits Survey

May 1 — Final estimates for the 2017 housing units authorized by building permits at the national, state and local level are now available for the United States and by census region, census division, state, metropolitan area, county, and permit-issuing place.

National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife

Results from one of the oldest continuing and most comprehensive recreation surveys are available. Data include information on the number of anglers, hunters and wildlife watchers, as well as how often they participate and how much they spend on their activities. The 2016 QuickFacts brochure and data sets were released March 2018 and the national report is now available. The released files can be found at <>.

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America Counts

America Counts: Stories Behind the Numbers

America Counts tells the stories behind the numbers in a new inviting way. The Census Bureau features stories on various topics such as families, housing, employment, business, education, the economy, emergency preparedness and population.

New stories include:

Component ID: #ti2142566458

Facts for Features

Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month: May 2018

May  1 — The monthlong observance of Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders started more than 25 years ago. We celebrate their growing contributions to our nation with a host of statistical information on this group. Statistics are included for the Asian as well as the Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander populations covering demographics and businesses.

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Profile America’s Stats for Stories

These Stats for Stories provide links to timely newsworthy statistics that relate to observances, holidays, anniversaries and current events not covered by Facts for Features.

Mother’s Day — May 13
Minnesota 160th — May 11
Victory in Europe Day/Europe Day — May 8/May 9
Teacher Appreciation Day/Week — May 8/May 7-11
National Nurses Day/Week — May 6/May 6-12
2017 Economic Census Response — May 1 to June 12
World Trade Month — May
Older Americans Month — May
National Bike Month — May


Profile America segments include bringing closure in “Zippers” (April 28) and a succoring celebration in “Caregiving” (May 6). Internet address: <>.

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The U.S. Census Bureau’s Commitment to Confidentiality

Written by: Dr. Ron Jarmin, performing the nonexclusive functions and duties of the Director of the U.S. Census Bureau — The decision by U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to add a question on citizenship status to the 2020 Census has generated a lot of discussion in the media and on Capitol Hill. Some of this discussion expresses concerns about how the Census Bureau would use this information and with whom it would be shared. I welcome this opportunity to highlight the Census Bureau’s absolute commitment to confidentiality.

2017 Economic Census Has Launched

Written by: Dr. Ron Jarmin, performing the nonexclusive functions and duties of the Director of the U.S. Census Bureau — On May 1, the 2017 Economic Census launched as the U.S. Census Bureau began notifying 3.7 million business locations nationwide by mail with instructions on how to complete the survey online. Serving as the cornerstone of the nation’s economic statistics, the economic census provides critical source data for the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and other indicators of economic performance.

The Importance of Export Control Classification Numbers and Administration Regulations

One of the fields that the export trade community tends to have questions on is the Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) and how to know if their product has an ECCN. This blog seeks to provide an overview and resources available for these frequently asked questions.

The Goods and Services Deficit Decreased to $49.0 billion in March 2018

The U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis announced today that the goods and services deficit was $49.0 billion in March, down $8.8 billion from $57.7 billion in February, revised.


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