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2020 Product Calendar

The U.S. Census Bureau has posted anticipated release dates for each regular and recurring statistical product scheduled for release in 2020. These products are listed in the Census Bureau’s online product calendar, which is updated as needed throughout the year.

Teachers Set to Help Students Learn About 2020 Census

During the week of March 2-6, the Census Bureau and teachers across the nation will host “Statistics in Schools Week: Everyone Counts!”— a nationwide initiative to encourage pre-K-12 educators to help their communities achieve a complete 2020 Census count. (Scheduled for release March 2.)

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2020 Census

2020 Census Awareness Ads Begin to Air during Primetime

The U.S. Census Bureau will release new ads to promote awareness that the Census is coming and the importance of responding. Starting Feb. 17, advertising will be launched in a variety of mediums including television, digital, print and radio. The newest ads to be unveiled are designed to reach general audiences. Televised ads will be broadcast nationwide during highly-rated television programming on all major cable and broadcast networks. The ads are part of the over $500 million public education and outreach campaign on the platform: “Shape your Future. START HERE.” (Tentatively scheduled for release Feb. 18.)

New Online Map Helps Communities Prepare for 2020 Census

The U.S. Census Bureau is launching a new online map that allows communities nationwide to prepare for the 2020 Census. The map will show 2010 response data and then be updated daily with self-response rates after 2020 Census initial mailings are delivered in mid-March. (Tentatively scheduled for release Feb./March.)

First Invitations to Complete the 2020 Census to Arrive at Homes This Week

The first invitations to respond to the 2020 Census begin to arrive in the mail at most households nationwide this week. For the first time, everyone will be invited to respond online, by phone, or by mail. Initial invitations to respond to the 2020 Census will arrive at most households between March 12-20. (Tentatively scheduled for release March 11.)

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American Community Survey

Women’s Earnings by Occupation From the 2018 American Community Survey

In honor of Women’s History Month, the U.S. Census Bureau will release a graphic showing median earnings by detailed occupation from the 2018 American Community Survey. The occupation table shows the female earnings for full-time, year-round workers in 2018 and figures on the number of women in select occupations. (Scheduled for release Feb. 25.)

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Custodial Mothers and Fathers and Their Child Support

The U.S. Census Bureau is scheduled to release the report, Custodial Mothers and Fathers and Their Child Support: 2017. The report includes demographic and income data about custodial parents and details child support income for custodial parents living below the poverty level. (Tentatively scheduled for release Feb. 28.)

Educational Attainment in the United States: 2019

This report and table package provides Current Population Survey statistics on educational attainment by demographic characteristics, such as age, sex, race and Hispanic origin. It also includes detailed information, including charts and graphs on years of school completed, and shows the level of education adults have completed. (Scheduled for release Mar. 4.)

Housing Vacancies and Homeownership: Annual Statistics 2019

The U.S. Census Bureau will release the annual statistics for the 2019 vacancy rates, homeownership rates for the United States, regions, states and the 75 largest metropolitan statistical areas. Also included are the characteristics of units available for occupancy for the United States. These statistics come from the Current Population Survey/Housing Vacancy Survey. For more information, please see the Housing Vacancies and Homeownership page. (Scheduled for release March 10.)


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2020 LED Webinar: How to Use Big Data Systems to Democratize Access to LED and Other Census Data

The U.S. Census Bureau and Local Employment Dynamics (LED) Partnership, in collaboration with the Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER) and the Labor Market Institute, welcomes Vivian Zheng as she presents, “How to Use Big Data Systems to Democratize Access to LED and Other Census Data.” (Scheduled for Feb. 19.)

Annual Retail Trade Survey

This report from the U.S. Census Bureau provides national estimates of total annual sales, e-commerce sales, end-of-year inventories, purchases, total operating expenses, gross margins and end-of-year accounts receivable for retail businesses located in the United States. The Annual Retail Trade Survey (ARTS) sample covers employer businesses classified in retail trade sector located in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. ARTS excludes data for businesses located in the U.S. territories. The data are published on a North American Industry Classification System basis and the estimates are used to benchmark the monthly retail sales and inventories estimates each spring. (Scheduled for release Feb. 20.)


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Stats for Stories

Stats for Stories provides links to timely story ideas highlighting the U.S. Census Bureau’s newsworthy statistics that relate to current events, observances, holidays and anniversaries. The story ideas are intended to assist the media in story mining and producing content for their respective audiences.

  • Mardi Gras: Feb. 25, 2020
  • Red Cross Month: March 2020
  • Frozen Food Month: March 2020 & Day: March 6, 2020
  • Employee Appreciation Day: March 6, 2020
  • International Women’s Day: March 8, 2020
  • Potato Chip Day: March 14, 2020
  • Pi Day: March 14, 2020
  • Sunshine Week & FOI Day: March 15-21 & 16, 2020
  • National Poultry Day: March 19, 2020
  • Certified Nurses Day: March 19, 2020
  • National Single Parent Day: March 21, 2020
  • National Agriculture Week & Day: March 22-28 & 24, 2020
  • MLB Opening Day 2019 Season: March 26, 2020
  • National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day: March 29, 2020
  • National Doctors Day: March 30, 2020
  • Equal Pay Day: March 31, 2020

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Upcoming segments include savoring the switch in “Senatorial Irony” (Feb. 25) and dishing on “Inventive Society Lady” (March 8).

The daily features are available at <>. The menu options allow selection for Profile America, with download options for MP3 and WAV files or zip files for the entire month (MP3).

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Recently Released
(Released since Jan. 31, 2020)

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2020 Census

One Month Until 2020 Census Invitations Begin

Feb. 13 — In mid-March, the U.S. Census Bureau will begin mailing invitations to households across the country with instructions on how to participate in the 2020 Census. Most households will receive an invitation by April 1, 2020. People can respond online, by phone or by mail.

Census Bureau Hosts Family Festival With Pediatricians

Feb. 10 — The U.S. Census Bureau and the Federation of Pediatric Organizations are partnering to reduce the undercount of children. Together they will host a free event for children at the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland. The news conference and event will focus on promoting the importance of counting young children during the 2020 Census. Before the event, there will be a news conference where Census Bureau Director Dr. Steven Dillingham and the Federation of Pediatric Organizations will announce a major effort to ensure young children are counted in the census beginning next month.

Census Bureau to Host 2020 Census Interfaith Partner Summit

Feb. 7 — The U.S. Census Bureau will host an Interfaith Partner Summit with faith-based leaders from across the nation for a moderated panel discussion about the 2020 Census. Leaders of faith are trusted voices within their communities and have been key partners in previous census counts helping to ensure an accurate and complete count of their congregations. The summit will include leaders of diverse religious traditions and practices and faith-based community organizations from across the country. This event kicks off an awareness campaign to generate excitement within faith communities about the upcoming Faith Communities Census Weekend of Action, March 27-29, 2020. Building on 2020 Census faith outreach well underway, the weekend will take place at services, houses of worship, or faith community events as a coordinated opportunity for faith leaders to encourage everyone, including hard-to-count individuals and families, to respond to the 2020 Census. The moderated panel discussion will be followed by a media Q&A and availability for one-on-one interviews with Census Bureau leadership and a diverse group of faith leaders engaged in 2020 Census outreach.

Outreach to Group Quarters Facilities Begins Ahead of 2020 Census

Feb. 6 —The U.S. Census Bureau began contacting group quarters facilities across the nation this week ahead of the 2020 Census Group Quarters Operation – the way the Census Bureau ensures an accurate count of individuals who live or stay in a group living arrangement. Group quarters include facilities such as college/university student housing, residential treatment centers, military barracks, nursing/skilled nursing facilities, group homes, and correctional facilities. The Group Quarters Advance Contact Operation takes place Feb. 3 to March 6, and helps the Census Bureau identify administrators who can assist in counting those living in their group quarters facilities.

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Population Projections Update

Feb. 13 — The U.S. Census Bureau is releasing several new and updated population projection reports that cover projected life expectancy by nativity, projected population by alternative migration scenarios and updated population projections by demographic characteristics. Supplemental data files for the alternative migration scenarios and input data sets for the main projections series are also being released. For more information on past projection reports, visit <>


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2018 Annual Wholesale Trade Survey

Feb. 6 — The U.S. Census Bureau will release Annual Wholesale Trade Survey data for 2018. Data are released at the national level for agents, brokers and merchant wholesalers. Topics include sales, inventories, e-commerce, operating expenses, purchases and commissions. 

Census Business Builder 3.0

Feb. 3 — The Census Bureau released version 3.0 of both the Small Business Edition (SBE) and Regional Analyst Editions (RAE) of Census Business Builder. This release includes functionality updates, including automatic application of filters, shapefile download and upload and the ability to view all counties in the U.S. on the map. It also adds more data, including full NAICS drill down in RAE, and updates to the year of nearly all of the data in the tool.

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Facts for Features

Women’s History Month: March 2020

Feb. 6 — In commemoration of this annual observance highlighting and celebrating the varied and historic accomplishments of women, this edition provides statistical information on topics such as earnings, education, business ownership, voting, occupations, military service and marriage.

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America Counts: Stories Behind the Numbers

America Counts tells the stories behind the numbers in a new, inviting way. We feature stories on various topics, such as families, housing, employment, business, education, the economy, emergency preparedness and population. New stories include:

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Stats for Stories

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Census Bureau Works With Data Users to Protect 2020 Census Data Products

Feb. 12 — Wirtten by: Dr. John M. Abowd, chief scientist and associate director for Research and Methodology and Dr. Victoria A. Velkoff, associate director for Demographic Programs — The Census Bureau’s mission is “to serve as the nation’s leading provider of quality data about its people and economy.” As an agency, we take this responsibility seriously. Census data are routinely used for critical decision-making at all levels of government, and they enable policymakers, businesses, analysts and researchers across the country to measure and assess trends about who we are and where we are going as a society. As discussed in previous blogs, the Census Bureau has a legal obligation to protect the confidentiality of personal data, a major task in the face of 21st century privacy threats. To meet this challenge, we are modernizing our privacy protections for the 2020 Census by adopting differential privacy, a cutting-edge approach for ensuring confidentiality. As with all statistical techniques used to protect privacy, differential privacy will affect the quantity and quality of statistics we release. But we’re counting on input from our data users to help ensure our 2020 Census data products retain the same high quality and utility the nation has come to depend upon.

All 2020 Census Systems Go: How Smart Planning, Thorough Testing, and Backup Systems Will Deliver a Secure and Successful Count

Feb. 11 — Written by: Dr. Steven Dillingham and Dr. Ron Jarmin — The 2020 Census is important because responses help determine congressional representation for each state, and guide how billions of dollars in public, private, and not-for-profit resources are distributed across the country for the next 10 years. Those funds are used for critical services like emergency response, fire departments, schools, health care, and transportation. The U.S. Census Bureau’s goal is a complete and accurate count of every person living in this country as of April 1, 2020. To do that, we have to reach everyone. In many ways, the 2020 Census will be our nation’s largest civic engagement effort ever.

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Profile America segments include hearts and binds in “Valentines and Weddings” (Feb. 14) and an old flame in “Gas Lighting” (Feb. 7). Internet address: <>.

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Learn What Surveys Are Being Conducted in Your Community

See which of our 130-plus annual surveys are being conducted in your community. In a variety of surveys and censuses, evolving from the first census in 1790, the Census Bureau provides official information about America’s people, businesses, industries and institutions. See surveys currently being conducted in each Census Bureau region:

Data Tools

See below for a few of the U.S. Census Bureau’s interactive applications to access statistics from our 130-plus annual surveys. Click here for a complete list.

Explore Census Data

This new platform on is based on overwhelming feedback to streamline the way you get data and digital content from Census Bureau.

PSEO Explorer

Visualize the experimental Post-Secondary Employment Outcomes (PSEO) data through interactive bar charts and Sankey diagrams.


QuickFacts provides frequently requested Census Bureau information at the national, state, county, and city level.

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Training Opportunities

Census Bureau Training Opportunities

Webinars are available on a regular basis to help the public access and use U.S. Census Bureau statistics. These free sessions, lasting 60 to 90 minutes, show how to use Census Bureau databases and mapping tools and find demographic and economic statistics at a local or national level.

Descriptions for each of the upcoming sessions is available on our Census Academy page. Login details will be provided at least one week before a webinar.

Archived Training Resources

Visit the U.S. Census Bureau’s Educational Resource Library for previously recorded trainings that are free and available at your convenience. The library includes presentations, recorded webinars, tutorials and other helpful materials.


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