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Contact the National Processing Center

The National Processing Center (NPC) is the U.S. Census Bureau’s primary center for collecting, capturing, and delivering timely, high-quality data products and services for surveys and censuses.

For your convenience, NPC has three contact centers to serve you nationwide - Jeffersonville, IN; Hagerstown, MD; and Tucson, AZ.

If you have been contacted about a survey or census and

  • want to verify that the person who called you is a Census Bureau employee,
  • have a question about a survey form you received, or
  • need to return a call about one of our surveys

please contact us at one of these numbers:

  • 1-800-392-6975   Hagerstown, MD
  • 1-800-523-3205   Jeffersonville, IN
  • 1-800-642-0469   Tucson, AZ
  • 1-800-877-8339   TDD/TTY

Hours of operation for the contact centers:

Hagerstown, MD (Eastern)
Monday - Friday: 9AM to 9PM
Saturday: 9AM to 7PM
Sunday: 11AM to 9PM
Jeffersonville, IN (Eastern)
Monday - Friday: 7AM to 9PM
Saturday: 7AM to 9PM
Sunday: 11AM to 9PM
Tucson, AZ (Mountain)
Monday - Friday: 6AM to 10PM
Saturday: 7AM to 7:30PM
Sunday: 9AM to 10PM

Additional language specialties may be available.

If you have questions about any of our operations, you can contact us via

If you have not been contacted about a survey or census and are looking for general Census Bureau information, please call 301-763-INFO (4636) or 800-923-8282 to speak with a Customer Service Representative.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau  |  National Processing Center  |  Last Revised: March 20, 2014