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What you can do now for 2020

Sign up to get early updates and news around how we are planning for a complete and accurate count in 2020. You can make a difference whether you have just a moment to spare or can commit to a sustained effort.


Make a difference in under five minutes!


Have a little more time? Start making connections to engage your stakeholders, constituents and community.

Group of diverse people

Spread the word — Communicate why the census is important and the impact of participating to your stakeholders and community members.

Get census outreach on your agenda — Talk about the 2020 Census at your next board meeting, in your newsletter, on your blog, and at your events. Here are a few resources to get started.

Promote 2020 Census Jobs — Explore the 2020 Census recruitment toolkit for sample social media posts and e-mail messages to help you raise awareness of job opportunities in your community.

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