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Disability Reports and Briefs

Americans with Disabilities Report Series (based on SIPP data)

Americans with Disabilities: 2010  Americans with Disabilities: 2005  Americans with Disabilities: 2002  Americans with Disabilities: 1997  Americans with Disabilities: 1994-95 [PDF - 387KB]  (P70-61)

Census Brief: Disabilities Affect One-Fifth of All Americans [PDF - 54.17KB]  (CENBR/97-5)

Americans with Disabilities: 1991-92 [PDF - 6.87MB]  (P70-33)

Statistical Brief: Americans with Disabilities [PDF - 84KB]  (SB/94-1)

The Need for Personal Assistance with Everyday Activities: Recipients and Caregivers: 1985-86 [PDF - 6.84MB]  (P70-19)

Disability Functional Limitation, and Health Insurance Coverage: 1984-85 [PDF - 2.84MB]  (P70-8)

ACS Briefs and Reports

Older Americans With a Disability: 2008-2012 [PDF]  (ACS-29)

Disability Characteristics of Income-Based Government Assistance Recipients in the United States: 2011 [PDF - 4.30MB]  (ACSBR/11-12)

School-Aged Children With Disabilities in U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas: 2010 [PDF - 4.30MB]  (ACSBR/10-12)

Disability Among the Working Age Population: 2008 and 2009 [PDF - 534.16]  (ACSBR/09-12)

2006 ACS Content Test Evaluation Report Covering Disability [PDF - 1.21 MB]  (Report P4)  Based on data from the 2006 American Community Survey Content Test.

Decennial Briefs and Reports

Disability Status: 2000 [PDF - 834.17KB]  (C2KBR-17)  Based on data from Census 2000.

Disability and American Families: 2000 [PDF - 0.7M]  (CENSR-23)  Based on data from Census 2000.

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