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Americans with Disabilities: 2002 - Table 3

Table 3. Receipt of Personal Assistance Among People 15 Years and Older Who Need Assistance With an ADL/IADL: 2002
(June-September 2002 data from the Survey of Income and Program Participation)

Selected Characteristic Number 90-percent
C.I. (±)
C.I. (±)
All people who need assistance110,427498100.0(NA)
Person needing assistance has one helper: 4,657 33644.72.4
  Other relative4831094.61.0
  Friend or Neighbor316883.00.8
  Paid Help291852.80.8
  Other nonrelative262802.50.8
Person needing assistance has two helpers:5,56736753.42.4
  Both related2,80926226.92.2
  One related, One non-relative2,04122419.61.9
  Neither related7181336.91.2
Person needing assistance has no helper:203711.90.7
Duration of Needing Assistance 
Less than 1 year2,42724423.32.1
1 to 5 years4,24632140.72.4
More than 5 years3,55129434.12.3
Duration of Condition and Duration of
Needing Assistance
Had condition less than 1 year:563118100.0(NA)
  Did not need assistance15192.63.3
  Needed assistance 
    Less than 1 year48310985.87.3
    1 to 5 years40317.05.4
    More than 5 years25254.54.3
Had condition 1 to 5 years:3,748302100.0(NA)
  Did not need assistance73422.01.1
  Needed assistance 
    Less than 1 year97815526.13.6
    1 to 5 years2,00522253.54.0
    More than 5 years69213018.53.1
Had condition for more than 5 years:6,116384100.0(NA)
  Did not need assistance115531.90.9
  Needed assistance 
    Less than 1 year96615415.82.3
    1 to 5 years2,20123236.03.0
    More than 5 years2,83426346.33.2
Amount Paid for Help Per Month 
$1- $99374963.60.9
$250 and over4451054.3 1.0

(NA) Not applicable.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Disability |  Last Revised: 2013-02-25T14:30:21.246-05:00